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Barcelona in June: Weather & Things to Do

Barcelona in June: Weather & Things to Do Barcelona’s June weather is absolutely perfect for a summer vacation. Spain in June happens to be hot and humid, so the beach is a popular destination within the city during this month. June in Barcelona exceptionally illuminates the Catalan …

Madrid in August: Weather & Things to Do

If you’ve been planning a trip to the Spanish capital but aren’t sure what to expect in terms of weather and events, look no further. Below, you’ll find a concise summary of Madrid in August, including weather and things to do. From Madrid’s tapas to its global art collections and intricately …

Madrid in September │Weather and Fun Activities to Do

The capital of Spain is becoming a melting pot for people from around the world, all contributing to the city’s upbeat energy. You’ll be enchanted by the plethora of historical landmarks and the numerous high-end museums that fill the streets. Madrid’s streets will draw you in, thanks to the …

Madrid in January: Weather & Things to Do

Congratulations, you’re in the process of discovering what it’s like to be in Madrid in the winter. Despite traditional thinking about what holidays ought to be, January could be the best time to go to Madrid – if you’re the right kind of tourist. This time of year, the streets are slightly …

Valencia in May: Weather, Things to Do & Events

Valencia is a promised land of divine culture, scenic streets, and lovely Mediterranean beaches. If you’d love to experience the highlights of Valencia in May, here’s some important information regarding weather, activities, and events. May is one of the quieter times to travel to this gorgeous …

Barcelona in January: Weather & Things to Do

With fewer crowds, cheaper prices, and cooler weather, visiting Barcelona in January can be absolutely dreamy. It’s a great time of year to take the opportunity to cozy up in the city’s many tapas bars, indoor markets, and museums and galleries. As the city awakens to the new year, its streets are …

Barcelona in July

Barcelona is renowned for its gorgeous coastline, architectural wonders, fascinating history, and deeply rooted culture. Travelers come from far and wide to enjoy this treasured Spanish city, but what does Barcelona in July entail? July is a fun-filled summer month where the sun only sets at 7 …


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