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June 25, 2021

Granada is a charming, small city situated at the foothill of the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains in Southern Spain. This ancient capital of Andalusia is filled with rich history and Moorish heritage dating back over 700 years.

From visiting the Alhambra Palace to drinking from the Fuente de Aceituno (Fountain of Youth), Granada offers its visitors unforgettable experiences. This includes experiencing the city’s culture through its delicious traditional Spanish foods.

From visiting Spanish delis and cafes to dining in the finest restaurants in Granada, the dishes of Granada’s cuisine are filled with rich flavor and tradition.

Wondering what to eat in Spain? With so much to tick off your Granada sightseeing bucket list, you might forget about the most important meal of the day. This food guide focuses on must-try breakfast dishes to help you enjoy rich traditional foods at some of the best restaurants in Granada.

Palace of Alhambra in Granada Spain

Food in Granada, Spain

Granada’s hearty, homestyle dishes are influenced by Arabic cultures, with skilled use of various condiments and spices. You’ll find most meals delivered in the form of stews, soups, and pottages.

Granada’s cuisine consists of plentiful fresh produce due to its bountiful surroundings, with foods from the lush lowlands, mountains, and sea. Essential ingredients used include olive oil, salt, vinegar, and fresh vegetables.

The city is filled with traditional dishes from the classic paella and pipirrana to crispy churros and croquetas. One of the most popular dishes is the Granada tapas.

Quick Tip: In Granada, free tapas are provided with alcoholic beverages to enhance their taste. So, it’s best to keep this in mind when ordering meals to avoid excessive ordering – a penny saved is a penny earned!

Complimentary tapas aren’t the only free experience that you’ll come across in Granada. For more information, read our guide on free things to do in Granada.

Gazpacho tomato soup

Typical Spanish breakfast

In Spain, breakfast is usually the lightest meal of the day. Typically, it includes toast, baguette-shaped rolls, and pastries. These are commonly served warm with jam, butter, cheese, jamon serrano, or pate.

1. Churros

Churros are traditionally served for breakfast or as a snack in Spain. The fluffy, crispy churros are fried to perfection and serviced with powdered sugar and chocolate.

You can tuck into these churros like a local with some delicious dipping hot chocolate – especially enjoyable on colder days. That’s right you can have chocolate for breakfast when visiting Granada. Visiting one of Granada’s churros cafes is ideal for appeasing those early sweet tooth cravings.

Churros in Spain

2. Plato Alpujarreño

Plato Alpujarreño is a traditional Spanish dish that comprises popular products of Alpujarra – a region extending over Granada and Almeria. It is prepared with local ingredients that are superbly grilled and served together.

The central ingredients include fried eggs, potatoes, spicy sausage, and ham. There are several variations of the dish using ingredients such as sweet peppers, chorizo, and pork loin.

3. Pan con Tomate

As an essential element of Catalan cuisine, Pan con Tomate is a typical breakfast in Spain. Pan con Tomate is a Spanish-style grilled bread, usually sliced crusty baguettes, covered with a combination of tomato, salt, garlic, and of course olive oil.

Did you know that Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, with 75% of the country’s total production coming from the Andalusian region? So, you’re bound to experience superior quality olive oil drizzled on that toast.

You can enjoy this popular breakfast on its own with a cozy cup of coffee or Morrocan tea. For a more hearty breakfast, pair it with a Spanish omelet, cheese, or jamon serrano. Also, it can easily be recreated at home to bring back those glorious Granada memories.

Bruschetta bread with tomato

4. Tortilla Espanola

The classic Spanish potato omelet is a popular, culturally significant food of Spain. It is an unofficial national dish of Spain made with simple ingredients namely eggs, potatoes, salt, and olive oil.

If you’re a more adventurous foodie, the tortilla del Sacromonte is a traditional dish of Granada. It originates with the Granada Gypsies who inhabited the Sacromonte cave dwellings for centuries.

The central ingredients of this Spanish omelet are whisked eggs and particular parts of a bull – we’ll stop there. However, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – there’s a rich history behind it.

Spanish potato tortilla

5. Barquillos de Crema

Barquillos de Crema is a perfect option for a deliciously sweet breakfast. The custard-filled croissants pair perfectly with freshly brewed coffee.

You’ll find plenty of mouth-watering pastries and sweet breakfast foods at cafes all around the city. From crispy almond croissants to delectable bollos (sweet rolls) served with jam, you’ll certainly find a breakfast pastry to please your palette

Restaurants in Granada Spain

Wondering where to enjoy these delicious dishes? To help you find the best breakfast foods in Spain, we’ve compiled a list of top restaurants in Granada:

  • Bistro Del Mundo Granada
  • Cafetería Alhambra – enjoy chocolate and churros on the cozy outdoor terrace
  • Taberna Los Pensadores
  • Cafe 4 Gatos
  • MIMIMI – you’ll find a selection of healthy, flavorful breakfast dishes
  • La Cuchara de Carmela
  • Jerusalem Restaurant – perfect for a Middle Eastern & Meditteranean quick bite.

Spanish breakfast tea

Final thoughts on food in Granada

Granada is filled with culinary gems that will gladden your belly, with the influence of Arabic cultures and a plentiful supply of fresh produce incorporated in the dishes of Granada. Whether you are a sweet or savory foodie, Granada has both hearty and light breakfast foods for all.

Get ready to taste their traditions on your next trip with delicious Granada Spain food.

Wondering what to do next with your satisfied stomach? Why not consider a tour of the historical Alhambra Palace. For more information, check out our guide on Alhambra tours.

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