Madrid in February: Weather & Top Things to Do

December 6, 2023

Spain’s capital city is a hit year-round, and Madrid in February is a particularly special treat. With crowds thinning and the weather cooling down, the beautiful city is open for fun, adventure, romance, and exploration.

Traveling to Madrid in February makes for a fun trip. Water parks and resorts are closed for winter in Madrid, but you can still visit the beach on a pleasant day. Visiting museums, parks, and castles in Madrid will make your winter journey through the Spanish city unforgettable.

Keep on reading to learn about the top things to do, festivals and events, and the Madrid weather in February.

Weather in Madrid in February

Madrid is a great place to visit for everyone, any time of the year, but February is best for visitors who prefer the cooler months.

Vibrant Madrid city pathway at Playa del Mayor

Here are the average temperatures in Madrid in February:

  • Average daytime temperature: 57℉
  • Average nighttime temperature: 36℉
  • Average rainfall in Madrid in February: 6 Inches and 13 days of expected rain

Wondering what to pack for a February trip to Madrid? You can pack light and breathable clothing as the days are not too cold. Be sure to bring a coat, sweater, and boots (perfect for exploring).

Pro Tip: You can pack a PVC raincoat in case of rain. Able to fold up small, it won’t take up much space in your bag and could be super useful.

Top Things to Do in Madrid in February

The perk of visiting Spain in February is that there are barely any crowds, so you can make the most of your trip by seeing as many sights as you can, without having to wait too long in lines. Here are some of the top things to do in Madrid in February.

The Prado Museum in Madrid

Go Museum Hopping

Madrid has some of the most beautiful museums, and visiting in February allows you to enjoy a guided or audio tour in a fairly empty museum. You could do a Prado Museum tour to see iconic art pieces like Velázquez’s Las Meninas.

There are countless exhibits, gift shops, eateries (Cafe Prado and Ionian Gallery Tea Room), and designated places to rest or read.

Visit The Almudena Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Royal of the Almudena was built in the 19th century and boasts a beautiful Neo-Gothic exterior. The cathedral also houses the largest crypt in Spain.

La Almudena is closed to tourists on religious holidays, but when it’s open, general admission is free, although a 1 Euro donation is requested. There is also an exhibit on display of the evolution of the church through the seven sacraments.

View of the top of La Almudena Cathedral

Catch a Classic Movie

Film enthusiasts will love visiting one of the most famous English-language cinemas in Madrid. Cine Doré is located near Plaza de Santa Ana and is close to bars, restaurants, and cafes.

The cinema has been operational for a century, helping enrich the film industry in Spain. Cine Doré is primarily used for Filmoteca Española screenings and has special shows and exhibits dedicated to different filmmakers.

Chow Down On Churros

Care for some authentic churros and decadent chocolate? Well, then Madrid is an excellent spot for you. Chocolatería San Ginés was built in 1980 and intended to be a guesthouse before becoming a production spot for authentically made churros.  

Chocolatería has stores in Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Miami Beach. The menu has also grown to include coffee, drinks, and freshly made cakes and desserts.

The chef at Chocolataria San Gines

Grab a Coffee and Read Where Legends Did

If you’re a fan of curling up with coffee and a good book, Cafe Gijon is the perfect place for you. Located on Madrid’s main boulevard, this cafe was once the hangout spot for legends like Orson Welles, Truman Capote, Salvador Dali, and Ernest Hemingway.

This iconic establishment has been around for over a century and survived the Spanish War. At present, the cafe is a great place to relax and unwind while getting coffee in Madrid in winter.

Festivals and Events in Madrid February

Vibrant colours and lights during a night time festival celebration in Madrid

Carnaval Madrid

Madrid hosts an annual week-long carnival. The tradition dates back to the 16th century and has been a source of fun and excitement ever since.

The festivities include a Carnival Parade, Masquerade Ball, Murgas and Chirigotas street musician performances, Manteo del Pelele (the blanket tossing of the puppet), and the Burial of the Sardine. The Burial procession commemorates the celebrations and carnival coming to a close.

Family in a rowboat on the lake in Madrid

Valentine’s Day

Madrid is a great city to spend the month of love in. You could visit the National Museum of Romanticism to explore the mansion and grounds while admiring the beautiful artwork.  

Taking a slow stroll through the gardens at El Capricho (which was designed for the Duke and Duchess of Osuna in 1784) and watching the sunset from the Parque del Capricho promises an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year usually falls anytime between late January and February. It might seem strange to celebrate a Chinese holiday while in Spain, but it makes for a fun time.  

The region of Usera is the unofficial Chinatown of Madrid, with its thriving Chinese community. The China Cultural Centre in Madrid arranges the festivities, which include parades, performances, art exhibitions, and the offering of authentic Chinese cuisine.

FAQs About Madrid in February

Beautiful calm waters at El Retiro Park in Madrid

Is Madrid Cheap or Expensive?

Madrid is considered to be somewhat expensive. The capital city has a fairly high cost of living made possible by its popularity, safety, thriving real estate market, and tourism sector. You could, however, visit Madrid on a reasonable budget and still have an amazing trip.

Is Madrid Safe for Females?

Yes, Madrid is indeed safe for solo female travelers. Spain’s capital city is generally safe for all visitors. It is still advisable to exercise caution while visiting just to ensure maximum safety.

When is the Best Time to Visit Madrid?

Your preference for weather will dictate which time of the year is best for your visit. If you like the spring and summer months, then it would be best to visit between March and August. If you prefer Madrid in the winter and autumn months, you should visit between September and February.

Conclusion on Madrid in February

People typically flock to the sunny beaches of Spain in those warmer months. But Madrid in February promises a fun, memorable, and epic adventure. As long as you pack a coat, you’ll have the best time strolling the streets of this beautiful city.

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