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January 28, 2020

The second largest of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza, in Spain, has long since been most famous for its party culture. Ibiza was originally named Ibozzim and the island was dedicated to Bes, the god of music and dance.

While Ibiza has no shortage of super clubs, festivals, and beach bars, it has so much more to offer. With plenty of natural beauty, family activities, and holding a UNESCO World Heritage Site title, this island has something for everybody.

Keep reading to find out why this Meddittaranian island is a must-visit so you can be sure not to miss out.

Culture and history

Ibiza has a long, interesting history, with the island being claimed by almost everyone. The Spanish, French, Greek, Roman, Norwegians, and British have all tried to claim the land as their own. Because of this, Ibiza is rich with cultural spots, all of which are fascinating.


The museums of Ibiza match and compliment the island’s diverse and intriguing history.  Here are some of Ibiza’s top museums to visit.

Archaeological Museum

Split over two different locations, the Archaeological Museum, in Puig des Molins, shows off a well-preserved Phoenician necropolis. The museum displays all the artifacts found in the 3000 plus tombs for visitors to marvel at and learn from.

Contemporary Art Museum

Spread over several galleries, the Contemporary Art Museum holds space for several permanent exhibitions. The less traditional exhibitions, going beyond paint on canvas, are changing exhibitions.

Both the permanent and impermanent exhibitions show the talent of Spanish and international artists alike.

Puget Museum

Set in a noble house dating back between the 15th-19th centuries, this collection of traditional oil and watercolour paintings gives viewers a glimpse into historic rural life in Ibiza. The mixture of the gothic architecture and the softness of the art creates a backdrop for any visitor to swoon over.

Castell de Eivissa

Although not technically a museum, this fortified castle not only ticks all of the history boxes but throws in breath-taking views of the harbour for good measure. The elevated location gives visitors scenery, shops, cafes, history, statues, architecture, and a cathedral. It’s like a one-stop-shop for a cultural experience.


Ibiza is known for its sunshine, brilliantly shining for 300 days of the year. That, coupled with their 10 Blue Flag beaches, makes Ibiza the perfect place to have the quintessential Mediterranean holiday.

Here is a list of the awarded beaches, stand-alone attractions of Ibiza.

  • Cala Benirás
  • Port de Sant Miquel
  • Playa Des Riu
  • Santa Eulalia
  • Es Canar
  • Cala Llenya
  • Es Figueral
  • Cala San Vincent
  • Arenal Gran de Portinatx
  • Cala Llonga

Marina Ibiza was also given the world-renowned Blue Flag award for being an area to host spacious docking for mega-yachts while having leisure activities surrounding the port. Luxury breathes into the town giving an air of grace and equal amounts of fun.

Water activities

Water sports is another of the many things to add to the activities list in Ibiza. The options are endless and can accommodate any age and level of fitness.

Family activities

The crystalline Ibizan waters are the perfect backdrop to make lifelong memories as a family. Some experiences to take note of are paddleboarding over the still sea, snorkelling in the coastal caves, or catching a sunset cruise.

The island of Formentera should not be forgotten and offers a visual feast with its white sands and biodiverse dense waters. Solo travellers as well as families can hop onto boat tours and will find themselves bronzing in the great atmosphere that surrounds the small island.

Adventurous activities

For the more adventurous travellers, there are many great options. From cliff jumping to parasailing to the famous flyboarding. Adrenalin junkies are in no shortage of activities in Ibiza to get their hearts racing.

More exciting outdoor activities

The scenery of Ibiza does not just pertain solely to its beaches. The land-based activities on Ibiza are just as thrilling and can be just as beautiful. Suited for solo travellers, couples, and families, exploring nature on the island is note-worthy.

Buggy site-seeing is a fun way to check out the island. What better way to explore than in an off-road beast.

There are other ways to discover the gems of the island for those who want a more passive approach. Vespa tours and electronic bicycle tours are other options that allow you to get around without increasing your heart-rate.

Hiking the trails around the island is another great activity to experience Ibiza. There are many viewpoints to discover, and what better way to do so than by getting your step count in and getting a bit physical. The hike up to Sa Talaia is one such hike that gives you a great workout ending in panoramic views.

Beach yoga is another great outdoor activity for travellers. Beach yoga is a great way to do a bit of physical activity after the long nights and find relaxation, which is what a holiday is all about.


Ibiza is known for playing host to the most expensive restaurant in the world. While this is a luxury some can indulge in, most holiday-makers cannot. However, do not despair. Ibiza has a long list of incredible restaurants and bars for all to enjoy. Bookings will be essential during peak-season at the more popular restaurants and bars.

Here is a list of the top Ibizan restaurant picks.

  • Sa Capella
  • The Giri Café
  • Sa Soca
  • The Boat House
  • Marytierra
  • Sushimi
  • Nude Cafe

One of the many great ways to discover a new city or country is through its food. Ibiza is one such place. Roaming the cobbled streets and getting lost amongst the local Spanish cafes instils a kind of romanticism that movies are made of. So take a stroll and find the paella and tapas of your dreams.


Ibiza and nightlife go together like Forrest Gump’s famous “peas and carrots”. In 2003 Ibiza’s superclub Privilege held the Guinness World Record for being the largest club in the world. However, clubbing is not the be-all and end-all of Ibiza’s nightlife.

Charlie’s Bar is one example of an entertaining night without clubbing. They offer live music while guests are seated and have created an energetic atmosphere for all to enjoy. Ibiza comes alive at night and the streets can be wondered and enjoyed just by soaking up the energy.

Closing thoughts on Ibiza

Ibiza has the second most expensive property prices in Spain, first being Madrid. And it’s simple to understand why. Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of Kevin & Perry Go Large or not, Ibiza is an incredible holiday destination for all travellers.

It is easy to see why this island is so famous with its rich culture, its laid-back hippy atmosphere, and breath-taking scenery. It should be on the top of any Medittarannian travel list.

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