Costa Brava Weather in July

July 12, 2022

Spain’s beautiful coastal region of Costa Brava lies along the Mediterranean Sea. The 75-mile-long coastal area has plenty of sandy beaches, warm ocean currents, and friendly people.

However, the weather is more than just sunshine and good vibes. And that’s where we come in to tell you all about the weather forecast in Costa Brava in July. We will provide all you need to know, from the temperature to average rainfall. With this guide, you’ll be enjoying the sandy beaches of Costa Brava in no time.

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Costa Brava Temperature

July is the perfect time to visit Spain, with the weather in the Costa Brava region being particularly amazing. July is one of the best months to travel to this coastal region, with a minimum temperature of 63°F and a maximum of 86°F. Day and nighttime temperatures are always moderate and comfortable, and the ocean temperature is usually delightful for swimming.

Day and Night Temperatures In Costa Brava

The average temperature during the day in Costa Brava during July is 76°F, meaning you can comfortably go about your day without feeling too cold or too hot. With temperatures such as this, we suggest you take sunscreen and drink lots of water when at the beach to prevent sunstroke and sunburn.

Nighttime temperatures are on average 72°F with lows of 63°F. There is not a massive drop in temperature between day and night, but we suggest you take some slightly warmer clothes for those evenings when the temperature drops significantly.

Ocean Temperature in Costa Brava

Sea temperatures are a lovely 75°F on average, making Costa Brava beaches the ideal place to swim in July. There are plenty of beaches across the Spanish coastline and you can learn about the top Costa Brava beaches and see which one you’d enjoy.

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Average Hours of Sunshine in Costa Brava in July

On average, Costa Brava experiences 11 to 12 hours of sunshine each day in July. The sun rises between 06:15 and 06:40 am and sets between 09:10 and 09:30 pm in July. With such a long day, you can experience everything this beautiful region of Spain has to offer.

Costa Brava Rainfall in July

Rainfall in Costa Brava during July is very manageable when looking to plan your travels. Throughout July, the region receives an average of 31 mm (1 inch) of rain across two days. Rainfall is most likely to occur within the first three days of July or from the 20th of July onwards.

Usually, there is not a lot of rain during this month, resulting in sunny blue skies and idyllic temperatures for going to the beach. The likeliest type of rain you will experience when in Costa Brava is short thunderstorms, a drizzle, or moderate rainfall.

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Costa Brava July Humidity

Humidity during July in Costa Brava fluctuates daily between a comfortable 41% and an extremely humid 91%. Generally, there is low humidity during the middle of July, but it can increase depending on ocean temperatures and the possibility of rainfall. The average humidity level throughout the day in July is 63%, so you’ll be comfortable either catching a tan on the beach or walking through the local towns.

Costa Brava Wind

The winds during July in Costa Brava are relatively calm, and you’ll hardly ever experience huge gusts. Wind speed in July varies from calm weather of 0m/s to fresh breezes of 9m/s. The average wind speed is 6m/s, which is gentle and very pleasant to be in.

Best Costa Brava Beaches in July

Costa Brava, Spain weather makes it one of the best coastal regions in the world to visit during the month of July. With barely any wind and warm weather, Costa Brava is a place you go to relax and soak up the sunshine.

What are the best beaches in Costa Brava to visit in July? Here are the three perfect beaches you must visit in Costa Brava to make your stay truly unforgettable.

Lloret de mar spain

Platja de Lloret de Mar

Platja de Lloret de Mar is ideal for families and people looking for a spacious beach setting. With soft sand beaches that gradually decline in the water, this beach is trendy for families, couples, tourists, and the local community.

Tip: Activity seekers looking for fun can go to the water sports stands and try kayaking, water tubing, or jet skiing.

Cala Futadera

Known as the ‘cove of 300 steps,’ it is one of many secluded beaches along the coastal area of the Massis de Cadiretes mountain range. The picturesque waters have towering pine trees atop cliffs overlooking this magical slice of Spain. Due to its position, you can take a long walk to the beachfront or travel by boat from the nearest port.

Tip: Be sure to bring your food and water with you as no cafes or kiosks serve at the beach.

Playa de Sa Tuna

This quaint beach is located in the small fishing village of Sa Tuna and is the ideal spot for beach swimmers and snorkelers. Playa de Sa Tuna offers something for everyone with several private walks to hidden swimming pools and an extensive golden sand beach.

Tip: Follow a marked footpath to one of the few virgin coves of Spain, Cala s’Eixugador.

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Honorable Mentions

● Platja de Blanes – It is a busy and very accessible beach in the Blanes region, marking the start of the Costa Brava coastline.
● Platja Gran – It offers everything for families and tourists, from fun activities to some history in the La Vila Villa Castle.
● Platja de Roses – Split into three sections by two streams that meet the ocean, its small break makes it ideal for families.
● Cala Murta – This is a breathtaking nudist beach in the Bay of Roses.

Final Thoughts on the Weather in Costa Brava in July

Costa Brava is a truly magical part of the world with a coastline stretching as far as the eye can see. From the busy tourist beaches of Blanes to the quiet coves of Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava has a bit of everything you want when visiting the coast.

July is the best time to visit Costa Brava due to the low rainfall, warm sunny days, and calm winds. If there is ever a time to visit Spain and soak in some sun, it is in July at Costa Brava.


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