Spain Seaside Towns – Top Coastal Destinations in 2024

August 8, 2023

Spain’s pretty coastal towns are world-famous holiday destinations for a good reason – you won’t find a more authentic seaside travel experience anywhere else.

From the best food, sublime crystal blue waters, and exciting attractions to ancient cave expeditions and royal palaces perched atop magnificent cliffs –

Make sure to take loads of pictures while you are there – Spain’s views are among the most stunning on planet earth!

The country has absolutely everything you need to have the kind of vacation you won’t ever forget.

The Best Beach Towns in Spain

Spain’s coast has something extraordinary for everyone. No matter who you are, these lovely beach towns and seaside cities will give you a travel experience that you’ll remember forever.

To help you choose the best place to vacation on the Spanish coast, we’ve compiled a list of the best coastal towns in Spain. Let’s dive straight in!


Nerja Town at night

First up, we have one of the biggest on our list of Spain’s beach towns. Nerja is that classic Spanish beach town you’ve always dreamed of seeing. The Andalusian gem is always buzzing with things to do, see, and taste.

You’ll find locals spending their weekend surfing and relaxing on the town’s famous Burriana Beach – If you’re planning on staying in Andalusia for a while, check out our guide on the best free things to do in the region.

This is an absolute summer wonderland! You’ll discover unique shops, cool bars, and fascinating places to eat along the beautiful winding streets of the town center. Coming out of town, you’ll be drawn to the palm-decorated promenade, leading out to the crystal blue ocean. Here, you’ll find the most serene views in all of Spain.

Nerja is also home to an astounding archaeological excavation site and history museum – the Nerja caves. You’ll want to visit this magnificent underground cave system while you’re there.

Nerja Crystal Cave

The cave displays some of the world’s oldest known cave paintings, 40 000-year-old neolithic settlements, and otherworldly views. The beautifully lit cave system is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Here are a few other attractions you’ll want to have on your list:

  • Kayaking at Maro Cliffs
  • Swimming at Calahonda Beach
  • Hiking the Famous Rio Chillar Trail Head
  • Visiting the Plaza Balcón de Europa( The Balcony of Europe)

If you’re planning on visiting Nerja, make sure to spend a good couple of days exploring – you’ll want to experience as much of the beautiful Latin town as possible.


Steps between houses

Located in the Costa del Sol region, just six kilometers away from Nerja, Frigiliana is one of the older & more quiet beach towns in Spain. This is our top pick for those looking to relax and slow down by the seaside in one of La Piel de Toro’s prettiest little towns.

Aside from its picturesque beaches, there aren’t many official attractions in the village. However, the winding bougainvillea-decorated alleys, shaded by Frigiliana’s famous white-washed houses, will leave you utterly captivated. You’ll want to explore every nook of the breathtaking coastal town.

Steps between white houses in Spain

Frigiliana is well known for its specialty artisan shops. You’ll discover stalls selling everything handcrafted Mistela wine, olive oil, rare antiques, handmade jewelry, spices, and unique Spanish crafts – something beautiful will always catch your eye in Frigiliana.

Here, you’ll feel completely comfortable and free to enjoy one of the most authentic Spanish riviera’s – the town’s locals are renowned for being welcoming and helpful to all who visit.


Concrete blocks in Llanes

Located in the heart of Asturia, Llanes is one of Spain’s most breathtaking seaside towns. Featuring a wonderful mix of modern & medieval architectural styles, the village’s sparkling beaches and trendy town atmosphere will put you in the mood to explore.

The village town is brimming with fun activities and attractions. You’ll be able to take incredible hikes, visit some of the most pristine beaches in Spain, admire its beautiful Roman relics and eat some of Spain’s authentic local food, to list a few.

You’ll be welcomed to Llanes by lovely locals, stunning views and some of the best seafood in the country. Be sure to thoroughly explore the beachfront as there are many hidden gems & cosy little spots just waiting to be discovered.

Playa del Cuevas del Mar beach

(Image by Iñaki Sedano Gonzalez,

With a beautiful network of paved roads covering the entire town, you’ll want to spend a day walking or cycling through the stunning seaside village. We recommend taking a cool dip in the Playa de Cuevas del Mar – a world-famous beach in Spain – before having some Tapas and refreshments at one of the beach’s restaurants.


Sitges Cathedral

Located just 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, spending a day or two exploring one of the most delightful Spanish riviera’s is well worth it if you are in the Catalonia region. Like Frigiliana & Nerja, the village is among the quieter and more scenic coastal towns in Spain. It’s the ideal place for a slow and relaxing weekend getaway at the beach!

Great things to do in the lovely town include exploring the beachfront and its many excellent restaurants, shops, and seaside bars. Having a few drinks while enjoying stunning views from the promenade is a local favourite.

Exploring the old town of Sitges is a must – you’ll find lots of cozy bars, charming little shops, and restaurants comfortably interwoven between the many medieval Roman pathways that dot the old town.

San Sebastian beach

If you want to unwind, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this blissful beach town.

San Sebastian

Last – but not least – on our list is the wonderfully eclectic and marvelous San Sebastian. La Concha beach got a top spot on our list of the Best Beaches in Spain – we love this coastal town!

As is the case with many of Spain’s coastal cities, San Sebastian is always bright, colorful & completely enchanting. The port town has a distinctly renaissance architectural style with an entirely different look and feel compared to other coastal cities in Spain.

San Sebastian is a mysterious little town. Its rich history will captivate your imagination; once a buzzing renaissance town, San Sebastian continues to fascinate travellers with its surreal seaside atmosphere and spirited town culture.

You’ll fall in love with the local culture and the sheer range of exciting attractions, things to do and see. San Sebastian Coast line

Like with Nerja, we recommend you spend a few days in San Sebastian. Here are a few things we highly recommend checking out while you’re in one of the best coastal cities in Spain.

  • La Bretxa market
  • Kursaal bridge
  • Montaña Suiza – The Last Swiss Roller Coaster in Spain
  • Monte Igueldo
  • La concha beach

Pro tip: don’t forget to explore the sensational food in San Sebastian. The town has some of the best and most authentic pintxos in Spain.

San Sebastian coast line air view

Final Thoughts: Vacationing Along the Spanish Coast

Holidaying on Spain’s coast is always going to be extraordinary – so many have had their best travel experiences in one of Spain’s beach towns.

Whether you fancy a quiet and relaxed beachside holiday in Frigiliana or Sitges or want a fuller & more active itinerary, exploring San Sebastian or Nerja – the Spanish archipelago has something extraordinary and memorable for everyone.

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