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June 25, 2021

If you have ever considered relocating, you will know that a big concerning factor is, of course, money: Will you be able to afford your new lifestyle in your new city or country?

Maybe you need a change of scenery and don’t mind relocating to a completely different country. Maybe you would love to experience a new, more traditional culture. Spain is one of the stunning European countries that boast culture, tradition, and beauty.

But what does it cost to live in Spain? There are many things to consider, including accommodation, food, travel, healthcare, activities – to name a few.

Lucky for you, the cost of living in Spain is actually one of the lowest in Europe – even including that of major cities. For the purpose of this article, we have considered what it will cost on a monthly basis if you are going to be living in Spain as a couple.

Cost of Living in Spain vs USA

To put it into context for you, we have worked out the average cost of living in Spain in US dollars, as a couple.

Accommodation Costs in Spain

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First and foremost, you’ll probably be wondering: what are the average costs for accommodation in Spain? Not only do you need to consider rental costs, but utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas as well.

The average monthly rent in Spain is around €600, which is approximately $705. The further away you move from the major cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, the cheaper it gets. You could probably even find a place for only €400 ($470) per month.

In terms of utilities, these are the average monthly costs for two people:

  • Electricity is between €35-€55, which is approximately $41-$65.
  • Water is between €20-€30, which is approximately $24-$35.
  • Gas is between €25-€35, which is approximately $30-$42.

Overall you’re looking at anywhere between €480 ($564) and €720 ($845) for monthly accommodation in total, depending on where you choose to settle down.

Food Costs in Spain

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Another one of the most important things to consider if you are planning to do a Spanish relocation is the cost of food in Spain. Whether it’s weekly groceries, or date nights trying different restaurants, food is probably going to be one of the higher costs.

A commonly known fact, when it comes to lifestyle costs, is that cooking your own meals is often, if not always, cheaper than eating out. Have a trip to your local grocery store or street market, and find jam-packed aisles full of fresh ingredients to stock up your new pantry cupboard, and save some money by eating in.

On average, monthly groceries for a couple come to around €270, which is approximately $318. This excludes dining out – we consider that to be more of an ‘entertainment’ expense.

Transportation Costs in Spain

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Most people in Spain do not own their own vehicles and choose to travel either by bicycle, motorbike, or public transportation.

If you do choose to purchase your own vehicle, there are monthly fuel costs to consider. One liter of fuel, equivalent to ¼ gallon, costs €1,22 ($1.43).

If you choose to use public means for your daily transport, then a monthly public transport ticket will cost you around €43, which is approximately $50.

Another popular choice of transportation is bicycles. This will be a once-off cost, and you might even be able to find a second-hand option. Save some money and save the environment at the same time!

Healthcare in Spain

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Although it is not every month that you have to pay a visit to the local doctor, you still need to take into consideration monthly health insurance costs, and unforeseen illness or emergency situations.

The average monthly healthcare costs, specifically in terms of insurance costs, for a couple living in Spain, is around €222, which is approximately $260.

Here is a guide to accommodation in Spain.

Activity Costs in Spain

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There are so many things to see and do in Spain, especially if you are newly relocated and have not yet seen it all. Luckily, not everything worth seeing costs you money. With so many attractions, you can keep yourself busy playing ‘tourist’ in your (now) own country.

However, we recommend you keep a pocket money budget of around €450 for entertainment expenses – that is approximately $530. This includes date nights trying out different restaurants in your local neighborhood.

If you are looking for some exciting adventures to go on when you relocate to Spain, here are plenty of things to do in the different cities.

Is Spain Expensive? | Compared to USA

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When it comes down to it, we now know the basic Spanish costs in US dollars, but what we want to know is: is it expensive to live in Spain?

To sum it up, the average monthly cost of living in Spain for a couple is around €1500, which is equivalent to $1758.

Overall, the prices in Spain are fairly lower than that of the United States. According to studies done, living costs in the US are more expensive than 79% of countries worldwide, including Spain.

Final Thoughts on Spain Cost of Living

Now, all that’s left to decide, is where will you settle down? Some of the cheapest cities to live in in Spain include Alicante or Malaga, both on the southeast coast. Although these might be lower cost of living, you will find that they definitely have a better quality of living.

That’s settled then, let’s get you moved to Spain! Oh, and one last tip: some final, last-minute things you will need to consider is what to wear daily, and what to pack.

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