Best Spain Tours | 14 Single & Multi-Day Spanish Vacation Packages

July 31, 2022

Many of us dream of a day where we can step into the world of sangria and siestas. Spain is known for its parties, food, wine, beaches, relaxing atmosphere, and its old world charm and architecture. In other words, all of the good things in life.

Seeing as it has everything you could possibly want in a relaxing and stimulating vacation, we did some research to find a Spanish tour for every individual taste or mood. So whether you are looking for an adventurous once-in-a-lifetime experience, a relaxed tour of the food and wine of Spain, or a party from beginning to end (with new scenery to wake up to of course) we’ve got you covered.

These are the Top 14 tours and vacation packages that Spain has to offer. Whatever you choose, we know that you will love every minute of it!

Best Multi-day Spain vacation packages

There are so many ways to explore Spain. You can rent a car and set your own path. Or you can join a small-group tour, and see all the incredible Spanish monuments and hidden gems that way.

We’ve found the very best Spain tours across the country, for anyone who prefers to learn about the culture and history of Spain on your travels!

1.  Classic Spain Tour

There are so many incredible things to see and do in Spain. This Classic Spain tour is the one to choose if you’re aiming to catch all the highlights.

You’ll experience Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona (everyone’s favourite Barcelona!), explore ancient Moorish palaces, as well as the incredible red-clay fortress of the Alhambra. And beyond the exploring that you’ll do, is the culture that you will experience.

You can live like a local in a “casa rural” in the Pyrenees and live the slow life. We recommend taking a siesta, embracing local customs! Then you will watch a flamenco performance in Seville.

The tour promises many of Spain’s “I-can’t-believe-we-did-that” moments, which we love. After all, one of the main reasons we travel is for the enduring memories.

What We Love Most:

  • The broad spectrum of activities and sights. It’s such a diverse tour experience
  • It’s a 15-day tour, so that you can see all the best Spain has to offer, at a leisurely pace Because no one wants to rush through one of life’s best experiences
  • They focus on supporting local businesses and services

Check tour dates and book your classic Spain tour here!

2.  Food Tour Through Northern Spain

Yes that’s right, an actual food tour, where dreams come true. This 10-day tour focuses on trying all of the Spanish delicacies and really soaking up the local flavours.

You’ll go on a tapas crawl, visit a world-renowned centuries-old farmers market, and also take cooking classes so that you can make your favourite dishes back home for your friends and family. So this trip can have more long-term effects than perhaps a higher jean size (worth it).

You’ll even do a wine tasting one day, a cheese tasting another. And all of this glory is set in beautiful northern Spain. They call it a Spanish food pilgrimage, and we couldn’t agree more that this is certainly worth the journey.

This tour, while certainly food-focused, is also created for you to fully take in your surroundings. You can visit museums, or just walk along the charming ancient cobble-stone streets and look around you. After all, in Spain, history is all around you.

What We Love Most:

  • The mouth-watering and diverse foods that this tour includes
  • The tastings and market visits, which allow you to really try as many different incredible Spanish foods as possible
  • This company has a neutral carbon footprint, so you can enjoy guilt-free travelling

Click here for tour dates and booking options!

3.  Spanish Family Holiday

Take a family holiday through the south of Spain. This 9-day tour is a perfect mix of planned activities and adventures, along with free time to spend with just your family.

You will enjoy a catamaran outing off the coast of Torremolinos, a chocolate and churros tasting in Madrid, and of course, a classic tapas crawl through Seville.

As you can see, this Spanish tour includes activities to suit every preference. So even if your family is made up of opposing tastes, you will all be catered for! And we know that peace of mind is of the utmost importance in a family holiday, so that you can enjoy yourself as much as your children do.

What We Love Most:

  • You’ll spend two days in Madrid, two in Seville, and three in Torremolinos, so you can really experience Spain’s top destinations without spending a lot of time travelling
  • Mix of planned activities and free family time, so you can get the best out of your time in Spain
  • Dreamy chocolate and churros tasting, which is perfect for children and adults alike and is sure to be a highlight

Check for tour dates and book your family holiday here!

4.  History of Moorish Spain Tour

Part of what makes Spain so absolutely amazing is the history embedded in the country. In this tour of Spain you can experience a culture that is 1300 years in the making, and is certainly enduring.

This tour of Moorish Spain is designed for those who want to soak up the culture and history of Spain. Private tours through the cobblestone streets and ancient quarters with local historians, museum visits, and a private Flamenco lesson are all part of what you have to look forward to.

This is an 8-day tour from Madrid to Seville. It’s actually a National Geographic route. And we know what that means! Absolutely fascinating, historically rich, and beautiful.

There is also a lot of free time so that you can choose to visit the things you’re most interested in seeing, or you can choose to just relax along one of the little lanes, enjoying some sangria.

What We Love Most:

  • Included breakfasts to start the day out right
  • Private lessons and tours so that you can really find out all about the spaces you visit
  • The really well chosen stops and sights

Book your tour of Moorish Spain here!

5.  Walk the Camino De Santiago

The Camino De Santiago is a world-renowned pilgrimage for a reason. You’ll find that there is nothing like a slow-paced adventure to take in the glory of Spain. Strolling through green valleys and sleepy old towns, you’ll see it all

Also, we love that the groups are small, averaging at 10. This way you get to know people more intimately, if that’s what you’re after. Also, we like small groups because there is a more personalized approach during the experience. When you have to stop 50 people because you are in the mood for tacos, it’s not so easy.

This 10-day tour is the perfect slowed-down experience. You’ll have a chance to explore magical Madrid for 2 days before taking a scenic train route to the town of Sarria.

From there you’ll hike 100km through rich history and beautiful scenery. Breakfast is included so that you can be sure to start your day strong, while still having the opportunity to pick out tasty bits that you come across in your travels.

What We Love Most:

  • This trip includes luggage transportation, so you aren’t weighed down by your backpack
  • 9 nights of charming accommodation where you can rest up and charge your photo taking devices
  • There’s no travelling stress involved, as everything is planned for you

Check dates and options for walking the Camino De Santiago here!

6.  Cycle the Camino De Santiago

If you prefer cycling over walking, and want to go further and see more, then this is the trip for you. In this cycling tour you will cover 300km through the stunning Galician countryside, and over undulating mountains. It is certainly one of the most rewarding tours on offer.

This trip is not for the faint-hearted and requires a good fitness level and cycling experience. You must be ready to spend 8 days in the saddle, and often going up hills. But if you fit the bill and are keen on adventure, then there is no better tour for you.

You’ll meet pilgrims from all over the world, on foot and on two wheels. There’s a certain sense of camaraderie between the travellers which is unique to this kind of physical adventure.

What We Love Most:

  • A support vehicle transports your luggage for you, and while it can’t stay with you on the narrower paths, it is helpful in case of possible problems
  • The opportunity to connect with locals and other travellers is really special
  • This tour is challenging, but very rewarding

Click here to book a cycling tour of the Camino De Santiago!

7.  Best of Spain and Portugal Tour

This ultimate Portugal and Spain trip takes you from Lisbon to Barcelona, two of Europe’s most vibrant cities. This tour is historically and culturally rich, and will supply you with the very best experiences, memories and photographs.

You will spend two days exploring Lisbon on your own steam, and then top it off with traditional Portugese food in one of Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods. You’ll then move on to Coimbra, and can visit Coimbra university, which was the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts (and is a UNESCO world heritage site).

You’ll also be visiting Porto, Madrid, Granada, Seville, and Barcelona, in that order. And while you’re there, you’ll take a cooking class, go wine tasting, and explore the best of Spain and Portugal with guided tours.

The reputation of these incredible cities no doubt proceeds them. You’ll have 2 weeks to explore and experience all the best that Portugal and Spain has to offer.

What We Love Most:

  • The included internal flight from Porto to Madrid lowers travelling times
  • The fitness rating is light, so almost anyone can join this tour

Book your tour of the best of Spain and Portugal here!

8.  Best of Southern Spain

This stunning 8 day tour through Andalucia captures all the best that Southern Spain has to offer. With the inclusion of both Madrid and Barcelona, you won’t miss out on any of the highlights.

The inclusion of some of Spain’s most important cultural sites also ensures that you get your fix of culture and history (though the whole of Spain is steeped in it). You’ll enjoy incredible architectural masterpieces and marvel at the skill our ancestors created with. Antoni Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, for instance, is a true work of art that you will marvel at.

Some evenings you’ll be free to walk along the promenades or down cobblestone streets to find the best local tacos and wineries. On other evenings you’ll have planned activities, like a dramatic flamenco performance and a tapas cooking class. It’s the perfect blend of organised and spontaneous.

What We Love Most:

  • That you’ll spend more than a day in both Madrid and Barcelona, as these really are incredible cities with so much to see and do
  • We love the train from Seville to Barcelona, as this is a perfect way to see more of this gorgeous country

Click here to book your tour through the best of Southern Spain!

9.  Valencia Food Fights and Fun

Come and experience one of the world’s most bizarre and exciting festivals. Pelt new friends with squashed tomatoes while you try (if you really get into the end goal) to grab a leg of ham from the top of a greased pole. It’s a wild experience, from beginning to end.

This 4 day tour is specifically designed for the young and active, who are looking for an adventure worth talking about. Taking place in the historic centre of Valencia, the setting for this food fight also makes it a unique experience.

You’ll get to know other young and adventurous people from day 1. After some traditional paella, head to the buzzing Plaza Del Negrito for drinks. After that you can choose to go out and enjoy Spain’s nightlife with new friends, or head home to the dorms.

The second day is all about exploring, and on the third day, La Tomatina goes down. The festival takes place at the end of August, so be sure to check dates before you book your trips and flights.

What We Love Most:

  • It’s a fun-filled tour where the focus is on meeting new and interesting people, and having a memorable adventure
  • La Tomatina food fight is a once in a lifetime experience that will make for really great stories, photographs, and memories
  • The focus of this tour is quite specific, and we like that there is an age restriction on those who are too young to drink and party

Single Day Tours in Spain

Now we’ll take a look at some of the best tours that you can take when pressed for time, or short of an extensive budget. Because we know that not everyone has the time or the cash to get a two-week vacation package in Spain.

Or perhaps you want to make your own way through this beautiful country, but know that a little local guidance is invaluable when you want to make the most of your adventure.

The following are all guided tours of Spain that you can do in a day or less, starting out from different cities throughout the country.

10.   Full-Day Wine Tour From Madrid

This 11-hour tour of the best nearby wineries is the perfect way to incorporate a little culture in your trip if you’re based in Madrid. Sip on the diverse Spanish wines, and find out why the world is so passionate about them.

Learn about how these famous wines are made, and what the differences are between the wines from your local guide. Take a walk through the beautiful winery and feel the warm Spanish sun on your face as you gaze around at one of life’s best gifts: wine.

And if you’re just looking to get buzzy with friends (or while making new ones) as you take in the stunning view, then you’re also covered.

What We Love Most:

  • We love that it’s a whole day of touring, as there is so much to see and do.
  • The tour is moderately customizable. So you can choose to do a wine-related activity, or visit a cathedral, castle, or medieval town. Whatever the choice, options are always appreciated.
  • While not included, there’s a lunch choice of a taco wine pairing, or a more substantial 3-course meal. So you can choose what suits your budget and your preferences. Either way, there’s delicious food involved.

Check out more of our favourite wine tours in and around Madrid!

11.   Day Trip Through Alpujarra

Experience a popular 1-day tour that sets out from Granada to take in four of the region’s most historical sites. And in Spain, historical means incredibly beautiful and well-preserved.

On this 7 hour tour, you will visit Lanjaron, the oldest city in the region. Then you will travel through the scenic countryside to Pampaneira, which is one of the highest cities in Europe. As you can imagine, the views are breath-taking.

Next, descend to a city founded during the Roman empire, Bubión, and walk through the narrow streets and lovely white houses. Lastly, head towards Capileira, a charmingly picturesque village.

It’s a beautiful 7-hour tour that allows you to experience some of the areas most historically and culturally important sites.

What We Love Most:

  • As you can see, there is a lot to absorb. So we like that the tour is not too long, as it can get overwhelming to see so many incredible spaces
  • Great lunch stop, where you can do a tapas and wine tasting
  • The guide is knowledgeable and friendly, so you can learn all about what you’re seeing

Book your day trip through Alpujarra here!

12.   Scenic Tapas and Wine Tour

Set out from Barcelona on a 7 hour wine and tapas tour that includes a visit to the incredible Montserrat Mountain Complex. Your knowledgeable guide will also take you through the winery and winelands, making this a very well-rounded tour.

The boutique winery that you’ll be visiting is located in a castle that is over 1,000 years old. It is also surrounded by over 1,000 acres of picturesque land. This will certainly be a wine tasting to remember, as it is not only set in the most incredible location, but also features some of the region’s best Catalan wines.

To complement the wines, the tasting table will be filled with the finest Spanish Tapas. These include six traditional dishes and desserts, so that you can really get a gastronomical feel for the region.

What We Love Most:

  • We love the inclusion of local desserts, as sweet tooths are not catered for often enough, and it really rounds out an experience.
  • The positioning could not be more perfect. The Montserrat Complex, Benedictine Basilica, surrounding views and the winery itself all make a gorgeous day out, to compliment the deliciousness.

Check out the wine and tapas tour here!

13.   Pueblos Blancos and Ronda Tour

This marvelous day trip from Seville lets you fully experience one of the world’s most dramatically striking cities. You’ll see the remarkable white villages, the unchanged landscape, and the ancient town of Ronda.

Ronda is an incredible town poised on either side of a sheer drop, on two separate cliffs. On one side there is the old town, and connected to it by Spain’s most famous bridge, is the new town. It is a truly fascinating space that really engages the imagination.

On this tour you will also stop at a medieval castle, an olive oil factory, see vultures in their natural habitat, and journey through a Mediterranean forest of oak and cork trees.

What We Love Most:

  • This tour includes a lot of wonderful experiences that would not be easy to see and do on your own. Also, it’s really great to have a guide to give you inside information and history.
  • The natural beauty of this region is incredible, and the journey between destinations lets you experience it wonderfully.

Check for dates and book your Pueblos Blancos and Ronda tour here!

14.   Volcanoes and Caves Tour

Experience some of the most unique aspects of Spain’s natural landscape. This tour of the volcanoes and caves of Lanzarote island allows you to explore multiple volcanoes, the fascinating coastline of El Golfo, the Valley of 1000 Palms, and the caves of Jameos Del Agua.

This is an educational tour as well as a pleasurable one, as you’ll take part in geothermal experiments. The bizarre landscape of the island is so unique and different from one side to another, and you’ll really be able to see all the islands most interesting aspects.

It is truly a unique experience, just to stand and marvel at all of the natural phenomenon found on the island. You can also take a camel ride at the base of one of the volcanoes, so that the view is even more unusual.

Tip: This tour is quite long and can get tiring because you’re seeing so much. Consider choosing another tour if you are traveling with children.

What We Love Most:

  • The incredibly beautiful and unique natural landscape.
  • This tour is a great way to see most of the island, and the staff is very friendly. They even provide blankets on chilly days.

Click here to book your volcanoes and caves tour!

Last Thoughts on Spain Vacation Packages

Spain really can suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for cultural and historical richness, fun adventures, or simply the best wines, these tours of Spain will have it.

Choosing from amongst such excellent options is hard, but these are a diverse range of tours, and not all of them will appeal to you as much as others will. So take a look, keep your budget and length of stay in mind, and have a wonderful trip! We know you’ll love Spain.

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