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March 27, 2024

Valencia, or Los Ches as the locals call it, is in Valencia province. It is an absolutely beautiful coastal city, and it’s very common for travelers to take a day trip from Madrid to Valencia for a break to the sea.

It’s one of the top places Spaniards go for a holiday, but how long does it take them, and what’s the fastest and cheapest way for you to do the same? As a traveler not used to the area it can be daunting to figure out your way from one major city to the next.

So, here are the best ways to travel to and enjoy Valencia as a first-time day tripper.

How Far Is Valencia From Madrid?

When traveling from Madrid to Valencia distance plays an important part in how you decide to travel. That’s because they’re approximately 395 km (245.4 miles) apart. Depending on your transport mode, it can take up a big chunk of your day or be a speedy transfer.

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How To Get From Madrid to Valencia

On to the big question: How far is Madrid from Valencia? And, more importantly, what is the expected cost of the trip?


If you take a bus from Madrid to Valencia, you should be prepared for a four-hour ride. Tickets aren’t that expensive and range between €16 ($17) to €49 ($53) depending on when you buy them and how fancy you want to travel.


Taking the train from Madrid to Valencia is the best way to travel in terms of value for money. A high-speed train will transport you to the next city within one hour and 40 minutes for as low as €7 ($7.50).

It’s best to buy your tickets as early as possible because prices rise the later you buy them. The most you’ll have to pay for a train ride is roughly €49 ($53).


Traveling from Madrid to Valencia by car will take you about three to four hours. There may be more efficient ways to travel to Los Ches, but it provides scenic views and amazing stops like Manises and Monastery of Ucles.

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A plane ride may not be the cheapest option, from €64 to €72, but it is absolutely the fastest. It will take you less than an hour to reach the sunny coast of Valencia from Madrid with the help of a commercial plane. That said, the cheapest time to fly is in May or June.

What To Do in Valencia

But what can you do on your day trip to Valencia from Madrid? Don’t sweat it. Here are a few activity ideas for things to do in Valencia once there.

Tour Old Town

You’ll find more than 2000 years of historical tales in Valencia’s Old Town told through old structures, museums, cathedrals, and cafés. Since 130 BC, the city has seen Romans, Visigoths, and Moor rulers. Keep your eyes peeled for the architectural influences brought on by these inhabitants since then.

Don’t miss the beautiful and warm cafés in the center serving horchatas and tapas to everyone who enters. The National Museum of Ceramics is also a must-see as it holds pieces from the 18th century and Picasso.

Quick Tip: Take a Segway tour to add another fun element to this interesting trip.

Shop at Mercat Central Market

madrid valencia day trip central market

The best way to anyone’s heart is through food. The same goes for a city, so there is no better introduction to Los Ches than the Valencia market.

The market has over 1200 stalls selling seafood, meats, fruits, nuts, local spices, baked goods, and more. Take your time walking through each stall and taking in the rich aromas before stopping at one of the takeaway places for authentic Paella, which originates in this province.

Enjoy the City’s (Free) Art

You don’t always have to spend loads of money on a trip. Visiting a museum is one of the best free things to do in Valencia.

Museum Centre del Carmen and the Fine Arts Museum San Pio V offer fascinating looks into past and modern Valencia through paintings, statues, and historical artifacts. At night, head to the Carme Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCC) for a live musical. In the El Carmen neighborhood, you’ll also find many graffiti artworks. Visit both in between sips of wine at a nearby café.

If you visit on weekends, you’ll have a wider variety of free museums to see. Don’t miss the Valencian Institute of Modern Art and the Fallas Museum for even more free days of art appreciation.

Relax on the Beach

madrid valencia day trip playa Saplaya

Valencia has quite a few beaches since it sits along a 520-kilometer coastline. The top three beaches you can’t miss here are Las Arenas, La Malvarrosa, and Playa Saplaya. Each beach is free, with acres of white sand, crashing waves, and plenty of things to do on and around the shore.

Not a fan of the beach? How about a look at the ocean from a different angle by visiting the Valencia Aquarium instead? It’s the largest aquarium in Spain and has over 45,000 creatures.

Additional Tips for a Day Trip From Madrid to Valencia

  • There needs to be more than a Madrid to Valencia day trip to see it all. You might need two or three days to soak everything in. So, stay at a luxury hotel in Valencia to get the best of your trip.
  • As a seaside city and the home of Paella, you must eat seafood while you’re here.
  • Join a free walking tour to save even more on your trip. You can find free tour guides all over significant tourist attractions. Just don’t forget to tip your guide.
  • A Valencia Tourist Card is a must if you’re taking a short trip. It allows you free access to museums, buses, and trains within the city.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Way To Get From Madrid to Valencia

The short distance from Madrid to Valencia makes it an excellent place for a one-day trip. If you plan on visiting, try to go in spring or fall when the weather is blissful, and transport tickets aren’t as high.

There are many free things to do in the city once you land, like visiting the beach, strolling through the streets, and spotting brightly colored graffiti. The city is best known for its culture and fresh seafood dishes. Luckily, you can find either on almost any corner, so you’ll have a rich experience no matter where you stay.

Psst: Before you go, brush up on some Valencia facts to wow your travel buddies.

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