Valencia in October

November 22, 2023

So you’re heading to Valencia in October? Perfect. Valencia is the third-largest city in the country and one of the highlights of Spain.

Valencia is a must-see stop when visiting Spain, and doing so in October comes with countless perks. As the seasons change, the weather becomes perfect for a relaxing vacation. And while we’re talking about unwinding, this time of year is more on the quieter side, which means that there are fewer crowds.

One of the best things about Valencia is that there is so much to do year-round. The month of October has some special activities and festivals that you can add to your itinerary. But don’t just take our word for it, read on to learn more.

Palm trees line the streets of Valencia

Weather in Valencia in October

Valencia has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. October is in autumn and offers beautiful weather. What does autumn in Valencia look like? Well, it’s gorgeous, of course. Although still sunny and bright, that auburn tint that comes with the fall season graces Valencia as well.

The season change is evident in the air, temperature, and nature. The final stop before winter kicks in brings about crisp, cool air and the possibility of light showers. It is still the perfect weather for romantic strolls, beach days, and picnics.

Rose Garden walking path in Valencia in the Summer time

Here are the average temperatures in Valencia in October:

  • Average daytime temperature: 77℉
  • Average nighttime temperature: 59℉

Wondering what to pack for an October visit to Valencia? Well, since the weather is still warm, you can keep those shirts, sundresses, and sunglasses. It’s advised to pack a nice light jacket or sweater for those night strolls and a raincoat should the rain make an appearance.

Tip: While the weather in Valencia in October is generally cooler, the sun is still bright and shining. So, you can continue using sunblock.

Things To Do in Valencia in October

There’s no wrong time to travel to Valencia. The weather is lovely, the food is tasty, and the people are welcoming. There are fun and exciting things to do year-round in the city. Let’s take a look at what October has to offer.

Friends having a picnic in Jardines del Real

Visit Valencia’s Finest Parks

With the pleasant weather, being outdoors is an excellent choice. Visiting Albufera National Park during fall is beyond beautiful. You can see the leaves change color, and the migratory birds arrive. You can take a boat ride tour, go hiking on the trails, or have an afternoon picnic. If you want an outdoor city break, head to Montanejos for guided hikes and thermal pools.

Feast on the Food

Valencia, the birthplace of paella, has some tasty dishes you simply must try. Arroz al horno and Arroz caldoso are two of the most delicious rice-based dishes, and they are commonly served in October as more ingredients are in season. Head over to Restaurante Casa Carmela for some authentic wood-fired cooked paella and other decadent dishes.

Cute Café with outdoor seating in Valencia

Have Some Heavenly Horchata

Did you know that Horchata actually originated in North Africa? In Spain, Horchata de Chufa comes from the Southwestern region and is made with Chufa nuts (tiger nuts). In autumn, the tiger nuts are harvested, and you could go pick some of them and even visit the Horchata and Chufa Museum (this is particularly fun for kids with fun activities).

Containers of Chufa nuts freshly harvested in Valencia

See the Free Circus

Every year, the free Valencirc Festival graces the streets of Valencia. Various companies and Circus schools gather to give circus-goers an unforgettable experience with shows aimed at children and adults as well as circus workshops and social circus courses.

Tour the City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is a multi-building complex that has an aquarium, museum, garden, and IMAX theatre. The complex has also been the film set for various movie and TV productions. While here, you can go on a fantastic tour of the complex with a gourmet dining experience involving wine and tapas.

Outdoor view of the City of Arts and Sciences

Festivals and Events in Valencia in October

1. Dia de la Comunidad

Valencians gather annually on the 9th October to celebrate the Day of the Valencian Community. In 1238, King James I of Aragon captured the city of Valencia from Moorish control and established the independent Kingdom of Valencia under his control.

The Day of the Valencia Community is an annual public holiday, and most businesses are closed. So, you can head for the sounds of joy, cheer, and music, where you can observe and join the festivities. Celebrations include processions, parades, dancing, and fireworks.

Women in traditional outfits dancing in street parade in Valencia

2. Saint Dionis

If you and your partner are in Spain in October, you have the chance to make it extra romantic. In addition to being the Day of the Valencian Community, the 9th October is also a day for lovers. It’s like having another Valentine’s Day.

On this day of romance, traditionally, men give their lovers a sweet treat. Valencia’s version of a heart-shaped box of chocolates is the Mocaorà, a handkerchief or silk scarf filled with fruit-shaped marzipan sweets.

3. Festival Internacional de Pirotecnia

The International Festival of Pyrotechnics is a fun and fiery event. From the 6th to the 8th of October, Fireworks companies and enthusiasts gather in Valencia to observe the bright lights and electrifying fireworks display.

Colorful and bright decorations hung during festive season in Valencia

FAQs About Valencia in October

1. When is the Best Time to Visit Valencia, Spain?

Valencia is sunny for most of the year, so anytime would be a good time to visit. Winter falls from December til February, which are the colder months. Any other time is warm and mild.

2. Is a Trip to Valencia Cheap?

Valencia is a relatively affordable travel destination. A visit to Valencia is 25% cheaper than a visit to Barcelona. You can find a great budget-friendly place to stay, and there are plenty of free things to do in Valencia.

3. How Many Days Do You Need in Valencia?

Most people feel that a 3-5 day long trip is sufficient. However, there’s so much to do and see in Valencia, and we recommend spending as much time as you can in the beautiful city. Deciding on a theme (historical and cultural tour or a beach and bar hopping trip, for example) for your trip might help create an itinerary.

Conclusion on Valencia in October

The exciting city of Valencia attracts year-round visitors, but October is a great month to visit. The autumnal month brings about a lovely change of weather, emptier streets, and plenty of festivals, culinary quests, and unforgettable experiences.

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