Valencia in February: Weather, Things to Do & Festivals

November 28, 2023

Visiting Valencia, Spain, offers adventurers plenty of history, culture, and fascinating entertainment. Like all holiday destinations, some months are better times to visit than others, which may leave you pondering what Valencia in February is like.

February is winter in Valencia, meaning you can enjoy the quietness and lower costs of the off-peak season. Are you wondering what to do in Valencia in February, what the weather is like, and what events occur? This information will fully prepare you for your winter visit.

A beautiful fountain in Valencia

Weather in Valencia in February

Valencia’s weather in February may be the least sunny, but luckily, it’s still possible to have a memorable vacation. It doesn’t snow in Valencia and the temperatures are mild compared to European countries like Switzerland.

To help you decide if you should book that February flight, here’s what to know about the temperatures and rain:

  • Valencia’s average temperature in February is a pleasant 62°F (16.7°C) during the day. It usually only drops to a minimum of 53°F (11.7°C ), and the warmer days usually reach a maximum of 71°F (21.7°C).
  • Valencia’s average nighttime temperatures in February are a chilly 45°F (7.2°C). The lowest likely temperatures are around 36°F (2.2°C).
  • The precipitation in Valencia in February remains at a chance of 11% throughout the month. This means you’ll likely experience a few days of rainfall between 0.09” and 2.2” (229mm and 56mm).

The weather may leave you wondering what to wear in Valencia, Spain, in February. Winter fashion is the go-to — trousers, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, coats, scarves and beanies. Daytime might surprise you with warmer days where a light jacket will suffice, but as the sun sets, you will need to keep warm.

Tourist wearing winter clothes at a beach in Valencia

Valencia: Things to Do in February

You’ll most likely want to stay indoors during the rainy days, and luckily, Valencia has plenty of indoor adventures to embark on. You’ll still experience sunnier times in February when you can revel in the architectural wonders, local markets, and Mediterranean beaches.

1. Taste Some Fine Wine

A Spain wine tour is perfect for a chilly winter’s day. One of the things you must see in Valencia is the Utiel-Requena region. It is well-known for its red wines made from the Bobal grape. Valencia has a long history of winemaking, and sipping the city’s finest vino at gorgeous vineyards immerses you in this historic culture.

Grapes in Utiel Requena Valencia

2. Frequent Free Museums

If you’re on the lookout for free things to do in Valencia, one of the best ways to fill the colder days is to explore its fascinating museums. You can spend hours viewing art and artifacts at the Museum Centre del Carmen and Fine Arts Museum San Pio. On the weekend, entrance to Fallas Museum and the Valencian Institute is also free.

3. Explore the City on a Segway

One of the most fun activities in Valencia is a Segway tour through the historical center. You’ll zoom through the streets while catching a look at symbolic monuments like the Serranos Towers, as well as architectural churches and local markets.

4. Warm Up in Cafés and Bars

If you’re visiting Valencia, Spain, you’ll notice the endless quaint restaurants and bars dotted all over the city. A hot coffee or a craft beer will quickly set the holiday mood — come rain or sunshine.

A street café in Valencia

5. Stroll Through Tùria Gardens

A leisurely walk through Tùria Gardens with a hot chocolate in hand will leave you with fond winter memories. The Tùria River used to run through Valencia, but it has since diverted, which left the land barren. The former riverbed was transformed into a stunning park, ready for you to explore.

Festivals and Events in Valencia in February

Want to know what to see when you visit Valencia? There are ample festivities that happen in February, showcasing the city’s divine culture and personality. These events and festivities offer you an enriching Valencian experience.

Las Fallas Festival art

1. Valencia Carnival

If you want to experience cultural activities in Spain, this festival is a perfect way to get a feel of the city’s artsy ambiance. Carnival celebrations all over Spain often take place in February. Expect colorful parades, costumes, music, and lively street parties. The specific dates for Carnival can vary each year, as they are linked to the Christian liturgical calendar.

2. Exposición Del Ninot

This preliminary event is part of the Fallas festival, which officially begins in March. Large intricate sculptures are featured and voted on at the Prince Felipe Science Museum. The winning sculpture is displayed during the Fallas festival.

3. Macrodespertà

On the last Sunday in February, the Macrodespertà parade marks the start of the Fallas festivities. Locals gather in the early morning at Plaza del Ayuntamiento to throw firecrackers and wake the city. They then delight in churros and hot chocolate afterward.

City view of Valencia

FAQs About Valencia in February

Ready to embark on a Valencian adventure but still have a few questions? These are the answers to some common queries.

What Is Valencia Known For?

Valencia is most popular for its futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, Gothic architecture, iconic Fallas festival, Mediterranean beaches, and tasty cuisine and wine. Many factors contribute to the city’s appeal, but the most prominent factors are its cultural and historical features.

Is Valencia Worth Visiting in February?

Although there might be some rain, the temperatures in Valencia in February are still mild enough to enjoy the beautiful attractions. You’ll only need to make sure you stay warm at night.

How Many Days Do You Need in Valencia?

For most people, three or four days in Valencia is perfect to fully experience the city. It is more than enough time to visit some of the iconic museums and galleries, explore the quaint streets, relax on beaches, and feast on local cuisine.

Gothic Architecture of a mall in Valencia

Final Thoughts on Valencia in February

There are plenty of places to see in Valencia, and although it’s winter in February, the weather is mild. You’ll have some rainy days, but the city is bursting with both indoor and outdoor activities. There are also preliminary Las Fallas events to take part in. All in all, February in Valencia is a worthy time to visit.

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