Laguardia, Spain: Restaurants, Wineries & Hotels

October 21, 2021

Laguardia, Spain: Restaurants, Wineries & Hotels

With a history as broad as the vineyards that surround it – this beautiful, small and cozy town was constructed in the 10th century. Even though it’s since been decommissioned, Laguardia, Spain was originally set up as a defense town. Currently, only about 1505 people call this town home.

Laguardia is situated in the southern part of the province Araba/Álava. It falls within the greater wine region of La Rioja Alavesa. If you’re looking for Laguardia, Spain mapped out – just drag your pointer south of Bilbao and a little bit to the north of Logroño.

The town is nestled upon a hilltop, enclosed in a stone wall fortress, and encompassed by vineyards from every angle. This is a definite must-see when traveling through the Spanish Basque country. It is quite rare for foreign travelers to have heard of this small gem. So, you might be wondering what you could do here once you arrive.

Fret not, we’ve done some digging and have found some jewels for you to add to your bucket list.

Clear skies over the vineyards in Laguardia, Spain

Things to do Near Laguardia

In the town square, a little clock chimes away, on the hour, at 12 pm, 2 pm, 5 pm, and 8 pm daily. This short song beckons you to dance along with it. It’s one of the aspects that make this little town feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine.

Locals welcome you with vigor in this medieval and old-fashioned style town. Their merriment and hospitality will make you feel right at home and at ease. On the plus side, you can walk everywhere without needing any transportation besides for arrival and departure.

Laguardia maps its way underground as well. During war times, the inhabitants would use underground tunnels to move around. It runs throughout the city and has helped many citizens flee safely to the hills whenever necessary. These days, it’s used mostly for wine storage and some interesting “cave tours”.

The Church of Santa Maria de Los Reyes is a must-see for the architectural and cultural buffs. The cathedral is well-cherished as a monument of cultural interest. This Romanesque-style building displays architectural features of Gothic, Renaissance, and Basque influence.

Cathedral with stained glass windows

Restaurants in Laguardia

There are some enticing activities around Laguardia, as well. Most significantly, there are unparalleled wineries and restaurants. Marques de Risca is known for the amazing wines that are produced at his winery. This tri-factor establishment consists of a hotel, winery, and restaurant. The Michelin star rating uplifts this restaurant and the standards it holds.

If one Michelin recognized restaurant is not enough, how about two? You’ll find great service and tasty food conveniently located just 5 minutes outside of Laguardia in Paganos. Hector Oribe Restaurant received the Michelin Plate in 2024 for its signature dishes that pay homage to Spanish traditions.

While the above-mentioned seems to be the popular favorites (for obvious reasons), there are restaurants within Laguardia that are just as fabulous. Most of them double as a winery or bodega so keep reading to find out where to go.

Laguardia, Spain wineries

The wine industry acts as the main economic contributor to this old-world town. Wineries in Laguardia, Spain are sometimes run as both restaurants and hotels. You won’t have to go very far for the very best experiences and you won’t regret seeing them all.

Bodegas Ysios

This bodega is another architectural gem. At Ysios, wine and food combine to envelop you in a cultural feast. Bodegas Ysios was designed to blend into the surroundings and while simultaneously catching the eye. With pixelated roof covers that mimic a horizon between the vineyards and mountains, it does exactly that.

Bodegas Solar de Samaniego

It was created in 1972 and is currently protected by the La Rioja DOCa. This winery is where history and tradition culminate. If wine is your love language, Bodegas Solar de Samaniego offers you interesting wine tours and some excellent wine tastings to help you truly understand their heritage.

Bodegas Marques de Riscal.

Frank Gehry designed this building and it was completed in 2006. It emulates the abstract idea of flowing wine. Inspired by the colors of the wines, white, red, and rose. The design emulates the abstract idea of flowing wine. Gehry added some dark-colors as well to mimic the bottles behind this masterpiece.

Marques de Riscal's winery, hotel and restaurant

Laguardia, Spain hotels

Are you looking for something unique and hoping to find secret places to stay in Spain? Travelers have overlooked the hidden gem of Laguardia, with such Instagram-worthy picture potential, we have no idea why. Here’s our list of favorites.

●     Posada Mayor de Miguela

Posada Mayor de Miguela is one of the most popular hotels within Laguardia. So, the hotel offers a magnificent place to call home, followed by adventurous and culturally stimulating activities. Rates start from €90 per night ($100 USD).

●     Hotel Eguren Ugarte

Vast hills and vineyards hide this hotel away from view. There’s a silo-looking vat that sticks out from the top. Hotel Eguren Ugarte offers you an unforgettable experience. Prices range from €70 to €80 ($83 to 90 USD).

●     Sercotel Villa de Laguardia Hotel

From about €95 ($112 USD), you can experience modern, family-friendly Laguardia at its finest. This Laguardia hotel has a whole bunch of facilities to use and right on the doorstep of many Laguardian attractions.

●     Hospederia de los Parajes

This hotel conjures magical castle-like decor and intertwines with modernity. You’ll most likely feel like the Queen herself – or maybe a mythical goddess. These hotel rooms will cost you a bit over €160 ($190 USD ).

●     Pensión Biazteri

As one of the more affordable hotels, Pensión Bizateri starts from €100 ($118 USD) per night. Don’t worry, that includes your breakfast, bar, terrace, and free wifi!

Storm clouds pass over the vineyards of Laguardia, Spain

Final Say on Laguardia, España

Northern Spain has a variety of wonderful places to travel to with amazing sights and sounds as well. Laguardia, La Rioja offers you a special experience, hidden from the world of regular travelers.

With an overload of history, architecture, and appetizing food and wine, make sure to book your trip. Hopefully, we’ll have eased you into your itinerary planning. While you’re in the country, you may as well experience all of the free things to do in Zaragoza and tour around the country, one adventure after the other.

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