6 Best Water Parks in Spain for 2024 (Tenerife, Mallorca, Alicante, Costa Dorada)

August 8, 2023

Spain’s Water Parks – The Best Way to Spend a Day

Spending the day out in the sun at a water park is always an excellent way for families and friends to have fun and thoroughly enjoy a day. Who could pass up on the opportunity to spend the day at some of Europe’s best water parks in the beautiful, warm Spanish sun?

For your next trip to Spain, wherever you decide to stay, here are some of the best water parks that are a must-see for those looking to spend the day splashing around, slipping and sliding in the sun!

Siam Park, Tenerife

Giant water slide

(Image by Hays Travel Tiverton, Facebook.com)

Spanish theme parks are renowned for being the best in the world. Hays Travel Tiverton is an absolute must-see if you’re looking for an exhilarating water world experience.

Whether you’re an adrenaline-junkie looking for an action-packed day in the sun or want to relax while you let the kids explore Spain’s coolest aqua-world, Siam Park is everything a water park should be and more.

You’ll not want to skip the world-famous Dragon Slide while you’re there! You may also want to get a good idea of what the weather will look like to inform your bookings, so check our guide on Hays Travel Tiverton.

Western Park, Mallorca

Children's play area

(Image by Hays Travel Tiverton, Facebook.com)

As the name suggests, Western Park is a Wild-West themed water park, undoubtedly one of the unique water parks any tourist will come across in their travels.

Located near Magaluf in the stunning Balearic island of Mallorca, Western Park promises a fabulous, fun-filled experience for all ages with its variety of water slides and pools.

The park features a towering thirty-metre high ride called The Beast and The Boomerang, a massive fifteen-metre high slide with a vertical drop and a half-pipe, both of which immediately appeal to any thrill-seeking daredevil.

Aqualandia Benidorm, Alicante

Blue big water slide

(Image by Hays Travel Tiverton, Facebook.com)

Best for: couples

Situated on Spain’s Costa Blanca in Hays Travel Tiverton, Aqualandia Benidorm features some of Spain’s most incredible water slides that will thrill even the most daring. The famous water park boasts Europe’s most astonishing water slides – the VertiGO and the Cyclone.

VertiGO features two capsule slides(link): green and red slides. You’ll have to choose which one you are brave enough to take on. If you’re up to the challenge, the red drop, which is 33 metres high, is well worth it.

Cyclone is officially the longest water slide on earth. So, if you’re looking to test your limits on some of the most fantastic slides in the world, Aqualandia Benidorm is the water world you’ll not want to pass up.

Vertigo waterslide

(Image by AQUALANDIA Benidorm, Facebook.com)

Aqualandia caters for all different kinds of travellers looking to enjoy a day out in the heavenly Spanish climate. The park has swimming pools, VIP areas, sun-bathing sections.

Aqualandia ensures a beautiful water park experience with so much variety to choose from.

Note: Due to Covid 19, Aqualandia Benidorm will only be reopening in June 2024.

Magic Natura Water Park, Alicante

Adventure land

(Image by Donnie’s Holidays, Facebook.com)

Best for: Families

With superb children’s areas and some of the most exciting water slides in Alicante, the Magic Natura water park is our top pick if you’re travelling to Spain with your family. Here are a few areas in the park you’ll want to take your kids:

  • Adventure Island
  • To Nero Kalo
  • Turtle Pool
  • Mermaid school

Magic Natura also has some of the most exciting adult attractions in S

pain. You’ll also want to get in on the jam-packed summer fun by trying these adult slides:

  • Black Hole ( it features a 104-metre long pipe slide that shoots you and a partner through a ‘black hole’ section, ending
  • The Rio Aventura ( this exhilarating 123 metre, ‘U’ shaped slide will excite even the most daring)
  • The Aqua Snake (made in the form of a 150-metre long zig-zag, this slide will easily have you going back for more)

Water park resort in Spain

(Image by Hays Travel Girvan, Facebook.com)

The resort park also has some of the nicest hotels to stay at with exclusive offers on accommodation at the Magic Natura Resort. If you want a better scope on the kinds of resorts and seaside hotels you’ll find in Spain, check out our guide on 10 best beach resorts in Spain.

Aqualand El Arenal

Anaconda slide

(Image by Aqualand El Arenal, Facebook.com)

Best For: Families and children of all ages

Being Mallorca’s biggest water park, Aqualand El Arenal is high up on the list of water parks for any family looking to have a fun day out in the Spanish sun.

This water park has so much to offer. There are water slides and rides for adult travellers and Adventureland: a smaller-scale version of the adult rides designed for children.

The main attraction is, without a doubt, Europe’sEurope’s highest thrill slide and three-time winner for the best water slide – the King Cobra. So, you’ll want to make sure to test your mettle against the Cobra before at the park.

King cobra slide

(Image by Aqualand El Arenal, Facebook.com)

Aqualand El Arenal also features Dragonland. The children focused area features a dragon slide and a few other exciting attractions that are guaranteed to keep your little explorers amused for hours on end.

Aquópolis, Costa Dorada

Long water slide

(Image by Associació de Famílies Nombroses de Catalunya (Fanoc), Facebook.com)

Best For: Children and Families

As one of the best water-themed parks in Spain, Aquópolis assures an exciting time for any age group, but children, older and younger, will particularly enjoy the variety the park has on offer.

Older kids will put themselves (and any other challengers) to the test with the exciting Indiana Lake water obstacle course. For the smaller ones, exploring Treasure Island and the Funny Jungle will be a fun water world experience they won’t ever forget.

The Black Hole and the Kamikaze rides will surely not disappoint the dauntless family members looking for some adrenaline. The entire family can also enjoy surfing the park’s artificial wave, Surf Waimea, with their bodyboards.

Big yellow slide

(Image by Hays Travel Cheadle, Facebook.com)

Final thoughts: Water Parks in Spain

A day at one of Spain’s amusement parks is an experience you won’t soon forget. Jam-packed with so many different kinds of fun-filled activities for all ages, we highly recommend visiting one of Spain’s water parks for some unforgettable, sun-filled memories.

These outstanding parks have something for everyone looking to cool off and have some great fun on a hot day in beautiful Spain.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family day for the kids, a thrilling experience with your travel buddies, or to relax and take a swim, spending the day at one of the incredible water parks in Spain can only be a good idea!

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