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October 22, 2020

Spain’s Mediterranean climate makes it a popular choice amongst tourists. With the country’s glistening beaches and outdoor activities, the weather is an important point of reference when planning a trip.  

 With winter around the corner in November, many tourists plan to end their trip around this time. But we know that November is one of the best times to explore the local culture, immerse yourself in the Catalan city of Barcelona and enjoy a bit of cool weather. 


November in Spain is the last month of Autumn. So, things are cooling down and holiday prices are starting to drop. It can be tricky to plan your itinerary around the weather. But this post covers everything you need to know about the weather in November in Spain.  

Climate and Temperatures in Spain in November  

The weather in Spain in November brings the first signs of the winter cold. Spain’s temperatures in November will range between 5°C and 15°C, depending on the time of day. This will naturally drop even lower as the month comes to a close.  

 The southern areas of Spain will often be warmer than the northern areas. The South certainly sees more sunshine during November. It’s also important to note that there are expected to be sporadic rain showers throughout November as well.  

 Sightseeing around this time is a bit more pleasurable than in the summer. Even though summer is a beautiful time in Spain, it can get rather humid. During autumn, however, the weather is milder and more forgiving to travelers rushing from one sight to the next.  


It will be too cold for a beach day in November, sadly. But most days will still be appropriate for venturing outside. Of course with the frequent drizzling, certain activities like hiking and boating may not be the best idea. Visiting historical sites indoors is still very much on the table, however.  

 To give you a sense of the Spanish weather in November, we’d recommend you always carry a light jacket and scarf with you during this time. Perhaps keep an umbrella with you too, just in case! 

 You may be wondering what kind of activities you can still enjoy during Autumn. Well, the wine tours in Spain around this time are still available. These tours usually include tastings hosted at the winery, so you’ll be sheltered from any possible bad weather.  

 You can also get a guided tour of local food markets during this time of year, which are not dependent on good weather. Dining experiences also take place indoors, generally. Come rain or shine, these tours are a fun way to stay busy despite the dull Spanish weather in November.  

Barcelona weather in November  

Barcelona is one of the most popular locations in Spain for tourists. We wouldn’t want you to miss this cosmopolitan capital just because of a bit of rain. So, we’ve broken down what to expect from the weather there in November and how to have fun in spite of it. 

While Barcelona summers are short, hot and humid, winters there are long, cold and cloudy. That said, there are still plenty of things to do in Barcelona in November.  


Barcelona Temperature in November  

The weather in Barcelona in November is significantly colder than in the summer months. Autumn is also the rainiest season in the city. That said, Barcelona is one of the warmer places to be in Spain during this time.  

 Temperatures in Barcelona in November range between a mild 12°C and a comfortable 19°C on average.  


Autumn in Barcelona and in the rest of Spain is definitely considered ‘low season.’ This is when prices drop dramatically in accommodation as well. Be sure to read up on the different Airbnbs in Barcelona to check out while you’re there.  

 The cost per night is dependably cheaper during November. Even though the weather isn’t as warm and welcoming, the cheaper prices in tourist destinations makes Autumn a great time to see Barcelona.  

With the throngs of tourists having subsided around this time of year, you’ll be able to explore the city at your own pace. Queues at sought after destinations will be smaller, prices will be lower and the atmosphere will be far more relaxed. 

Things to do in Barcelona in November  

Autumn is a great time to really enjoy Barcelona and see what it’s like for the locals who are there all year round. Although many of the tourists have cleared out by November, there are some wonderful attractions, festivals and events to take part during this ‘low season.’  



Correfoc Festival  

The Correfoc or fire-running festival is the height of the low season in Spain. During this festival, locals dress up as devils and set off fireworks as part of an age-old Spanish celebration of the city’s patron saint, La Mercè.  

 The festival is on September 24th, but you can find attractions, festivals and events happening at the beginning of November as well. Expect live folk music, a beautiful fireworks display and a vibrant atmosphere amongst the locals.  

Barcelona International Jazz Festival  

The International Jazz Fest in Barcelona is world renowned and a wonderful way to explore the city’s music scene. You can expect big names like Diana Krall, as well as a jam-packed program of international performances.  

 Music is a big part of Spanish culture. So, the international jazz festival is the perfect way to experience the musical soul of Spain and Barcelona.  


L’Alternativa is Barcelona’s annual independent cinema festival. This is a much talked about event and a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the Barcelona culture. The festival screens only the best of local and international indie cinema during this festival.  

 Be sure to check out all of attractions, festivals and events, and don’t be afraid to venture out in a bit of rain! It’s a beautiful city no matter the weather.  

Final thoughts on the weather in Spain in November  

Even though things are cooling down in Spain in November, there are still lots of ways tourists can stay occupied during this time. Thankfully, Spain is a beautiful country filled with sights to see and activities to enjoy. Barcelona, too, has a host of activities to enjoy during November. Hot or cold, anyone can enjoy an autumn in Spain.  

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