Latest Things To Do in Spain

Camino Walk | A Quick Guide to the Spanish Trail

If you live far away from Spain and you have dreamt of taking on a famous Camino walk, now may be the right time. With travel taking a back seat, the pilgrimage routes offer a natural setting with even fewer visitors. When heading off on a Camino walk for as long as five weeks, it is important ...

Where to Stay in Madrid | Best Neighborhoods and Hotels

Madrid, the Spanish capital, is a vibrant city that leaves many visitors beaming with joy. It comprises several neighborhoods, each boasting noticeable attractions. This can make it difficult to choose where to stay in Madrid. Further, the decision becomes even harder when you consider the ...

10 Best Hotels Near Barcelona Train Station (2021)

The convenience of staying in a hotel near Barcelona train station, the Estacio Sants, is unrivaled in the Catalan city. It’s Barcelona’s main transport hub, taking passengers to domestic and European cities via different trains. After all, it’s the biggest train station in the city. Therefore, ...

Traveling in Spain
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