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September 12, 2023

Visiting Spain any time of the year can be a magical experience, but what’s the weather like in Spain in October? It’s the beginning of fall, and the sizzling hot temperatures start to cool down.

If you prefer to travel in mild weather, Spain in October is the perfect time to go.

Experience all the wonderful things Spain has to offer without breaking a sweat. Explore the cities with a cool breeze in your hair, or enjoy a warm and hearty Spanish dish. Plus you can visit the castles in Madrid without being outshined by the sun.

There is also quite a difference in temperature, depending on what part of Spain you’re in. If you’re on the fence about whether the October weather in Spain is ideal for your trip, keep reading to be convinced.

Climate and Temperature in Spain in October

Spain’s weather in October is generally quite mild. However, there are slight differences in the country’s separate regions.

Southern Spain October Temperatures

If you’re venturing off the Mediterranean coasts, you’ll enjoy a more pleasant fall. Dare we say perfect? You can expect temperatures ranging from 58°F to 79°F.

Quick Tip: Most days in Southern Spain in October can actually still feel like summer, so be sure to wear your sunscreen.

Inland October Temperatures

The more inland cities such as Madrid and Seville tend to be cool but not as wet as it gets in the North. Temperatures here range from 55°F to 72°F in October. You can spend days exploring the cities without breaking a sweat.

Northern Spain October Temperatures

If you plan to make a trip up North, be sure to pack your umbrellas. Northern Spain experiences quite a bit of rain. You can expect temperatures from 50°F to 70°F. However, don’t let the cold scare you away, there is still plenty to do and see this time of year in Spain.


Spain Weather in October

Do you enjoy vacationing without boiling in the Sun? Do you prefer to explore a new city without tons of tourists? Well, Spain in October is an incredible time to visit. Let the autumn breeze cool you down as you walk the Spanish cities flat. Enjoy a day trip from Seville without getting heat stroke, or visit the Barcelona art galleries if it does get a bit nippy outside.

Here’s a region-by-region breakdown of the weather and exciting activities to do in October:

Weather in Southern Spain in October

If you’re spending your time down south, you’ll be thrilled to know that Spain’s weather is still warm, so you can still enjoy the Mediterranean waters.

You can expect the sun at around 8am and only say goodbye at 7pm. So even though your visit will be in Fall, you’ll have plenty of sun during the day for adventures.

Explore the castles in Valencia, or soak up the Sun while you still can on the beaches of Costa del Sol. If you find yourself in Seville, don’t miss flamenco nights. You’ll learn all about this fiery dance, and with all that movement, you’ll forget about the chilly evenings.

Enjoy a cooler hike up Caminito del Rey. This pathway is attached to the steep walls of El Chorro Gorge. Once at the top, enjoy the breathtaking views.


The Coldest and Hottest Parts of Spain in October

As with the rest of the year, the hottest parts of Spain are found in the southern region, like Andalusia. Temperatures here range between 75°F to 82°F, so still perfect beach weather, and you can get your sun tan on.

On the other hand, the coldest parts can be found in northern Spain, places like Galicia and Pyrenees. Be sure to pack those sweaters as the temperature can get as low as 52°F, with a high of 64°F.

Pro tip: Whether you’re in the north or south, the evenings will most likely be chilly, so be sure to pack a jacket.


Barcelona, Spain | Weather in October

Explore the vibrant city of Barcelona in a milder climate. Since temperatures this time of year range between 59°F to 72°F, you’ll be more comfortable with those outdoor excursions. Warm days and crisp evenings are calling you.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Spain and take a cooking class. By the time you’re done, you can enjoy your warm and tasty food, which is bound to take away any nighttime chills. If cooking isn’t your thing but tasting is, try some of the best paella in Barcelona.

Madrid, Spain | Weather in October

Average October temperatures range from 52°F to 68°F in Madrid. Meaning more time to wander and less baking in the heat.

Since the weather is still warm and delightful, you should indulge in a wine and tapas tour. While out about, make sure you add the Royal Palace to your list of must-sees. This is the largest palace in Europe (by floor area) and features an armory from the 13th century.

In the evening, throw on your jacket and hit the streets. Madrid is known for its vibrant nightlife, and rest assured, a little cold won’t stop the Spanish.


Mallorca, Spain | Weather in October

Mallorca October temperatures range from 61°F to 73°F, so you can still enjoy the crystal blue waters.

The weather allows you to explore the stunning coastline in Mallorca. Lay back on the sand and soak up the sun while you still can. Let the island show off with its dramatic cliffs and lush valleys in the Serra de Tramuntana. This UNESCO World Heritage is an absolute must for those that enjoy a great hike with a beautiful view.

The city has a fantastic wine culture, too, so take a tour of the local wineries and taste the flavors of Mallorca.

Final Thoughts on the Weather in October in Spain

Spain in October may be chillier than the summer, but this comes with its perks. Since places won’t be as crowded, you can take your time to explore all the beautiful spots in Spain. You also won’t be photobombed by a bunch of people.

You’ll also find that everything is cheaper (can anyone say score?). Flights, accommodations and even attractions will cost less. Enjoy walking the city flat without the sweat, or hiking without melting in the sun. On the other hand, if you do crave warmth, just head south.

If you are looking for more tips and guides, have a look at our itinerary guide for one week in Spain.

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