Latest Things To Do in Spain

Costa Brava Day Trips From Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing part of Spain, littered with tourists and a tapas bar on every corner, you may never want to leave. Unless you’re taking time to travel to Costa Brava. Day Trips are an essential element when researching trips from Barcelona. Costa Brava is known for beautiful beaches, a ...

Rioja Spain: Your Spanish Adventure Awaits

The sun is shining, the red wine is flowing, and the culture is booming! Welcome to Rioja, Spain, your all-in-one stop for the ultimate Spanish experience. Nothing compares to the wonderful people you will encounter, the food you will (definitely) be eating, or the stunning views that will steal ...

Aljaferia Palace| Best Things to do in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is Spain’s fifth-largest city and is situated in the Aragon region, in Spain’s northeastern region. It is nestled between its larger neighbors Madrid and Barcelona, making it the perfect halfway stop for exploring. Zaragoza is not as well known as some of the other iconic Spanish ...

Laguardia, Spain: Restaurants, Wineries & Hotels

Laguardia, Spain: Restaurants, Wineries & Hotels With a history as broad as the vineyards that surround it - this beautiful, small and cozy town was constructed in the 10th century. Even though it’s since been decommissioned, Laguardia, Spain was originally set up as a defense town. Currently, ...

Malaga, Spain | 12 Best Things to do In Malaga 2021

What was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read the word “Malaga”? Perhaps it was the sparkling beaches along the Costa del Sol or the fascinating architecture and history of this charming city. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Spain and it’s known as the Gateway to the ...

Seville Food: The Best Tapas in Spain

Seville Food: The Best Tapas in Spain From flamenco dancing to architectural design, your tour to Seville won’t feel complete until you try everything it has to offer. Forget the football tickets, you need to try the food in Seville, Spain. With some food glazed in wine, it forms an integral ...

Airbnb Toledo | 14 Best Lofts, Penthouses & Apartments

Traveling in Spain no longer supports, as their business practices do not reflect our own. We have provided reputable alternatives with fantastic accommodation options. Click here to find out more on why we won't work with Airbnb again. Toledo is an exquisite ancient Spanish city ...

Logroño, Spain: A Guide to the La Rioja Capital

Logroño, Spain: A Guide to the La Rioja Capital If you’re looking for something charming and quaint, you’ll find it in Logroño, Spain. This city reins you in with copious amounts of great-tasting wine and friendly people. If you don’t know much about Logroño, no problem. Many people around the ...

Spanish Red Wine: History, Types, & Brands

Spanish Red Wine: History, Types, & Brands Spain is a country drenched in history and Spanish wine forms an amazing part of the culture. Drinking a single glass of red wine made in Spain will make you feel more sophisticated with every drop. Who said being cultured has to be boring? ...

Traveling in Spain
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