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January 24, 2022

A typical trip to Spain would probably include city tours and warm beaches. But you can stand out from fellow travel enthusiasts by visiting the hometowns of famous people from Spain. If celebrity culture is your thing, of course, being able to see the humble beginnings of your favorite famous Spaniards will make for a unique and enriching experience.

Yes, there are a ton of Spanish celebrities to consider. Still, we have compiled a diverse list of the top five celebrated Spaniards that you should know.

Tip: If you want to know more about these well-known celebrities’ homeland, check out these facts about Spain.

Top 5 Spanish Stars

The upcoming stars appear in almost every article of the most famous Spanish persons. Of course, you may add more people to this list, but here are a few Spanish celebrities that are household names across the globe.

Salvador Dali

One of the most important Spanish people is the surreal artist Salvador Dali. His most celebrated piece, “persistence of memory”, can only be viewed in New York. However, if you are in Spain, nothing should stop you from visiting the Salvador Dali museum, located in Figueres, Catalonia.

Salvador Dali

Credit: Carl Van Vechten l Source: wikimedia

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is known as the best tennis player in Spain. He currently holds the position of the 6th best player in the world. He sports 40 grand slam trophies and a successful career which has granted him legendary status. You can see some of these trophies and other accolades at the Rafa Nadal Museum in his hometown of Mallorca Island.

Rafael Nadal

Credit:Tatiana l Source: wikimedia

Pablo Picasso

Did you know that Picasso has 23 different words in his full name? The only other thing more impressive than that is his artwork. While in Spain, you can always visit the childhood home of Picasso, the Casa Natal, which is an official heritage site in Malaga. Alternatively, you can view the most extensive collection of his artwork at the remarkable Barcelona museum, the Museu Picasso in Barcelona.

Pablo Picasso

Credit: Argentina l Source: wikimedia

Penelope Cruz

This list wouldn’t be complete without Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz. Hailed as Spain’s film queen, she, and her spouse Javier Bardem (yet another famous person from Spain) have received multiple accolades for their acting abilities.

Celebrated in Hollywood for her stardom, Penelope has humble beginnings in the small city of Alcobendas. Although there is no museum dedicated to the famous Spaniard, her hometown has ample activities, and beautiful scenery to offer and is only 15 minutes from Madrid.

Penelope Cruz

Source: wikimedia

Letizia Ortez, Queen of Spain

Listed as the number one most influential Spaniard according to Forbes in 2024, a trip to Spain would only be complete by visiting Reina de Espanha’s birthplace. Queen Letizia comes from a middle-class family in Oviedo, the capital city of the Principality of Asturias.

Oviedo is renowned for its Gothic cathedrals and medieval architecture for a breathtaking experience that will leave you wanting more. This elegant city is known for its ciders, palaces, fine arts, and archeological scenery. So you will certainly have a hard time running out of things to see and do.

Oviedo Spain

Other Spanish stars worth mentioning are Antonio Banderas, Pep Guardiola, Enrique Iglesias and Antoni Gaudí.

Spanish Historical Figures

Are you a history fanatic who is more interested in Spanish celebrities from the past? Great news, we have compiled a list just for you.

From conquistadors to musicians and politicians, we have scoured the internet to find but a handful of historical Spaniards who intrigued us the most.

King Philip Statue

Credit: DIMSFIKAS l Source: wikimedia

Famous Spanish Historical Figures

  • José Ortega y Gasset. Gasset is one of the most famous philosophers from Spain. Born in Madrid, 9 May 1883, he spent his life learning and teaching topics of philosophy. His most celebrated work is “The revolt of the Masses”.
  • Baltasar Gracián. Another well-known Spanish philosopher, Gracián was also a renowned baroque prose writer. He was born in Aragon, 8 January 1601. His main interests were moral and political philosophy and his works were praised by the likes of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.
  • Philip॥ of Spain was born on 27 May 1527, in Valladolid. His reign over Spain lasted for 42-years during which his country had become known as the Spanish Golden Age.
  • El Cid (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar). Born in Burgos circa 1043, El Cid became a Spanish legend due to his knighthood and reputation as a warlord.
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria. Victoria was born in Castille around 1548. He became Spain’s most noticeable composer of all time.
  • Montserrat Caballé. Born in Barcelona on 12 April 1933, Caballé is a famous opera singer who performed at the most prestigious opera houses.
  • Santiago Ramón y Cajal was the first person from Spain to receive a Nobel Prize for his work in neuroscience. He was born in Petilla de Aragón, 1 May 1852.

Where and How to Meet Famous Spanish Celebrities

Visiting the birthplaces and historical sites of the most famous people from Spain can only be topped by meeting famous Spaniards! We have listed the trendiest spots in Spain, rich with salient figures and therefore require a complimentary budget. We would not suggest adding this to your itinerary if you are unwilling to spend a few extra bucks.


Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain. It is the perfect place to spot some of the top soccer players in the world. If you’re a true soccer fan, you should not let this one pass (see what we did there?).

It is home to one of the most notorious soccer clubs, FC Barcelona. Visit the Camp Nou stadium to see some of the best soccer players and techniques and to experience an atmosphere filled with Spanish pride, like no other.

Soccer Stadium

But if you’re looking to wine and dine with rich and famous, I suggest that you try out these trendy restaurants:

  • Disfrutar
  • Alkimia
  • The Green Spot
  • Benzina
  • Estimar


The small island of Ibiza might be a Unesco world heritage site, but it’s better known as the world’s party capital. If you want to party with the world’s most famous, there is no better place than the legendary Blue Marlin in Ibiza.

If you’re looking to bump into someone famous, here are the top activities in Ibiza. Chances are, you will leave Spain with either a hangover or a star-studded selfie or two.


Credit: Doriano Jaroudi l Source: wikimedia

Mallorca (Majorca)

Probably the top summer destination for many, including Queen Letizia of Spain. Mallorca is home to many Spanish celebrities and other rich and famous people.

It’s the perfect destination to experience a life of luxury and rub shoulders with the most famous Spanish people. With its Mediterranean beaches, stunning coastline, and limestone mountains, it’s no surprise that Mallorca is one of the top Balearic Islands to visit.

Mallorca beach

Credit: dronepicr l Source: wikimedia


Marbella is a small city and resort area situated on the Andalusian coast. It offers exclusive nightlife, beautiful scenery of the Sierra Blanca Mountains, and a warm climate all year round, making it a top choice for many famous Spaniards.


Credit: Tommi Hansen l Source: wikimedia

Final Thoughts on Famous People from Spain

While Spain has many beautiful attractions to explore, it is the homeland of many world-famous people as well. By visiting historical sites, football stadiums, small towns, and restaurants, you will experience the essence of her people and their culture.

There is nothing better than leaving a country with the feeling that it has become your new home.

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