Spain in February: Weather & Things to Do in Spain

January 8, 2024

It’s the month of love, and you’ve planned a romantic getaway for you and your partner and have an idea of the best cities to visit, but you’re wondering what the weather is like in Spain in February.

In February, most of Europe is still deep in winter. Because Spain has regions like the Mediterranean coast, you get to experience the best of both worlds, whether skiing in the snow or sun tanning at the beach. The month of love in Spain has romance and relaxation to offer.

Before you pack your bags, let’s take a closer look at the weather in Spain in February and the best places to visit.

Weather in Spain in February

Snow-covered road in Madrid

Spain’s weather in February is chilly. However, the temperature can vary depending on where you are in the country. Overall, the temperature in Spain in February can range between 4℃ to 18℃.

Although the country is cold, Spain’s temperature in February does not reach sub-zero temperatures like other European places. Winters in the capital city, Madrid, are usually dry and snow is rare, but mornings and nights can be utterly freezing.

If you’re looking for sunshine in the winter, fear not, as coastal Barcelona in February has sunny winters and isn’t as bitterly cold as, say, Madrid in February, for example. Cities like Malaga and Seville also have higher average temperatures but not enough to allow you to sunbathe.

So, when packing for your trip, you only need to pack heavy, thick clothing if you spend most of your journey in a ski resort. Pack warm but casual like your sweatshirts, long-sleeve tops, stylish jackets or hoodies, bottoms, or scarves.

Things to Do in Spain in February

Canary Islands in Tenerife

Here are five of the best places to visit in Spain in February.

1. Visit the Barcelona Aquarium

If you love life under the sea, head to the Barcelona Aquarium. This aquarium in Moll d’Espanya del Port Veli costs 21€ (22.40$) per adult. There are 450 sea species of Mediterranean sea creatures in more than 35 exhibits. Watch and learn more about tropical sea life and also have the opportunity to attend various interactive programs.

2. Explore the Sagrada Familia

When visiting Spain in February, one of the best things to do is to visit the iconic Sagrada Familia. This is the world’s largest unfinished church, and it’s one of the most striking and sensational works of neo-Gothic architecture with ornate structures and double aisles. You can enjoy the less crowded Sagrada in February by exploring the museum and Nativity steeples.

3. See the Canary Islands

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you cannot picture yourself walking on the sandy shores of white beaches under the clear sky. Winters in Spain can be sunny, allowing the cool breeze to caress your skin and soothe your mind. If there’s one place that cannot be left out of your itinerary, it’s the white beaches of the Canary Islands.

4. Tour the Alhambra

The Alhambra complex is 600 years old. When visiting this historic site, learn about its rich history and admire the splendid architecture. When you experience this moment, take in the tower’s breathtaking views of Granada and the surrounding mountains. You also have the opportunity to stroll through the beautiful Generalife Gardens and treasure the history of the Spanish-Muslim architecture of the Alcazaba Fortress and Nasrid Palace.

5. Get a thermal spa retreat

When in Spain in February, take the opportunity to pamper yourself into relaxation and spoils. Spain’s thermal spas are perfect for winter cold weather. You can visit the famous hot springs of La Garriga near Barcelona, or if you love luxury, visit Hammam al Amdalus spa in Andalucia and be prepared to be pampered.

Festivals and Events in Spain in February

Women in the streets of Spain dancing during a festival

Festival de Jerez

The Festival de Jerez is a flamenco and Spanish dance festival held over two weeks from mid-February. During this festival, every street corner and plaza echoes the sound of guitars and people singing. Then there’s a spontaneous parade of flamenco and the town erupts with a unique atmosphere. Enjoy the streets and take your partner dancing.

Andalucia Day

Andalusia Day is a public holiday in the region. It commemorates the referendum in which Andalucian citizens approved the Statute of Autonomy of Andalucia that took place on 28 February 1980.  It is celebrated with music concerts, parades, and cultural and sports activities.

FAQs About Spain in February

Aerial photo of Madrid

Is it Worth Visiting Spain in Winter?

It is worth it. Winters in Spain are mild compared to the rest of Europe. There are fewer crowds, and numerous unique festivals that you can enjoy. And even though it’s winter, you can still be sunkissed on the beach and have a ski day. There is so much to do in winter in Spain.

Is February a Good Time to Visit Spain?

Yes, February is an excellent month to visit Spain because the weather is cool, and tourist attractions have fewer crowds as it is off-season in Spain. The advantage here is that tickets are cheaper and you’re hassle-free to tour attractions.

What is the Warmest Part of Spain During Winter?

Spain’s temperature varies during winter. However, the southern region of Spain is most likely the warmest. Andalusia has the warmest temperatures in winter. Barcelona is also another warm area during winter; if you’re feeling island vibes, the Canaries are the warmest.

What Can I Eat in Spain in February?

Winter has seasonal delicacies, including plenty of seafood, comforting roasts, and winter veggies. Try something meaty like gammon, shellfish, and polvoron. There are so many mouth-watering Spanish meals for you to try out.

Final Thoughts on Spain in February

In closing, Spain in February is chilly however, regardless of the weather, there are so many activities you can enjoy. Thankfully, certain parts of Spain experience sunny winters, so you can still go skiing in the chilly morning and then end your day getting a sun tan on the beach.

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