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October 22, 2021

Costa Brava is a coastal paradise found in the Catalonia region of Spain. Rugged cliff tops hug the long stretch of coastline comprising of beautiful Mediterranean beaches and landscapes.

From beach days to exciting outdoor activities and charming cities to explore, there’s so much to enjoy here. But for the perfect getaway, you need the perfect weather.

Use the below guide to ensure the weather is what you want it to be on your trip to Costa Brava.


Costa Brava climate

Costa Brava has a typical Mediterranean climate, similar to Barcelona and other coastal cities in Spain. It is characterized by long hot, dry summers and cooler short winters. Summer comes with loads of sunshine and an average temperature of about 30°C.

The winter months are mild with an average temperature of 14°C. However, the Costa Brava temperatures can drop very low in January to about 3°C. It’s even dropped below freezing before.

The wet months are during Autumn, between October and November. October is the wettest month of the season with thunderstorms very typical during this time.

Best time to visit

Costa Brava is a paradise for beach and nature lovers so the best time to visit would be when the weather allows for a day of soaking up the sun or exploring one of the nature reserves.

The best time to visit Costa Brava is, for many, in June or September. These are the beginning and ending months of the Summer season and means that the temperatures are not unbearably hot.

You will have long days of sunshine and fantastic days on the beach with the evenings still warm enough to enjoy drinks and dinners outside.

If we had to choose a time to avoid Costa Brava it would be in October. This is their wettest season and could ruin your day on the beach or adventures into nature or the ancient cities. Still, it has its own unique charm when the rainstorms roll in.

Costa Brava, Spain weather by month


We have put together a breakdown of the weather in Costa Brava per month to ensure you know what to expect when you visit this coastal paradise.

This is an average weather prediction so always be sure to check the weather forecast for the temperature in Costa Brava a few days before your trip.

Costa Brava weather in January

Average temperatures: 11 – 14°C / 52 – 57°F

Average Rainfall: 42mm (low) 

Daily sunshine: 5 hours

This is the coldest of the Winter months with temperatures dropping low in the evenings. Overnight frost is common and some areas further inland have even been dusted with snow!

With that being said, Costa Brava’s countryside is a beautiful place to explore in the winter, light a fire and enjoy a glass of wine. You just won’t be visiting the beach during this time as the water is too cold for swimming and there isn’t enough sun to get a good tan.

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Costa Brava weather in February

Average temperatures: 12 – 15°C / 54 – 58°F

Average Rainfall: 34mm (low)

Daily sunshine: 6 hours

February is the last of the Winter months in Costa Brava and the temperature starts to rise slightly as well as the sun filling the day for slightly longer.

You might get lucky with a sunny beach day closer to the end of the month but if you are visiting in February expect the weather in Costa Brava to still be a little chilly for a day on the beach.

Costa Brava is known for its world-class golf courses and this is a great time to grab your clubs and enjoy a day on the course.


Costa Brava weather in March

Average temperatures: 16 – 18°C / 61 – 65°F

Average Rainfall: 42mm (low)

 Daily sunshine: 7 hours

This is the first month of Spring and although temperatures start to rise during the day, the evenings are still cool and can get quite windy.

It is also a lot wetter than the winter season but you do have more of a chance of a few sunnier days to take advantage of the beach. Although the water is still a bit chilly for some.

This is a great time to explore the ancient cities Costa Brava has to offer. Take a walking tour and be charmed by the medieval and gothic architecture of the fairytale towns.

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Costa Brava weather in April

Average temperatures: 18 – 20°C / 65 – 68°F 

Average Rainfall: 52mm (medium)

Daily sunshine: 8 hours

The temperatures steadily start to rise and the days start to get longer with more sunshine. This is a beautiful time as the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the nature on the cliffs is magnificent.

A visit to the spectacular Cap de Creus National Park is a must during this blooming Spring month.

The beaches also aren’t crowded at this time. So if you can handle swimming in slightly colder water then you should be able to get a few good beach days in with the area mostly all to yourself.

Costa Brava weather in May

Average temperatures: 22 – 24°C / 72 – 75°F

Average Rainfall: 62mm (high)

Daily sunshine: 9 hours

By May things are really starting to warm up before Summer is in full swing. With long days of sunshine and beaches still fairly quiet this is a great time to visit Costa Brava if you are keen to stay away from the hottest months but still enjoy some beach time.

You will also be able to comfortably explore the cities and enjoy different types of outdoor activities including a must-see visit to the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens.

Costa Brava weather in June

Average temperatures: 27 – 29°C / 80 – 84°F

Average Rainfall: 49mm (medium)

Daily sunshine: 10 hours

This is the first of the summer months and things really start to heat up. You will have long, beautiful days of sunshine and very little rain.

If you are after a holiday filled with glorious beach days in the sun, this is one of the best times to visit Costa Brava. You’ll want to spend all day in the crystal-clear water and perhaps even dabble in a few of the watersports or catamaran tours many of the beaches offer.

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Costa Brava weather in July

Average temperatures: 29 – 31°C / 84 – 88°F

Average Rainfall: 33mm (low)

Daily sunshine: 11 hours

July is the driest and hottest month in Costa Brava. With long days of sunshine, you definitely don’t want to forget your sunscreen if you are visiting in July.

Some find this month unbearably hot especially if trying to do walking activities in the city or visit the outdoor National Parks. However, if you are happy to bask in the sun all day and looking for the hottest time in Costa Brava, July is your month!

Costa Brava weather in August

Average temperatures: 29 – 31°C / 84 – 88°F

Average Rainfall: 48mm (medium)

Daily sunshine: 11 hours

Late August is a great time to visit Costa Brava as you will have the luxury of spending long days on the beach and in the warm water. You can also enjoy exciting activities like snorkeling and kayaking.

It is still very warm but not as scorching as July can be and you will be able to engage in a few more activities in the cities without getting too hot and bothered.

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Costa Brava weather in September

Average temperatures: 26 – 28°C / 80 – 83°F

Average Rainfall: 69mm (high)

Daily sunshine: 9 hours

September is the start of Autumn but still a really great time to visit Costa Brava. You’ll be able to participate in all your adventurous activities during the day and the nights are a bit cooler making evening drinks and dinners outdoors more comfortable.


Costa Brava weather in October

Average temperatures: 21 – 23°C / 70 – 73°F 

Average Rainfall: 73mm (high)

Daily sunshine: 7 hours

This is the wettest month of the season and probably a month we would advise you try and skip. With many of the activities in Costa Brava being weather dependent we would hate for your day to be cut short by a thunderstorm which is typical during this time.

It is best to plan your visit around indoor activities and now would be a great time to explore the Dali Museum of surrealism.

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Costa Brava weather in November

Average temperatures: 16 – 18°C / 61 – 64°F

Average Rainfall: 59mm (high)

Daily sunshine: 5 hours

The temperature starts to drop quite drastically in this final Autumn month. From an average temperature of 27°C in September to only 17°C in November.

This isn’t a great time to maximise your beach visits and with very little sunshine in the day it would be best to spend the morning exploring the ancient cities and then cosy up in a spot in the Costa Brava countryside.

Costa Brava weather in December

Average temperatures: 13 – 15°C / 55 – 59°F

Average Rainfall: 39mm (low) 

Daily sunshine: 5 hours

In December, there is very little sunshine during the day and the temperatures drop quite low. Quite a few of the small beach establishments actually close during winter so it’s best to plan a visit to one of the major cities like Girona or Tossa de Mar.

Roam around the storybook medieval streets and then enjoy some delicious Spanish tapas at one of the many amazing restaurants you’ll find in the city.

Last thoughts on weather in Costa Brava

Costa Brava has a lot to offer. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect beach days, picturesque National Parks and charming cities because of bad weather.

Make sure you plan your trip with the weather in mind to make the most of your time on this dazzling coastline.




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