Things to do in Palma de Mallorca – Visiting the Iconic Island

January 28, 2020

The beautiful city of Palma, known formally as Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Island chains of Spain. The island itself is also referred to as Majorca by some locals.

This city has stood for thousands of years and originally started off as a large Roman fort. It’s the largest metropolis on the island of Mallorca and sees thousands of tourists annually.

The island has much to offer from The Caves of Drach to the famous Basilica de Santa de Mallorca. Even though Palma’s roots are ancient, it’s evolved to become a magnificent place to visit.

From the vibrant nightlife to the old and unique architecture found throughout the city streets there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes here. Let’s look further into Palma Mallorca and some of the activities to take part in and attractions you can see here.

Attractions and things to do in Palma de Mallorca

There are many things to keep you busy during your visit to Palma de Mallorca. Historical sites dot the landscape and natural beauty is all around in this coastal city. You’re sure to find something to suit your tastes throughout your time here. The island itself is home to many landmarks and beautiful attractions. Many of the locals are more than happy to help tourists with directions or information if you need any assistance while exploring Mallorca.

The Ancient Arab Baths

These baths have existed in the city since the time of Moorish rule back in the 13th century. The city was named Medina Mayruqa during this time. Roman columns surrounding the central pools of these baths and they add to the inherent beauty of the location. Each of the columns are slightly different from the others raising questions as to why they were designed to look the way that they do. It’s possible that the owner of the bath at the time of it’s creation was merely eccentric.

There are beautiful and aromatic gardens surrounding this area that you can walk through to relax and unwind. These baths were only discovered 100 years ago and archeologists believe they were attached to a private villa at their time of use.

This ancient site has a unique interior due to the Ancient Roman and Moorish combination of architecture found here. It makes for a worthwhile little diversion while exploring the streets of Palma.

Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum

This art museum is located close to Palma’s shoreline and housed in an old stone fortress. The main gallery has pieces from famous artists, the most notable of which being Pablo Picasso. Many of these works of art are permanent fixtures to the gallery and not just on exhibition.

If you’ve finished perusing the gallery you can climb stairs to the roof of the fortress and have a spectacular view of the city and the shining waters of the Mediterranean sea.

If you’re feeling like grabbing a light meal or refreshment while visiting the Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum there’s an outdoor restaurant is located in the garden terraces. The restaurant offers a wide variety of filling and hearty meals as well as fantastic selections of local wine.

The Famous Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca

No trip to the city is complete without taking the time to visit this iconic landmark located in the heart of Palma, Spain. This gothic cathedral was built completely out of sandstone. Giving it a beautiful glow as the evening sun begins to wane and bathes the area in a warm golden light.

It’s located along the city’s old walls and is very hard to miss due to its massive size and unique style. There is a small entrance fee to explore the cathedral, however, it’s completely worth it for the tours and the chance to see one of the world’s largest rose windows. The stained glass in the cathedral is breathtaking especially when the sun’s rays shine brilliantly through the windows.

The upper levels of the church, as well as its bell tower, can be explored on guided tours during certain times of the year. This amazing opportunity makes it one of the best things to do in Palma Majorca!

Bellver Castle and it’s Pine Forest

Close to Palma City, you can find Bellver Castle perched atop a hill. This castle is one of the last circular forts left standing in all of Europe. A large pine forest surrounds the castle and the hill itself, it’s a peaceful place to visit and walk through. The castle is one of Palma’s main attractions.

Bellver Castle was originally used as a royal residence but was later refurbished to serve as a prison for criminals of the island back in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The castle is open to the public and houses a large museum with exhibitions on Mallorca’s long history.

During the busy summer season, concerts are held in the castle’s spacious courtyard. There is parking available outside the castle itself but if you fancy a hike up through the pine forest, it takes around 30 minutes.

If you enjoy hiking there are many other famous trails on the Spanish mainland to experience as well! There is also a cafe offering cool refreshments and food for anyone visiting the ancient fort.

The Palma Aquarium

The aquarium located in the heart of Palma City is a wondrous place to visit and learn about the mysteries of the aquatic world. There are many exciting exhibitions that display the unique ocean life from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

This is the perfect place to visit if you’re travelling with friends and family. The Palma aquarium contains many interesting exhibitions that are both large and small.

If you’re visiting during the summer months, it can get fairly busy.  However, if you’re travelling during the off-season you’ll find much smaller crowds in the aquarium interior.

There are many plaques with interesting information regarding the marine life located throughout the building.

The biggest boast of the Palma aquarium is having one of the deepest shark tanks in all of Europe! This allows you to witness the sharks as they are in their natural environment. The aquarium is truly one of the best things to see in Palma.

The Caves of Drach

These famous caverns are located close to the city of Palma. The massive caves attract large amounts of visitors and adventure-seekers annually. The cave networks were originally discovered over 700 years ago by the settlers on the island at the time. As the years passed explorers delved deeper into the caves and eventually mapped out the entire interior.

The traditional Spanish name for these caves is the Cuevas Del Drach which translates to English as The Dragon Caves.

An interesting fact about The Caves of Drach is that the largest underground lake in all of Europe is found within them, named the Martel Lake. It has formed over the course of thousands of years from water dripping from the stalactites that dot the roof of the caves. There are classical concerts that happen during certain times of the year by the Martel Lake, the acoustics of the cave amplify the sound of the instruments beautifully.

Last thoughts on the beautiful Palma de Mallorca

This island has many magnificent sights to see and attractions to visit as well. Palma and Southern Spain share many similar features when it comes to the geography of the land.

There are many beaches to visit, places to hike and ancient landmarks to see during your stay here and keep you interested in experiencing all there is to offer. If you’ve wanted to visit the Balearic Island for a while then why not look at the utterly unique island of Mallorca as your next major holiday destination!

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