Latest Things To Do in Spain

Barcelona Food | A Guide To Eating In Catalonia

Barcelona is a popular vacation destination situated on the northeastern coast of Spain. This city of modern art and remarkable history is renowned for its enchanting beauty, individuality, and culture. It is home to abundant archives, museums, libraries, and picturesque architecture. One way to ...

Madrid Tapas | 5 Must-try Bars & Restaurants

Scanning a kaleidoscope of plates and deliberating which delectable dish is your next victim - nothing screams Madrid quite like tapas. Enjoying these little plates of wonder is an essential activity when visiting this beautiful city. It is, after all, home to some of the best tapas in Spain. ...

Granada Food | 5 Best Breakfast Foods in Spain

Granada is a charming, small city situated at the foothill of the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains in Southern Spain. This ancient capital of Andalusia is filled with rich history and Moorish heritage dating back over 700 years. From visiting the Alhambra Palace to drinking from the Fuente de ...

Traveling in Spain
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