Latest Things To Do in Spain

Hanging Houses Of Cuenca Spain

Houses that sort of form part of a cliff - talk about living on the edge. Ultimately, it was the famous pictures of the hanging houses of Cuenca that drew us to this unique town, and although the pictures are amazing - they do the real thing very little justice! The hanging houses of Cuenca are ...

Casa Del Rey Moro

With its lush river valleys and many historic tales, the city of Ronda lies in one of the most beautiful regions of Andalusia, Spain. This mountaintop city sits dramatically above a deep gorge - El Tajo, the city’s means to survival before the invasion by Christian troops. So buckle up and get in ...

10 Of The Best Madrid Wine Tours in Spain 2022

Spain is one of the top three producers of wine in the world, producing more than 4.6 million tons of wine per year. Vineyards in Spain are thousands of years old and have the largest grape cultivation in the world. The country's reds, whites and regions are endlessly fascinating, and a wine ...

How To Use The Madrid Metro

The capital of Spain has finally made it to the top of your next best destination list! Madrid, with its bustling city life, hidden culinary secrets (tapas and cava, anyone?) and elegant boulevards, is a wonderful place to explore the beauty and charm that Spain has to offer. Get ready, because ...

Winter Vacation in Spain

Spain in Winter The recommendation for those curious to travel to Espana on a low budget is to visit during the shoulder season. Shoulder season happens twice a year, roughly between Easter to late June, and late Sep to middle November. Throughout shoulder season plane tickets are cheaper, ...

Traveling in Spain
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