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Spanish food is legendary! Full of intense flavours and fresh ingredients, there’s something truly special and unique about it. The best way to bring home a bit of Spain is to take a Madrid cooking class. That way, you can make your favourite dishes at home, and always remember incredible Madrid!

Know before you book:

  • People under 18 years cannot drink
  • Minimum age for most classes is 13-14 years
  • If you have dietary requirements, organize in advance


  • Learn to cook traditional Spanish meals
  • Enjoy fresh ingredients and plenty sangria
  • Groups are small, 4-10 people
  • All cooking classes are conducted in English

When you’re on holiday in Madrid, you won’t be able to get enough paella, tapas, sangria – all the amazing Spanish food! That’s why you should take a Spanish cooking class – so that you don’t have to leave those amazing flavours behind.

The cooking classes in Madrid only take between 2 – 4 hours. You’ll learn all about how to make your favourite dishes while sipping on sangria and making new friends. We’ve found the best Madrid cooking classes so that you can compare prices and choose the one that’s best for you!

Whether you’re interested in cooking a rich paella, a range of tapas, or a variety of Spain’s most popular dishes (including Sangria), there’s a perfect cooking class in Madrid for you.

Cooking Class Madrid Prices 2019

The cost of the local cooking class tours starts at about $70 to $90 USD depending on whether you choose a paella class, a tapas class, or a full Spanish cooking class! The classes are all made up of small groups. Choose a romantic 2-person cooking experience, book for your whole group (up to 10 people), or join a small group class!

Compare prices across the ticket providers below:


The Madrid cooking classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons, and even some evenings! The best option is the morning class, as many of them include trips to the local market to source your ingredients!

Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm

Best time to go

There’s no hard-and-fast best time for a Spanish cooking class! In summer, the sangria is the perfect way to cool off as you cook, and the summer flavours are fantastic! In winter, the classes are perfectly snug and the food warms you up!

How to say ‘To Cook’ in Spanish

Before you get started on your Madrid cooking class, it’s always good to know a little about ‘cooking’ in Spanish! You’ll enjoy it, and the locals always appreciate it when people put in the effort to learn their passionately revered language!

These are your most important terms in the kitchen:
To cook – cocinar
I cook – cocino
Kitchen – la cocina

Spanish cooking classes in Madrid

There are a few great cooking classes in Madrid! Choose between a 3-hour paella or tapas cooking class, or a half-day full Spanish cooking class.

Each class caters for every level of cooking expertise, and ingredients can be adapted to suit your dietary requirements!

Traditional cooking school Paella Class

Embrace the rich culinary culture of Madrid on this 3-hour Paella cooking class! It’s a great hands-on class, where you and a small group of people will learn to make the food with your knowledgeable chef!

Enjoy a glass of sangria or Spanish wine while you learn more about the local culture and create something brilliant with your own hands!

Depending on which tour you choose, you may even be able to make your own sangria! After cooking, you’ll get to eat the delicious food you’ve made while chatting around a table with your fellow cooks!

What we liked: You can learn to make one of the most popular dishes in the world, and have loads of fun!
  • All ingredients and equipment
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Qualified chef

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Any additional food or drink

Check Price & Book

Madrid tapas cooking class

If you’re looking for a little more variety in your cooking, take the exciting small-group tapas workshop! You’ll learn to make traditional dishes like pan tumaca with the help of a skilled chef.

The tapas class is also a small-group tour, allowing you to bond with your fellow cooks, and have enough space to work.

When you’re done with the cooking, you’ll pair your various tapas with different local wines – the perfect way to end an afternoon!

The minimum age for the class is 13, while the wine is, naturally, restricted to those over 18.

This is the perfect activity to do with friends on your Spanish holiday, or with your partner!

What we liked: Great for couples and families, and you get to try so many dishes.
  • Full cooking classs
  • Meals and wine
  • All ingredients and equipment

  • Transportation
  • Any additional food or drink

Check Price & Book

Full Spanish cooking class Madrid

For the full Spanish cuisine experience, this is the best option! You’ll learn to make sangria, paella, and tapas too! The full class includes a trip to the local market, where you’ll choose your fresh ingredients with your chef, and experience the local culture!

You’ll learn about Spanish customs and food traditions with your chef. Cooking at the historical centre of Madrid, this is the perfect way to start the day (with a naughty bit of sangria drinking) before you set out to explore the Old Town!

Your chef will also be able to give you tips on where to go and what to see to have the perfect day in Madrid!

The chef is passionate about Madrid cooking, and the cooking courses are fun and educational! You’ll cook in pairs, and leave with a little recipe book so that you can make the dishes at home.

What we liked: This is perfect for those who adore all Spanish food and want to learn everything!.
  • All ingredients and drinks
  • Market tour
  • Experienced chef
  • Recipe booklet

  • Any personal expenses
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Check Price & Book

Value for money
+ Positives:
  • Great hands-on experience
  • Doesn’t take too long, leaving most of the day for exploring
  • Fun and interactive, with tasty food at the end!
- Negatives:
  • Transportation isn’t included
  • The activity is not child-friendly

Specification: Cooking Class Madrid – Paella and Tapas Morning and Afternoon Tours


Not wheelchair accessible


2.5 – 4 hours


All ingredients and equipment, Experienced chef, Meals and drinks


Extra Expenses, Transport

Meals & Drinks


Suitable For

Couples, Fun groups

18 reviews for Cooking Class Madrid – Paella and Tapas Morning and Afternoon Tours


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  1. sonia – United States

    Great experience! I would recommend it as a must do! ❤️

  2. Robin – Canada

    Wonderful Experience and the Chef was great!

  3. Deborah L – Canada

    Excellent and a high light of the trip to Madrid Fernando the chef who conducted the class was wonderful, friendly, and very professional. I picked up a lot of new food techniques and info, Would highly recommend this class for any body's visit to Madrid, Great time and met lots of new people.

  4. Robert – Canada

    Good market visit Really enjoyed the market visit at the start of the class. Cooking segment was a little disorganized and didn't really make good use of the time available. We did learn a few tips for cooking paella. Class would be best for folks with very limited cooking experience. Overall a fun experience.

  5. Peggy – United States

    vacation Cooking guide was exceptional. When she took us to the market, she gave us a history of where the food came from and what to choose for the preparation of the paella. She was knowledgeable, pleasant and explained all of the steps in the cooking process and let the class be actively involved. For the finale, we all got to eat the delicious results.

  6. Chelsea – New Zealand

    LOVED IT! The chef was really nice and cool, had good banter! He was from South America, forgot his name, but he made the class really fun! The food was beautiful! And really nice location, I was really impressed by this legitimate cooking school!

  7. Anonymous – Israel

    Nice… The taste if the food was not as good as expected, the paella had a funny taste

  8. Anonymous – United Kingdom

    Fun but not what I expected Great food and the guy who ran it was very good however we barely cooked anything. I wouldn’t say it’s a cooking experience but rather he cooks and explains how he does things while you get one or two jobs like stirring things together. Certainly a lot of money for what you get.

  9. kerrygamble31

    Fantastic lesson. Lovely food market. And lesson in authentic spanish cooking taught with passion and hunour.

  10. Juliogon78

    This cooking was a lot of fun and taught you how to make one of the main dishes of Spain, paella. I’m glad that I took this class on my second trip to Spain.

  11. TonyFlorida2011

    I gave this cooking class 4 stars because it wasn't long enough. This cooking class was a gift from my husband and it was the best! I had such fun preparing paella, tapas, and tortillas that I wanted the class never to end. The cooking tips given to us from this master chef are invaluable. I wanted to learn and cook more. I totally recommend this class to anyone who wants to experience Spanish cuisine.

  12. 5silvers2019

    This is a fantastic class. My husband, 3 college age daughters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We highly recommend it!

  13. Deborah M

    We had a wonderful time making tapas and sangria with our excellent chef host Angel. We highly recommend this fun evening! You will not be disappointed!!!

  14. Marlen H

    The socializing and eating are just as important as the cooking in this basic tapas cooking class. The location is convenient, clean, and air-conditioned. The instructor, Laura, was friendly and professional and made the evening special for everyone. The cooking is quite basic but the recipe book will certainly be used in the future. We started by preparing sangria, then a crema Catalan, a Spanish omelette, cooked shrimp, and marinated chorizo. When we all sat to eat there was even more food! And alcohol was available to everyone throughout the entire evening, beer and sodas as well as sangria. I would have easily spent as much money going out to a restaurant but not nearly having as much fun and meeting such lovely travelers and instructor. Absolutely recommended!

  15. MIKE M

    This is a very fun cooking class! Hands on experience. Class only lasted about 2.5 hours. After preparing the dishes you get to eat them and enjoy wine and sangria.

  16. 686deel

    Class was great! Instructor very informative and very good showing technique. Food was excellent – well worth the price of the class. Only negative, I didn't get the recipes which were suppose to have been emailed. No way to contact to ask in case email address was wrong.

  17. יערה כ

    Great class, excellent food, very good chef and good company. What else you need for a good experience?

  18. Stay24131207607

    Fantastic experience from beginning to end! Juan made everyone feel welcomed and the food was delicious. He was very accommodating to dietary needs and wonderful host.

Cooking Class Madrid – Paella and Tapas Morning and Afternoon Tours
Cooking Class Madrid – Paella and Tapas Morning and Afternoon Tours


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