Valencia in May: Weather, Things to Do & Events

November 22, 2023

Valencia is a promised land of divine culture, scenic streets, and lovely Mediterranean beaches. If you’d love to experience the highlights of Valencia in May, here’s some important information regarding weather, activities, and events.

May is one of the quieter times to travel to this gorgeous city. It signals an opportunity to delight in Valencia’s wonders before the peak season picks up in June and July. And, if you’re worried about the weather – don’t be; May offers some beautiful temperatures that are just right for a pleasant holiday.

Weather in Valencia in May

Now, the first question that’s probably on your mind right now is, what is the weather like in Spain in May? It is the last month of spring, meaning the temperatures in Valencia and the rest of Spain are starting to warm up. Although the days are relatively warm, the evenings may make you shiver, and a few rainy days are likely.

Here’s what to know about the temperature and rainfall in May:

  • Valencia’s average temperature in May is a lovely 77°F (25°C) during the daytime. It usually only reaches a maximum of 83°F (28°C), and the coldest temperatures rarely fall below 64°F (17°C).
  • Valencia’s nighttime temperatures average at a much cooler 59°F (15°C). The lowest possible nighttime temperatures are a chilly 49°F (9°C), but rarely so.
  • Valencia rainfall in May sits at a chance of 16% at the beginning of the month. It then gradually decreases to 9% by the end of the month. This means you’ll likely experience a day or two of rain between 1” and 2.6” (25mm and 66mm).

Are you wondering what to wear in Valencia, Spain? May is the ideal time to fashion yourself in layered clothing to deal with the varying temperatures and rainfall. You’ll want to pack warm clothes like long pants, cardigans, and light and thicker jackets. For the hotter days, you can style dresses, T-shirts, and shorts.

Cloudy weather above Valencia architecture

Things to Do in Valencia in May

The best time to visit Valencia, Spain, is usually in June and July, but May is just as lovely.  Plus, it’s much more peaceful because the city is less busy with tourists. If you’re looking for what to do in Valencia, remember that some days could be rainy. As such, here are a few indoor activities you can enjoy, come rain or shine.

1. Explore the City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is a multidimensional attraction. The artistic building houses an IMAX cinema, planetarium, opera house, science museum, sculpture garden, and aquarium. You could spend many hours here, learning, and enjoying the variety of enticing activities.

Fish in the Aquarium at The City of Art and Sciences

2. Go Orange Picking

Valencia is renowned for its succulent oranges. The city’s orange season peaks between April and June but starts as early as March. So, if you’re in Valencia in May, you can pick these sweet, juicy fruits at a quaint orange farm like Huerto de San Eusebio.

3. Enjoy the Central Market

The city is home to the bustling Valencia Central Market, where you can indulge in two floors of around 1,200 stalls. They sell delightful food and goodies like spices, perfume, ceramics, stained glass pieces, artwork, and more. The market is exceptionally scenic and looks like a cathedral.

People walking through the Valencia Central Market

4. Visit the Spanish Castles

Valencia’s castles are a marvelous sight to behold on sunny May days. The Xativa Castle has a fortress with battle markings from various historical periods. You can also enjoy the history of the Sagunto Castle, which has many ancient ruins. There are numerous others to see that are just as fascinating, like Peñíscola, Cullera, Almàssera, and Puçol.

5. The National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts

Another amusing rainy day activity is to visit the National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts. Here, you’ll find precious ceramics and porcelain pieces spanning from the 14th century to the 19th century.

You’ll also find textile art, traditional costumes, historic furniture, and other decorative arts. You can spend many hours admiring the artistic and historic beauty held within its architectural walls.

Tourists at the Torres de Serranos castle

Festivals and Events in Valencia in May

With so many Spanish festivals to choose from, Valencia promises some iconic events in May. These festivities are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, and they are an excellent way to make lasting memories.

A festival in Valencia

1. Feria de Abril de Valencia

One of the most celebrated festivals is the Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain, but Valencia typically hosts its version in May. This festival features the Flamenco culture’s food, dance, music, horse parades, and traditional dress.

2. Festival Internacional de Mediometrajes La Cabina

This film festival is dedicated to medium-length films between 30 and 60 minutes. It typically occurs in late May and celebrates filmmakers and directors’ creative cinematic works. Tourists are welcome to attend the festival and enjoy the uniqueness of Spanish movie-making.

3. Feria de la Tapa Marinera

Feria de la Tapa Marinera is a food festival dedicated to seafood that celebrates its regional abundance and heritage. In May, you’ll notice that Valencia’s bars and restaurants focus on seafood-based tapas, allowing you to sample the deliciousness.

Orange trees and architecture in Valencia

FAQs About Valencia in May

You might have many questions surrounding the best time to visit Valencia. These FAQs will help clear up what it would be like in May.

Should I Rather Visit Seville or Valencia?

Both cities have unique charms and attractions, but Seville has the slight advantage of having more things to do and see. However, Valencia offers more diverse experiences, including modern architecture and beaches, whereas Seville is more historic and has no beaches.

Can I Swim in Valencia in May?

Yes, the city has warm Mediterranean seas to swim in. Although the sea in Valencia might still be cooler in May, it still averages 67°F (19°C). This temperature still offers a pleasant swim, even on colder days.

People swimming at a Valencia beach

Is Valencia Worth a Visit in May?

Yes, May is a beautiful time to experience Valencia’s culture, cuisine, outdoor activities, and events. The mild weather sets a perfect ambiance for exploring the city’s various attractions, making it a worthwhile destination for this spring month.

Final Thoughts on Valencia in May

Valencia’s climate in May is warm enough to enjoy the city’s diverse attractions and events and cool enough not to overheat. You can still enjoy rainy days and save the outdoor activities for sunnier weather. May is also less busy with tourists, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding.

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