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5 Things to See in Merida Spain

This beautiful ancient Roman city, situated in central Spain, is a national heritage site, and home to some of the richest Roman history in theatre, art, sculpture, architecture and city planning. It’s the destination for anyone visiting Spain with an interest in ancient history, and a great …

The Great Mosque Of Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba was built 175 years after Islam began, making this one of the first mosques in the world. The Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is a monument that showcases the religious metamorphose of Spain from the day people started populating the area of Cordoba in 784 AD. Also …

Do People In Spain Speak English?

Are you one of those individuals who find languages (even your own native tongue) very difficult to learn? Consequently, are you anxiously approaching your first visit to Spain, in fear that your meager Spanish might not be enough? If so, then you have come to the right place, because we are …

7 Of The Best Tapas Bars In Malaga

Malaga and tapas-hopping basically mean the same thing, right? Well, anybody that is familiar with this area of Spain will most certainly agree with you. It’s definitely not something you want to miss when visiting this tasty part of Spain. Spanish food is just so great! There are many great …

Is Spain Safe – How Safe Is Spain?

Here at Traveling in Spain, we know how the mood of a holiday can change completely when some of your most precious and important belongings get stolen. We don’t want that to happen to you on your perfect trip to Spain! Unfortunately, anyone can be a victim of crime and tourists are prime …

Gibralfaro Castle

On the top of a hill in the beautiful Andalusia region, lies Castillo De Gibralfaro (Gibralfaro castle), overlooking the hustle and bustle of the Spanish port city, Malaga. This castle in Spain is one of the oldest remaining Moorish castles that are left standing, and shows off the African-Arabic …

Top Tips For Travel In Toledo, Spain

Are you wondering what to see in Spain and find yourself close to Madrid? Being so close to Toledo, you might as well make your way down to the old capital of Spain for a night or two. Toledo is a truly magical location and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. In ancient times, Christians, Jews, …

Things To Do With Children In Spain

Spain has always loved children – everything aligns perfectly, from the beaches to the castles – which is probably why kids recommend Spain so highly too. It’s one of the best countries for a family vacation, allowing children of all ages to explore in a culture that warmly embraces them. Spain …

Hanging Houses Of Cuenca Spain

Houses that sort of form part of a cliff – talk about living on the edge. Ultimately, it was the famous pictures of the hanging houses of Cuenca that drew us to this unique town, and although the pictures are amazing – they do the real thing very little justice! The hanging houses of Cuenca are …


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