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February 2, 2022

In Spain, gifts and souvenirs are easy to find. The cultures and traditions of the country are so rich that finding the perfect keepsake for yourself, a loved one or a family member is as effortless as wandering into a beautiful Spanish tienda.

From classical accessories, delicious treats, and spices to traditional crafts & renowned cooking ingredients – Spain has the most fantastic selection of souvenirs that embody the essence of the beautiful country.

The Best Spanish Souvenirs

When you’re in Spain, souvenir hunting will be one of the most exciting parts of your trip – there is a wide range to choose from!

To help you decide what ideas you resonate with most, we’ve compiled a quick list of classic Spanish souvenirs to put you in the right direction. Here are our top picks for the best souvenirs to get in Spain.


Violetas Candy

(Image by Caramelos La Violeta,

If you’re in Madrid, you’ll want to make sure you get a box or two of Spain’s world-famous candy. The tiny candies, intricately shaped like violet flowers, and have a lovely sweet taste combined with a floral aroma.

Violeta’s are easily one of the tastiest Spanish souveniers! You’ll find them in most artisan and confectionary shops in Spain. Having a box of Violeta’s (or five) on hand will be the sweetest reminder of your time in Spain.

Price: 4€

Bota De Vino

Bota de Vino Wineskin

(Image by BotaBag UK,

While you’re in the country, you’ll quickly realize how seriously the Spanish take their wine – it is a central component of Spanish cuisine. And, according to most Spaniards, most times than not, wine is best enjoyed outdoors in a Bota De Vino.

These proper containers are made with tough Spanish leather and will keep your wine fresh and cool for outdoor events – they’re also really cool to show off to your friends and family!

It is one of the more unique souviners from Spain, perfect for anyone who appreciates a good vino.

Price: 21€


Abanico Hand fan

As one of the most iconic symbols of Spain, a hand-painted Spanish hand-fan will make a perfect souvenir to remember your travels in Spain. Traditionally used to keep cool during the hot Spanish summers, you’ll be able to use your Abanico anytime you need to cool off.

They’re beautiful to look at, great to take pictures with, and make for a fantastic living room decoration!

Price: 30€

Turrón de Jijona

Nougat, Turrón de Jijona

(Image by Canal Cocina,

This nougat is a traditional Spanish confection traditionally made in Girona. It is a delicious mix of almond, honey, lemon & cinnamon. We highly recommend bringing some home to share with your family.

You’ll find the best Turrón de Jijona in Girona, but you’ll likely be able to find this delicious nougat in most parts of Spain as it is quite a famous & sought-after candy.

Important to note: not suitable for people with tree nut allergies.

Price: 8€

Mantón De Manilla

Woman dancing with a Manton de Manilla

(Image by Angeles Espinar,

When looking for the best souvenirs, Spain’s artisan shops are a great place to look. And if you’re lucky, you might even find a traditional Spanish Shawl – A Mantón de manilla is one of Spain’s quintessential souvenirs.

It is the perfect accessory for all seasons, and you’ll always have a little piece of Spain to wear year-round. These intricately designed traditional shawls have beautiful tassels, bejeweled inlays, and top-class towing.

A Mantón De Manilla is the perfect accessory for all seasons!

Asiático Glasses


(image by Antonio Cañas,

If you’re in Cartagena, Madrid, Seville, or Barcelona,  chances are you’ve come across tons of locals enjoying a glass or two of Asiático – If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re surely missing out.

The aromatic, spicy Spanish coffee contains Liqueur 43 – a Spanish vanilla liqueur -, condensed milk, espresso, cinnamon, lemon zest & raw coffee beans – check out this guide on how to make Asiatico coffee.

Specially made to enhance the authenticity of the unique coffee, Asiatico glasses are essential to enjoying this beverage the right way – get a pair & a bottle of Liqueur 43 at Cafe Asiatico!

Price: 30€ ( including Liquor)


A woman posing

(Image by Carmina Hace Cosas,

You’ll see lots of Catalans walking around in this traditional hat. It is an iconic symbol of Catalan pride & identity. Typically made with wool and dyed bright red, the Barretina symbolizes the victory of Catalonia over foreign oppression.

Sporting a Barretina can be the most significant gesture of respect and kinship to the people of Catalonia, and it’s perfect for keeping warm during the Spanish winter.

Price: 2€

Spanish Olive Oil

Olive oil collection

Spain produces some of the best olive oil on earth. As an essential component of Spanish cuisine, producers painstakingly craft the golden oil to meet Spanish standards.

So, If you love Spanish food and want to recreate some of the dishes you’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the country, then buying a bottle to take home with you is a must.

The flavors & aromas you’ll get when cooking with this authentic Spanish ingredient will always add that special Spanish touch you just can’t get anywhere else.

Each region in Spain will have its own local brand. If you’re in Valencia, you’ll find a wide selection of great olive oils at the Valencia Market.

Valencia market

(Image by Yamuna Gurung,

Here is a list of some famous brands to look out for:

  • Priego de Córdoba
  • Aceite de Ibiza
  • Sierra de Cádiz
  • Montes de Granada
  • Siurana

Price: 15 – 19€

Pimentón de la Vera

Red spices

(Image by Pimentón “La Esencia de la Vera”,

Routinely used in Spanish cooking, Pimentón de la Vera, also known as Paprika, is a fragrant spice made from ground red peppers – from paella & tapas to pintxos and traditional winter stews.

Pimentón de la Vera is crafted using a particular smoking/ curing technique; this gives the delicate red powder its definitive flavor. You’ll easily be able to find some in many of Spain’s smaller grocery stores.

As one of the most authentic Spanish tastes, we recommend bringing some to use at home – Pimentón de la Vera is the best gift from Spain that you can give to yourself!

If you’re in Barcelona and want to learn how to cook authentic Spanish dishes, then check out our guide on Barcelona’s best cooking classes!

Price: 10 – 15€ (2.5 Ounces)

How to Find the Best Spanish Souvenir to Take Home

We recommend exploring as much as you can when souvenir hunting – beautiful things appear effortlessly when you walk through Espana’s stunning streets & in her breathtaking countryside.

But it is also important to be thorough if you want to find the right souvenirs for you. When something interesting catches your eye – whether it be in a quiet, hidden shop or a mysterious market stall, take time to find out as much as you can about before making a purchase.

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