Plaza De Espana, Seville: Spain’s Famous Open Square

August 22, 2019

The spectacular sight of Plaza De España is definitely the most well-known plaza in Spain. This Spanish square can be found at the María Luisa Park. It was built by Aníbal González, one of Seville’s greatest and most talented architects.


Plaza Espana once served as a dramatic backdrop to an action-filled Star Wars scene. So we are certain that Star Wars fans are convinced that no trip to Seville is complete without visiting this architectural masterpiece! Be sure to add this to your traveling bucket list if you find yourself in the Andalusia region.

Sevilla España: Plaza De Espana History

Spain wanted to show off its pristine accomplishments in industry and architecture. The Seville Plaza de Espana was built for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929, and today tourists are still flocking to this monument with its impressive structure, composition, and many brightly decorated pavilions.

The pavilions are a showcase of different design styles that you’ll find in Spain. There are 48 pavilions around the building and they’re each dedicated to a province in Spain.

The colourful ceramic tiles decorating the pavilions each have their own illustration, depicting historic scenes related to that specific province. Once again, a showcase of Spain’s attention to detail in architecture and design.


The structure of the plaza forms a colossal semi-circle, and at the center of this open square in Spain, you’ll find an extraordinary fountain, designed by Vicente Traver. The whole building is surrounded by a moat – a deep, broad ditch normally filled with water, that surrounds a castle or important building.

There are four bridges crossing the canal, with the plaza in the center. The walls of the bridges are decorated in vivid, colourful hand-painted tiles, adding an exceptional design element to the architecture of Plaza De Espana, Seville.

How To Get Around Sevilla: Plaza España

For all travel enthusiasts, Seville has a lot to offer. When you find yourself in this town, make sure to check out all the fun things there is to do. There are also a lot of different ways you could explore Seville.

You can jump on a bike, get on an eco-friendly Segway, or even take a tour on a hop-on-hop-off bus. Walking tours are also an option and you can stop at Plaza De Espana to admire its beauty and majesty at your own pace and time.


The bonus of booking a tour is that you’ll most likely be in the hands of a local tour guide who will show you the most important sights there is to see in Seville and give you some inside information you won’t find anywhere else.

For all the lovebirds making a trip down to Seville; there’s a 515m canal running across the entire parameter of the plaza, making a boat trip the perfect romantic activity with the jaw-dropping landscape of Plaza Espana Seville behind you.

Get in a boat and gently row around the canal while the sun is setting in the background, creating the perfect backdrop of sunlight reflecting the majestic presence of this building.


Plaza De Espana, Seville: Star Wars

All Star Wars fans must’ve seen the Royal Planet of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Well, you’ve just guessed it. The scene of a young Anakin and Padmé arriving at the planet of Naboo, walking over the bridge and through the corridors of the Theed Royal Palace was shot at no place other than Plaza De Espana in Seville.


Although most of the filming took place in Italy, the Plaza De Espana in Seville, Spain was featured in this second episode of Star Wars. Well now, who knew the galaxy far, far away was actually in reach, ready for you to snap a real-life picture!

Final Thoughts

While taking a stroll through María Luisa Park or maybe segwaying your way through Seville, don’t forget to stop at this magical plaza in Spain.

With its use of red bricks, ceramics, and tiles, the materials can’t be more representative of Spain. So take a trip down to Seville’s Plaza De Espana, or the planet of Naboo (as some might like to refer to), and revel in the beauty of the sun slowly setting behind this beautiful, magnificent piece of architecture.

While you’re in the city, be sure to visit the incredibly beautiful Seville Cathedral!

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