Latest Things To Do in Spain

Spain Tours – 14 Best Vacation Packages in Spain

Many of us dream of a day where we can step into the world of sangria and siestas. Spain is known for its parties, food, wine, beaches, relaxing atmosphere, and its old world charm and architecture. In other words, all of the good things in life. Seeing as it has everything you could possibly ...

15 Free Things to Do in Barcelona – Culture, Food and Music

Barcelona, a wildly bizarre city that’s rich in history, filled with topsy turvy architecture and romantic streetside restaurants. The sea-side city attracts visitors from around the world, all who come to explore the Barcelonian treasures and discover the eclectic culture. Barcelona has been ...

13 Free Things To Do In Seville, Spain – Culture, History & Food

Seville, Sevilla in Spanish, is one of Spain’s most popular cities. It is known for its arts, culture, monuments, and for being the origin of the Flamenco dance. Aside from Seville’s incredible arts and culture, it is also famous for a variety of other interesting activities. It hosts some of the ...

Things to do in Palma de Mallorca – Visiting the Iconic Island

The beautiful city of Palma, known formally as Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Island chains of Spain. The island itself is also referred to as Majorca by some locals. This city has stood for thousands of years and originally started off as a large Roman fort. It’s the largest ...

Madrid on a Budget – 5 Tips to Explore Cheaply

Did you know that Spain is the second most visited country in the world? Yes, it is. In 2018 alone, 82.8 million tourists came to Spain. And it isn’t really surprising at all. With its stunning architecture, fascinating views, rich history, jaw-dropping islands, and the unending sunshine, Spain ...

The 13 Best Spanish Festivals

Spain is well known for its fantastic festivals that occur throughout the year, usually bringing thousands of locals together to celebrate these specific days. Spain is an incredibly interesting country with many subtle nuances. The country’s culture has been uniquely shaped by its long history ...

Moving to Spain – Helpful tips and guidelines

Emigrating to Spain or any other country is a big choice to make. It’s important to look at each of the factors that could change your moving experience. Family, friends and work are the most important factors to consider when deciding whether moving is for you.  We recommend that, if possible, ...

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