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March 30, 2021

Celebrated for its white beaches with clear blue water, Santa Ponsa is a great vacation destination to unwind and soak in the warm sun. Not only is the water of the southwest sea crystal clear, but it is also calm, clean, and safe for water sports.

A part of the magnificent Spanish Islands, Santa Ponsa is surrounded by similar towns allowing for exciting one-day trips and excursions. The resort itself is a lively destination for couples, families, friends, or if you’re traveling alone.

While you’re in Majorca, be sure to check out the top eight exciting day trips on the Island.

Where is Santa Ponsa in Majorca?

Santa Ponsa, also known as Santa Ponça, is a fun-loving holiday resort located on Majorca’s southwest coast. Majorca, or Mallorca, is a heavenly island forming part of the incredible Balearic Islands of Spain. The Balearic Islands have a Mediterranean climate and are renowned for their scenic sandy beaches and historically rich architecture.

Magaluf to Santa Ponsa

Near Santa Ponsa is the Magaluf resort town. Famous for its fine-sand beaches and nightlife, Magaluf also has theme parks like the Katmandu Park, which was voted as the “friendliest theme park in Europe.”

Since Magaluf is merely 8 kilometers away from Santa Ponsa, it would be unfortunate not to take advantage of this short distance and visit the town for a day or two.

Santa Ponsa to Palma

Capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma is a charming city known for its bright blue coast and medieval architecture.


It’s situated approximately 20 kilometers from Santa Ponsa so you can easily embark on a day trip. There are plenty of things to do in Palma, like visit the Ancient Arab Baths, contemporary art museums, gothic cathedrals, and marvelous castles.

What to do in Santa Ponsa

Compared to its neighboring towns Magaluf and Palma Nova, Santa Ponsa is quieter and more laidback. However, there are endless things to do in Santa Ponsa since the city is jam-packed with loads of activities and adventure sports. So if you’re looking for a happening and eventful holiday, Santa Ponsa is the place to be.

Play a game of Golf

Ready to show off your golf swing skills?

Golf in Santa Ponsa is a celebrated sport. The resort hosts three extensive golf courses with two modern 18-hole courses and one 9-hole golf course. They are named Golf Santa Ponsa 1, 2, and 3, respectively, where 1 is available to the public, and 2 and 3 are private (member’s access only).


Quad biking

Ride up and down the rocky ridges of Majorca while feeling the warm breeze on your skin.

Quad biking in Mallorca is an action-packed, thrilling experience. Different routes encompass different scenic views – including dunes, the west coast, and charming traditional towns. You can easily find a route that begins from Santa Ponsa and sweeps you through the Balearic Islands’ picturesque terrains.

Zoea Scuba Diving Centre

Dive into the crystal clear water and spend your day with curious sea life creatures like moray eels, octopuses, groupers, scorpionfish, and barracudas.


The Zoea Mallorca Scuba Diving Centre is the perfect place for water babies. Located at the marina of Club Nautico, the school has been a favorite for holidaymakers in the past – known for its friendly teachers and excellent equipment.

Ramon de Montcada

The main strip of the resort, Ramon de Montcada, is also the most happening affair of Santa Ponsa. It’s a perfect spot for good food and rich wine. It offers an array of restaurants with different cuisines and delicacies to choose from.

And with many bars and clubs, Ramon de Montcada provides a lively night-time atmosphere that will have you on your toes until the early hours of dawn.

Explore the nightlife

The nightlife doesn’t come to a full-stop at Ramon de Montcada. Other bars and clubs in the town include Irish-themed pubs and cutting-edge clubs with advanced sound systems.

The pubs range from live music and in-house DJs to competitive sports-related team spirit and witty games of darts and pool. At the same time, the clubs are known to attract international DJs like David Guetta and Steve Aoki. Sing your heart out at one of the karaoke bars and revel in your own ‘A Star Is Born’ moment!


Things to do in Santa Ponsa for families

Santa Ponsa is a perfect place to spend time with your little ones and let them burn off energy in the most rewarding way. You won’t have to hear them whine about being “bored” for even a second!

Santa Ponsa boat trips

For scenic views of Majorca’s south-west coast, book a boat trip! Marvel at the glorious waves and breathtaking shorelines as the sun makes them glisten under its golden light. Boat hire in Santa Ponsa is relatively easy, with plenty of options to choose from.

Santa Ponsa water park

For a one-day, family-friendly getaway, the Western Water Park is a perfect spot. Your little ones will love their time here as they entertain themselves with the wet and wild rides.

You can easily get to the water park with the free bus rides running from Santa Ponsa. The park provides a thrilling experience with rides for bigger kids and a Kidzworld for young kids.

In addition to the Western Water Park, in and around Santa Ponsa are also the:

  • Jungle Parc Mallorca: Offering adventurous tree-top courses with high-ropes, monkey swings, and zip lines for kids aged 4-11 years old.
  • Katmandu Park: An outdoor park with thrilling water rides, electronic games, a mini-golf course, and a 4D cinema.
  • Bar Code 7: Hosting a soft-play area with bouncy castles and trampolines.

Santa Ponsa beach

Like most of Spain, Santa Ponsa’s beaches are known to be clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. And most of them offer adventurous water sports activities like water skiing, jet skiing, pedal boats, and paragliding.

The main beach, Playa de Santa Ponsa, has been awarded the Blue Flag and the esteemed “Q” for European tourism quality. Its first-rate quality and excellent facilities make it a popular choice for tourists in Santa Ponsa.

Other well-known beaches include the Peciller Beach (also known as Little Beach or Playa d’en Peciller) and Castellot Beach (Playa des Castellot). The Little Beach is a personal favorite of the locals to escape the main beach’s boisterous crowd.


Santa Ponsa upcoming events – fiesta fun

Santa Ponsa is famous in Balearic Island for hosting big fiestas. The Rocio, an Andalusian religious festival, lasts five days, beginning from June’s first weekend. The Fiesta of Saint John takes place at the end of June, while the Fiesta of Saint James in July.

Fiesta Rey En Jaume (Fiesta of King James) is a high-spirited, vibrant fiesta that celebrates the town’s medieval heritage in the warm month of September and continues for two glorious weeks.

There are street parades, stalls, and an enthralling performance on the historical events of a battle that ended the Moorish rule in Spain. Expect massive fireworks and rejoicing that runs beyond the midnight hours with endless beach parties!

Mallorca’s Santa Ponsa – Spain’s Hidden Charm

The vibrant Spanish culture is at its peak in Santa Ponsa. And the coastline’s warm weather will tempt you for a dip every time you look at it. Santa Ponsa’s nightlife makes it a perfect destination for couples and friends. At the same time, its facilities and activities for kids are accommodating for families too.


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