Latest Things To Do in Spain

Spanish Folklore – Ancient myths and legends

Every country has its fair share of folktales and legends with Spain certainly not being the exception. This ancient country is a land filled with many traditional Spanish myths and legends, filled to the brim with rich history.  Spanish mythology has evolved over many thousands of years into ...

13 of the best things to do in Barcelona

What’s great about Barcelona is that there's a little bit of everything for everyone! Speak to people from around the world who’ve traveled to Barcelona and you’ll soon see that the lively city has stolen the hearts of them all. With a vibrant culture, sandy beaches, gothic architecture and rich ...

Best Time to Visit Spain – Top Seasons to Travel

The country of Spain is a geographically diverse marvel and caters to many. The country has been shaped throughout the course of thousands of years by varying cultures, people and traditions. As a result it’s become a truly unique place to visit.  Spain is filled to the brim with rolling plains, ...

18 Interesting Facts About Spain

Spain is an incredibly interesting holiday destination that caters to anything a tourist could look for, from warm beaches and leisure to historical monuments and art. These 18 Facts will give you a snippet of what this lovely country has to offer. 1.Spain is a constitutional monarchy, similar to ...

The Most Unique Places to Visit in Spain in Winter

Spain is a beautiful place to visit in winter! The temperatures seldom grow cold, and many find them much more manageable than during the hot summer months. The crowds are smaller, the lines shorter, and the flights are cheap! We’ve put together all the best places to visit in Spain during the ...

Best of Spain Tourism: The Most Visited Famous Monuments in Spain

Spain boasts an overwhelming number of UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites and the kind of architecture that people travel across the world to see! Not to mention the incredible works of art and the world-class museums scattered across the country! If you’ve ever been to Spain, I’m sure you know ...

Tipping in Spain – When & Who To Tip in Spain

We all hate that awkward moment when we aren’t sure if we should tip or not at the end of a meal or taxi-ride. Especially when traveling to a new country that abides by different customs that we are not typically used to! Fortunately, Spain has a very relaxed atmosphere and there is no pressure ...

What To Do in Valencia: The 8 Best Alternatives

What are the first images you conjure up when thinking about a holiday in Spain? Tables laden with tapas? Bullfights? Flamenco dancers? You won’t be wrong, but if you have your sights on Valencia, you’re going to have to adjust your visor just a little bit.  Here are our absolute must-see places ...

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