Editorial Policy

At Traveling in Spain, our primary commitment is to deliver accurate, reliable, and captivating content to our readers. Our editorial policy is centered around the expertise and first-hand experiences of Matt, whose work is supported by our precise fact-checking measures conducted by over 10 professional content editors.

Our Commitment to Our Readers

We understand that travel is an industry with implications on various levels, which is why we’re committed to delivering only the most accurate content to our readers. We realize that if we fail to, we could lose our credibility after having ruined a reader’s visit to Spain through inaccurate or false claims.

As a result, we’re committed to promptly rectifying and updating the information on the site to ensure accuracy and reliability for our readers.

Fact Checking

While some articles are written based on Matt’s lived experiences, we have a rigorous fact-checking process that ensures we adhere to our high standards of accuracy and credibility. Our team of editors sifts through page after page online, confirming the validity of the facts on every piece before publication.

However, there are rare instances of errors or inaccuracies that may make it past our processes. In the event that you spot such an error, feel free to let us know by emailing info@travelinginspain.com.

Traveling in Spain
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