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October 24, 2023

Can’t wait until summer to go on vacation in Spain? Then don’t!

If you visit in Spring, you’re guaranteed blue skies and comfortably warm temperatures; perfect for soaking up some culture.

If you don’t love the sweaty tourist vibe, April is the perfect time to explore Spain’s cities and munch your way through the best of Spanish cuisine. Paella in Valencia, anyone?

And if you weren’t already convinced, April is one of the best months for Spanish festivals, with a bunch to choose from. There’s Semana Santa, Fería de Abril, and San Vicente Ferrer Festival, to name but a few.

Since April is the start of the tourist season in Spain, it’s best to research where you plan to travel early to save money. It’s worth the climbing costs since the weather in Spain in April is warm but there are fewer crowds than in the peak of summer.

Granada, Spain

Spain’s Weather in April

If you’ve ever seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’ll remember the iconic line, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane”. And whilst we hope your plane is waterproof, we can vouch for Spain’s beautiful weather in April.

Areas along the Mediterranean coast have wonderful weather, as do Benidorm and Marbella in April, and the same goes for the Balearic and Canary Islands. But don’t expect to see the locals dressed for the beach. If you want to blend in, dress for spring in light layers.

Weather in the South of Spain in April

Andalusia is the most southern part of Spain and home to the provinces of Córdoba, Cádiz, Sevilla, Jaén, Almería, Málaga, and Granada.

While not scorching hot (but who wants flaming heat anyway?) Andalusia has the perfect weather for perusing historic towns and landmarks before grabbing some tapas. Expect highs of up to 75°F, cooling down slightly at night.

Weather-wise, southern Spain is nicer than northern Spain in spring, with the latter area experiencing rainfall and colder temperatures.

Weather in Mainland Spain in April

The weather in inland Spain is a little unpredictable in spring. Pack for cooler temperatures and expect the unexpected. By that, we mean the odd rain showers.

Warning: Yes, we know we said it could be chilly, but in recent years record high temperatures have been recorded in mainland Spain. Make sure to research current weather conditions just before your trip for the most accurate information.

Plaza de la Reina in Valenia

Best Places to Visit in Spain in April

We’ve rounded up some of the best cities to visit during your trip to Spain in spring. Take your pick, or do them all.


In warm southern Spain, get set for t-shirt weather in the beautiful city of Valencia. Can’t wait to kick back and relax? Grab a cerveza at a rooftop bar after a day of sightseeing and sunbathing. Stick to parks for the latter since the sea doesn’t warm up until closer to summer.

If you’re feeling cultural, there’s plenty going on in April to tickle your fancy. We love the Kite Festival on El Cabañal Beach. Marvel at huge kites in fantastical shapes, or cheer on your favorite competitor in the acrobatic kite flying contests.

For an authentic Valencian experience, look no further than San Vicente Ferrer Festival. This annual celebration honors Valencia’s patron saint with fireworks, bullfights, and open-air shows.


We’ll admit, the weather in Madrid in April isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Pack a jacket as temperatures can get a little chilly, between 41°F and 65°F. On the plus side, spring isn’t quite the tourist season yet, so you’ll avoid the crowds by visiting at this time.

For those grayer days, head to the famous art museum, the Prado, before snacking on churros dipped in hot chocolate in the shelter of a Churrería. Still hungry? Dodge the showers at Mercado de San Miguel, one of the oldest, prettiest (and, more importantly, covered) food markets in Madrid.

Guell Park


Visiting the coast in April is always a good idea in Spain. The Mediterranean climate means lots of sunshine and highs of 66ºF. Perfect for seeing the sights, but perhaps not for swimming – unless you’re really brave.

Barcelona’s weather in April is far more predictable than in Madrid, so don’t worry about getting caught in the rain. Do plan for cooler evenings and pack layers.

Of course, a trip to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Sagrada Familia, but we recommend getting your fill of the artist Gaudi with a visit to the lesser-known Casa Vicens too. This beautiful Arab and Orientalist-inspired mansion is a feast for the eyes. Afterward, stroll in the nearby Parc Güell to check out his ceramic work.


Sunny Seville is a brilliant option for your April vacation, not least for the beautiful weather. Spring feels like summer here, with temperatures reaching highs of 75ºF.

As Seville is one of the warmest parts of Spain in April, plan your historical sightseeing slightly earlier in the day to avoid the midday heat. Failing that, make sure to bring plenty of water out and about with you to stay hydrated.

Get ready for a party (and some culture) in Seville in April, with Semana Santa and Feria de Abril being held within weeks of each other. These two festivals are celebrated nationwide and are the perfect opportunity to take in the Spanish culture. Think parades, dancing to Sevillanas, the traditional folk music in Seville, and tons of tapas and Sangria.

Visiting Spain in April | Events and Festivities

Here are our top picks for Spain’s festivals in April.

Semana Santa Costumes

Semana Santa

Holy Week, or Semana Santa, is Spain’s version of Easter. Expect to see colorful religious processions, as well as plenty of floats depicting the Passion of Christ. It’s a feast for the eyes.

That being said, don’t be shocked by the outfits, which look similar to those worn by a more negative group. The white conical hats and robes are actually a symbol of mourning and not linked at all.

Top Tip: Semana Santa is an official holiday, meaning that prices for accommodation and travel will be higher than usual. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Seville, so be prepared and book early if you plan to stay there.

Fería de Abril (April Festival, Seville)

If you’ve been wondering, “is April a good time to go to Spain?” allow this festival to convince you. Get ready for a weekend of live music, colorful marquees, flamenco dancing, and all the street food you could need.

This is all rounded off with an epic firework finale. Truly magical.

Final Thoughts on the Weather in April in Spain

While not quite as hot as summer, and certainly not swimming weather yet, April is still a great time to visit Spain.

Road trips in Andalusia, shopping in Madrid, or simply sightseeing and snacking are all better in milder temperatures. At least, we think so anyway. So what are you waiting for?

Shake up your spring break plans and head to Spain this April!

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