Latest Things To Do in Spain

13 of the Best Airbnb’s in Palma de Mallorca

Traveling in Spain no longer supports, as their business practices do not reflect our own. We have provided reputable alternatives with fantastic accommodation options. Click here to find out more on why we won’t work with Airbnb again. 13 of the Best Airbnb’s in Palma de Mallorca …

Best Beaches in Spain: Top 5 Spots to Visit in 2024

A country rich with culture and life – Spain also has some of the most gorgeous beaches and coastlines. Stretching for thousands of miles, there is no shortage of sand and sea to explore here. However cosmopolitan this country is, one beach doesn’t fit all so it’s important to know what’s out …

Best Day Trips From Madrid | 11 Spectacular Tours

Having Spain’s largest international airport, Madrid is often the most common arrival point for most who visit Spain – no wonder there is an endless list of things to and tours that depart from Madrid. Madrid offers a thriving, colourful atmosphere, ideal for sightseeing and shopping, and …


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