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October 26, 2020

Grey weather and light snow make Spain a picturesque destination to visit in the winter. If you’re planning a trip to Spain this low season, you may want to plan around which cities and areas will be the warmest. 

Spain is beautiful at any time of year, with sightseeing and attractions available all-year-round. Thanks to cooler weather in December, you’ll be able to spend more time exploring Spanish culture and visiting local hotspots. Even if you can’t do much lounging on the beach.


Weather in Southern Spain in December

The more south you travel in Spain, the less likely it is that you’ll see snow. That said, a Spanish December is chilly and windy. So, don’t forget to pack some warm, winter attire and a light jacket for the daytime. Your best bet for finding warm weather is to travel along the southern coast of Spain in areas like Costa del Sol. 

Madrid and Barcelona are also fairly warm during winter in Spain. You’ll be able to catch some sunlight during the day for sightseeing, but remember that the nights are much, much colder.

Hottest part of Spain in December


The warmest destinations in Spain in December are along the southern coast. Cities like Seville, Tenerife and Marbella are decidedly warmer during winter than other areas in Spain. You can expect a good deal of sunshine throughout the day. The nights, however, are still rather cold, averaging at about 6°C. 

Seville, in particular, has a range of activities you can enjoy any time of year, from cultural landmarks to museums and restaurants. If you’re on a budget, you may want to make a bucket list of all the free activities to enjoy in Seville.

Barcelona weather in December


Barcelona is at its coldest during December. That said, its average temperature of about 12°C may be the warmest you’ll find during winter in Spain. You can certainly expect some sunshine during the day, but be prepared for a chilly wind. 

If you’re looking for fun activities to indulge in during December, check out some of the sightseeing and walking tours in Barcelona. You can also visit the Santa Maria del Mar, a breathtaking Gothic church built in 1428.

Entrance to Santa Maria del Mar is free if you’d like to attend a mass, and as little as €8.50 if you’d prefer to tour the church towers and rooftop. This is a great way to experience some Spanish culture on a chilly day in Barcelona. 

Madrid Weather in December

Madrid is one of the warmest cities in Spain in December. Daytime temperatures average at around 12°C, although nights are still freezing. Snow in Madrid is unlikely but it has been known to happen. So, be sure to pack the right clothes in order to stay warm.

One of the perks of visiting Madrid in December is that this is Spain’s low season. This means cheaper accommodation and less busy tourist attractions, so you can really soak up the Spanish atmosphere. Airbnbs in Madrid will likely be heavily discounted during December. 

Costa del Sol Weather in December


Costa del Sol is pleasant and not too cool during December. Located on Spain’s southern coast, it is one of the more popular winter destinations amongst tourists. You can expect daytime temperatures of about 16°C.

It’ll be too cold to enjoy the beach during this time. However there are a host of sightseeing activities in Costa del Sol over the winter.

The Atarazanas Market in Malaga is especially popular, hosted in a stunning building with stained-glass windows. At the market, you can find food stalls with fresh local produce, olives, seafood and much, much more. Many of the merchants also sell beer on tap if you’re looking to enjoy some Spanish brew.

Murcia Weather in December

Murcia, Spain is a university city in the southeast. Expect some light rainfall in Murcia in December, as well as cold and windy weather. It will be far too cold to enjoy the beach in Murcia during this time. However, there are plenty of other activities tourists can enjoy. 

You can visit Murcia’s landmark cathedral – the Catedral de Murcia – home to the tomb of King Alfonso the 10th. Touring the cathedral is a great option to keep you busy if the weather is cold in Murcia. 

Another option is the Casino de Murcia, a famous landmark and private gentleman’s club. The club courtyard is beautiful and elaborate, and is actually modelled after Andalusian palaces.

Alicante Weather in December


Alicante is a port city along Spain’s Costa Blanca – the southeastern Mediterranean coastline. Alicante is known for its boulevards lined with beautiful palm trees, as well as its plazas and parks.


Alicante weather in December is fairly warm, with temperatures of 18°C at the warmest. You will likely see rain a few days a week, however, and experience some very cold nights. 

If you’re looking for something fun to do away from the cold weather, you can visit Alicante’s archaeological museum. The museum has a range of displays, including one covering the medieval period and the prehistoric era. 

Final Thoughts on the Weather in Spain, December

Spain is a country rich in culture, boasting attractions, sights and landmarks in nearly every city. Don’t let a bit of cold weather keep you from visiting in December, as there are more than enough activities to pique your interest. 

Remember that December in Spain is low season, so it’s a great opportunity to see the country on a budget. Airbnbs are much cheaper than in the summertime, so you may want to consider planning your trip in the winter instead. 

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