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June 8, 2023

November in Spain is a truly magical time. Especially if you can make it during the world-famous Día de Los Fieles Difuntos festival on the 2nd of November, also known as the Day of the Dead, a Holiday when Spaniards celebrate their descendants.

However, the Día de Los Fieles Difuntos festival is not all Spain has to offer during this magical autumn month. In fact, autumn is one of the best times to plan a 10-Day Trip to Spain as it may be cold, but it doesn’t get blistering hot as it does in summer or freezing cold as it does in winter.

Weather in Spain during November can be anywhere from a romantic rainy day to enjoy hot beverages and watching a movie to the perfect mild days for picnics and exploring cities on foot. So let’s dive right on in so you know exactly what to expect while visiting this amazing country.


Street dancer in Seville

Climate and Temperature in Spain in November

Spanish temperatures in November run quite a varied range. They can be as low as 7°C (44°F) and get as high as 14℃ (57.2°F). However, it’s not the temperature that will keep you indoors and away from any festivities. It is the 15 days of rain that an intrepid adventurer needs to worry about.

That being said, the weather in Spain can drastically change from one side of Spain to the other. This is because Spain is so large it has three separate climates within its borders.

The Northern coast of Spain is known for its maritime climate, whereas the Central part of Spain is known for being rainy during spring and fall.

Spain Weather in November

To help you figure out where to stay in Spain during November, we have separated the climates by major cities. This is so that you can find the exact weather and climate you are looking for to have the best experience possible.

Weather in Southern Spain in November

The climate Spain is most famous for is the Mediterranean feel it holds in the southern coastal areas of the country. Here the winters are cold and rainy, and the summers are hot and dry. However, autumns are perfect for exploring and celebrating festivals. So you can focus less on what to wear in Spain and more on what to do.


Tibidabo in Barcelona in Spain

The Coldest and Hottest Parts of Spain in November

Suppose you are visiting Spain in November in the region of Sallent de Gállego. In that case, you can expect the country’s lowest average temperatures. The temperature in Sallent de Gállego usually hangs around the 7°C (44°F) mark. At night, it can get as cold as -1°C (31°F).

However, the complete opposite can be said for the region known as Gran Tarajal, where the temperatures are a toasty 24°C (76°F) during the day and drop as low as 17°C (63°F) during the night.

Barcelona | Weather in November

Barcelona is always near the top of the list when people are looking for fun and interesting facts about Spain. However, what is the weather like in Barcelona, Spain? November marks the start of loads of festivities, such as All Saints Day, which is closely followed by the previously mentioned Día de Los Fieles Difuntos festival.

No one wants their party rained out, especially one as important as All Saints Day. So what are the chances of your day being spoilt in Barcelona? Actually very low. The weather in Barcelona, Spain, in November, is quite moderate.

You can expect lows as high as 12°C (53.6°F) and highs as low as 18°C (64.4°F), with an average of only fives days of rainfall throughout the entire month.

Madrid | Weather in November

During November, the weather in Spain can be truly magical. The fall colors of the leaves in the trees bring a feeling of excitement and magic to the air, almost like anything can happen on a fall day in Madrid.

With temperatures falling between 6°C (42.8°F) and 13°C (55.4°F), Madrid is one of the colder cities in Spain during November. However, Madrid only averages six days of rain throughout the month.

Thanks to the weather in Madrid in November, the city is a safe bet to enjoy outside activities such as a city tour by private electric Tuk Tuk so you can see places like the Royal Palace of Madrid up close and personal.


Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid

Mallorca | Weather in November

If you are looking for a warmer island vibe during your stay in Spain – You know, because your Spain packing list consists of only swimwear to bait yourself the perfect holiday fling – Then look no further than Mallorca.

This little island off the coast of Spain’s weather sits comfortably around 19°C (66.2°F) during the day and only averages six days of rain during November. It can get a little nippy at night when temperatures drop down to 11°C (51.8°F). We would recommend bringing a hoody plus a spare to give to your fling as you’re sitting around the bonfire on Caló des Moro beach.


Group having a bonfire on a beach

Seville | Weather in November

Seville actually has the biggest extremes on either side of the weather scale. The city boasts toasty highs of 20°C (68°F) but chilly lows of 9°C (48.2°F). The real saving grace is that it is one of the dryest cities gracing our list today.

Seville averages only five days of rain during the month of November, making going to see Catedral de Sevilla a pleasant time alongside any other outside activities you may have planned.

Final Thoughts on the Weather in Spain in November

As you can see, November is one of the best times to visit Spain. The weather is not too hot or cold, and depending on where in the country you are, it remains fairly dry. Spain is a country rich with history and tradition and can make for some truly unforgettable memories, so book your tickets today.

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