Castle Hotels Barcelona | 6 Fortress Hotel Stays in and Near Barcelona

March 23, 2023

Have you ever dreamt of staying in one of Spain’s majestic fortresses? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of castle hotels in Barcelona, one of the largest cities in this great country.

Castles in Spain are some of the most impressive and breathtaking European sites. Some of these century-old buildings, once housing royalty, have been renovated into hotels to provide unique and unforgettable experiences. Keep reading to discover five of the coolest hotels in Barcelona and nearby cities.

Castle Hotels in Spain, Barcelona

In Spain, castle hotels have become an increasingly popular way to spend your downtime during vacations. From romantic destinations to locations of great historical events, these fortresses offer something for every kind of traveler.

To kick things off, here is a list of castle hotels in Barcelona and just outside the city.

1.    Parador de Cardona

Parador Cardona is situated in Barcelona and is a testament to the impressive architecture of the ninth century. Perched on top of a hill beside the River Cardoner, this old castle hotel has a breathtaking view of the Catalonian countryside below.

Along with the impressive fortress and towers, Parador de Cardona also comes with a rich and exciting history. Out of all Cardona, Spain hotels, this one is definitely one of the most remarkable.

The castle has been renovated into an inviting hotel for travelers to enjoy and holds some fantastic activities, rooms, and restaurants. This four-star hotel’s interior is a perfect match for the exterior, with gorgeous gothic and medieval-inspired lighting and decor and modern touches. This stunning decor can be seen throughout the hotel, from the lobby to the bedrooms.

Hotel room in the Parador de Cardona

After a long day of traveling, you can return to your room in Parador de Cardona to enjoy the facilities, including a gym and sauna. Consider heading to the hotel bar if you want a drink and time to relax with your travel companions.

There is also a medieval-themed restaurant where you’ll get a taste of Catalonian delicacies. Once back in your room, you can enjoy the satellite TV, air conditioning, central heating, and more.

Quick tip: Parador de Cardona has a gift shop, so be sure to get a little something for your loved ones back home.

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Parador de Cardona in the evening

2.    Hotel Neri Relais & Châteaux

Out of all castles in Barcelona, this is one of the closest to the city center. Hotel Neri is a unique and picturesque hotel comprising two buildings, one of which is an 18th-century medieval palace.

With 22 well-decorated and impressive rooms, this hotel combines the charm of the medieval building with the comforts of the modern day.

A combination of these contemporary and old-school features inspires the interior of Hotel Neri. It has picturesque, exposed stone walls, gorgeous chandeliers, gilded mirrors, colorful and inviting rugs, and antique furnishings. The interior design of this hotel provides a warm and enticing environment for relaxing after a day’s travels.

Colorful interior of the Hotel Neri

The in-house restaurant of this hotel provides tasty dishes made from the highest quality local ingredients. This hotel offers a discreet rooftop terrace for those wanting to enjoy the views of the city below while savoring a quiet moment to enjoy these delicious dishes.

When booking a room at this five-star hotel, you can choose between various styles and aesthetics on each floor, making your stay extra special and unique. Hotel Neri is an excellent location for romance and experiencing the fantastic views of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

As a bonus, this hotel is located close to Las Ramblas, one of the most famous streets in Barcelona. This means you’re close to impressive locations, like the La Boqueria Market.

Quick tip: Book a room with a private terrace and outdoor jacuzzi for an added sense of luxury.

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Restaurant inside of Hotel Neri

Castle Hotels Near Barcelona

While Barcelona offers some incredible castle hotels, there are equally impressive options outside the city. These historical and architectural wonders are just as good as those in Barcelona and will be worth the drive.

So, let’s take a look at some castle hotel locations in cities close to Barcelona.

3.    Castell D’Orpí

Castell D’Orpí is around an hour outside of Barcelona. Once an 11th-century castle, this hotel has been renovated into an innovative, comfortable, and charming place of accommodation.

Each room in this hotel is self-service, meaning that it is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a fully-functioning kitchen with a microwave and fridge, a fireplace, and private bathrooms. Castell D’Orpí offers a pool to relax and enjoy the outdoors on those sunny days while admiring gorgeous views of the scenery surrounding the castle.

You’ll also love the Catalonian cuisine from the in-house restaurant. Restaurant Castell D’Orpí is highly praised for its delicious and authentic cuisine, which is sure to get your taste buds dancing.

While this spot offers fewer amenities than other hotels on this list, it is the perfect place for a quiet retreat with family and friends.

It is close to places like Igualada, Vilafranca del Penedès, and even Montserrat Mountain Natural Park, which you can visit for an extra sense of adventure.

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Castell D'Orpi Restaurant

4.    Hotel Castell d’Empordà

Hotel Castell d´Empordà is located around 60.9 miles (98 km) outside of central Barcelona, in Girona, Spain — on the stunning Costa Brava.

This 14th-century castle has a total of 57 rooms and combines old architecture with modern renovations and touches for a grand and luxurious experience. Spanish culture is evident throughout the hotel, including the scaled model of the Waterloo Battle that you can view during your stay, making this hotel perfect for lovers of history.

This four-star hotel includes various restaurants, activities, and views for all kinds of travelers. It also offers two pools, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and beautiful private terraces where you can enjoy the scenery. The modern touch of this hotel’s interior makes for a feeling of luxury and serenity, a welcome treat for any traveler.

Hotel room in Castell d'Emporda

At Hotel Castell d’Empordà, you will find Drac Restaurant, which provides a delicious taste of Catalonian cuisine. You can enjoy your food in the interior dining area, with gorgeous fabric-adorned furniture and decor, or outside on the terrace with a sunset view. With all of this, it’s no wonder that this hotel is an ideal romantic destination.

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Hotel Castell d'Emporda

5.    Parador de Tortosa

Lying around 110.6 miles (178 km) outside of Barcelona, this hotel is well worth the travel time. Parador de Tortosa, once a 10th-century castle, is located in the gorgeous Beceite Mountains overlooking the city and Ebro valley.

The interior of Parador de Tortosa is inspired by both Gothic and Christian styles. Wooden beams, vaulted ceilings, and an array of antique furniture adorn the lobby and rooms. Inside, you can enjoy the hotel restaurant, a picture of beauty with stained glass windows. Here, you can taste magnificent Catalonian cuisine of the highest quality.

When you need to go outdoors, consider walking up to the rooftop terrace, where you’ll see stunning views of the surrounding city and nature. This old castle hotel also offers an outdoor pool for those warmer days when you want to cool off and relax with friends and family.

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Parador de Tortosa in the evening

6.    Castell de Riudabella

Castell de Riudabella, located approximately 210 miles (130.48km) outside of Barcelona, is a repurposed 12th-century castle surrounded by stunning vineyards in Vimbodí, Spain. This hotel is part of the popular Cistercian route and is located near a UNESCO-accredited world heritage site, Poblet’s Monastery.

Because of its location, this hotel allows visitors to participate in various outdoor activities, like hiking and cycling across the gorgeous landscape. The surrounding vineyards offer unique opportunities for wine lovers to enjoy tastings and the scenery.

Inside the stone walls of this castle hotel lie rooms with a living area, flatscreen TV, fireplace, and Wi-Fi. If you’re not in the mood to cook your dinner in the fully-functioning kitchen in your room, you can head down and enjoy tasteful dining at the in-house restaurant. This castle also offers impressive displays of old art collections and historical documents.

Finally, this castle offers a garden, a pool, and an outdoor jacuzzi area, so you can soak up some sun during your downtime. As an added bonus, these outdoor areas provide a lovely view of the city below.

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Castell de Riudabella

Ready to Discover Spain’s Fortresses in and near Barcelona?

Parador de Cardona

It’s no secret that Barcelona and its surrounding areas have a wondrous array of places to explore. From fantastic markets selling the freshest produce to the city’s awe-inspiring architecture, you will always have something to keep you busy.

Now you have a list of some fantastic, century-old castle hotels for a place to rest your head after your travels across Spain. These hotels are unlike any other, and they will give you an unforgettable travel experience, leaving you feeling like royalty.

Now that you know more about Castle Hotels in and near Barcelona, why not look at some luxury hotels in Barcelona to give your travels a sense of opulence and adventure?

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