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Spain in December: Weather & Things to Do

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is around the corner, and you’ve planned to travel to Spain in December. So, it’s only natural that you may be wondering: what is the weather like in Spain in December? Look no further because below, you’ll find a concise guide providing details about …

Barcelona in May: Weather & Things to Do

Barcelona in May is a special time. Spring is leaving the station, and summer is arriving, bringing a buzz that is hard to describe. Just know that the weather is superb for a vacation of epic proportions. The sun is out, the heat is on, and the people are happy and playful. There’s plenty to do …

Marbella in November: Weather & Things to Do

Marbella is a glamorous resort town on Spain’s Costa del Sol. It embodies much of what you might imagine in a sun-soaked holiday destination for the rich and famous. Shopping, beach life, and partying are the name of the game here, with elements of great history and modern chic. Marbella’s …

Madrid in June: Weather & Things to Do

Madrid is the exciting and lively capital of Spain. It features a colorful and rich history that blends effortlessly with modern style and an inviting social culture that welcomes visitors worldwide. There are several castles in Madrid, for one thing. Madrid is the home of the Royal Palace, …

Malaga in January: Weather & Things to Do

Malaga is a popular, vibrant, and exciting city that welcomes holidaymakers and tourists from across the world, even in January, the European winter. It lies at the very crossroads and center of the Costa del Sol, at least in terms of popularity. What’s more, its sun-soaked beaches, fun atmosphere, …

Barcelona in April: Weather & Things to Do

If you are considering a getaway to Barcelona in April, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one great month to do so. It can be a magical time, as spring has just begun, and the city seems to be coming alive with the excitement of a new summer season. The days are getting warmer and sunnier, but …

Madrid in May: Weather & Things to Do

So, you’ve decided to take a vacation to Madrid in May. Truth be told, you couldn’t have picked a better month, as the weather in May is warm. This is the perfect time to go on holiday, even though you risk getting some rainfall. May is a great time to visit Madrid as the season of spring is …

Spain in March: Activities, Climate, and More

So, you have decided to take a holiday to Spain in March, you’re in for a big treat. Winter in Spain has just passed, and the country is welcoming the arrival of springtime. This time of the year brings a sense of fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The weather in Spain in March brings longer and …

Málaga in October: Weather & Things to Do

Málaga province sits on the Costa del Sol coastline. It is a popular vacation spot for many seeking a break to the beach without the major cities’ crowds. A well-known fact about Malaga is that the Andalusian city receives more sunny days than rain — even in fall. This means that even though it …

Barcelona in August: Weather & Things to Do

August is still the height of summer in Barcelona, so you can be sure to spend some time at the beach, leisurely strolling the city at night, and enjoying al fresco dining. Yep. Barcelona in August is the perfect time for an escape. But what’s there to do in Barcelona in August? Don’t worry. …


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