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December 27, 2019

The country of Spain is a geographically diverse marvel and caters to many. The country has been shaped throughout the course of thousands of years by varying cultures, people and traditions. As a result it’s become a truly unique place to visit. 

Spain is filled to the brim with rolling plains, towering mountains, warm beaches and stunning islands. Each offering something new and exciting. 

In this article we will explore the best time of the year to go to Spain and what the differing seasons offer tourists throughout the course of the year.

Weather in Spain

During the summer months the Spanish days can range from the pleasant warmth of the mid 20 °C to much hotter 30-40 °C. Winter is relatively mild in Spain, however temperatures can often reach single digits. 

Ensure that if you’re visiting during winter-time you pack warmly and wear layers when going out. Throughout the year there is always something to keep you busy. From the bustling nightlife of the cities to the calm countryside, ideal for hikes and excursions at any time of the year. 

Choosing the cheapest time to travel to Spain

Winter is seen by many as the best time of the year to go to Spain. During the winter months flights are much cheaper since it is technically the off season. 

Spain’s geography and climate are the perfect combination for relatively mild winters compared to the rest of Europe. You may still have to wear a jacket or a few extra layers of clothing in most of the cities. The temperatures are known to drop to single digits on the colder days of winter. 

Although it’s certainly much colder during this time of year it’s still very possible to have the traditional Spanish experience in these months as Spaniards remain active regardless of the chill. 

Many bars and restaurants tend to close during the middle of summer due to the incredibly high heat, only reopening in the colder months. Winter in Spain lasts from January to March. Central and mountainous areas in the Spanish countryside can get a fair bit chillier at this time with moderate amounts of snowfall to be expected. 

This time of year is perfect for a skiing trip high up in the Sierra Nevada or Baqueira-Beret ski resorts which are famous for their hospitality and the quality of the resorts themselves. Winter is hands down the cheapest time to visit Spain and will help you to plan a spectacular trip that’s well within budget.

Best month to visit Spain

The best month to go to Spain is fairly open to debate as each have their nuances. Depending on what your preferences and budgets are any month of the seasons could fit into this bracket. 

However many Spaniards and tourists both agree that the month of May is the best month to visit the country, as it is one of the most beautiful months of spring. It also falls just before the summer crowds start forming and accomodations can still be rented out for a cheaper price. 

The beaches are warm and the weather is inviting. Flowers start to bloom and trees change back to their vibrant hues and shades of green during this time of year, adding to the natural aesthetic of the countryside and the streets throughout the cities. 

This is the best time of year for hikes through the many paths and trails found dotted throughout the country as the surrounding foliage is lush and beautiful. Most agree that the combined area of Andalusia in Spain’s southern coast is most beautiful during the spring season with vibrant flowers blooming throughout the countryside.

Spanish seasons

From the soothing serenity of winter to the bustling energy of spring. Many of those who wish to travel to Spain often ask the important question of when the best time to visit Spain is. 

The Spanish peninsula is a largely Mediterranean landmass and as a result, the coastline tends to remain relatively warm during the summer months and cool in the time of winter. 

Many agree that spring is the most beautiful time to visit Spain as the weather is idyllic. These months also contain most of the Spanish festivals of the year. The northern parts of the country do experience heavy rains at this time, however.

Autumn is long and warm in Spain. As the temperature gradually starts to fall into the winter months the bustle of tourists starts to steadily decline. However, we find this to be the perfect time to visit. You’ll save on flights, tours and accommodation while still having a fantastic Spanish experience. 

It is also the best time to visit both Spain and Portugal if there is extra time and money available for a week’s excursion in Spain’s neighbouring country.

Summer in Spain

Summer in Spain kicks off midway through the year. Temperatures and the flow of tourists and leisure seekers start to rise in tandem. Summer spans from June to August in Spain. 

This is a time when many party goers looking to experience the many music festivals in Ibiza pack their things and travel to Spain in preparation for the seasons’ frivolities ahead. 

The Spanish coastline is divine this time of the year with warm water and idyllic beaches. Accomodation and tours do however increase their prices during this time of the year as they seek to remain competitive within the expanding tourism market. This is the perfect time to explore the countryside and winding city streets of Madrid. The hustle and bustle of the crowds and music are vibrant and filled with energy this time of year. 

Be sure to take the proper precautions when spending a lot of time in the sun. Temperatures can easily rise to 30℃. 

Always ensure you have sunblock on or a hat and carry a bottle of water with you. Summer is a great time to go to Spain. However, do keep in mind that the general prices are increased during this period of time to deal with the sudden influx of tourists from around the globe.

Weather in Spain in January

January is the middle of winter in Spain and is one of the country’s coldest months of the year. The central and higher parts of the country can receive quite high amounts of snowfall during this time, so be sure to layer yourself up with jackets, coats and scarves. Temperatures can range from 10 to -4℃. 

Most restaurants and bars are open during these months, as the cooler temperatures are much more manageable to work in than the sweltering heat of the summer months. And with Spain’s unique dining culture, many of these remain open to customers until the early hours of the morning. 

Tourists will find a wide variety of activities available to them during this month of winter even though the temperatures have dropped substantially. 

Keep your eyes peeled during this time for good deals on travel trips and the various accommodations open to tourists and travellers. The prices drop and fluctuate to much more budget-friendly prices as winter progresses. 

This could potentially be the best time for visiting Spain’s neighbouring country of Portugal as well with the money saved on travel expenses and you could experience two countries and their cultures in one incredible holiday.

In Conclusion: the best time to travel to Spain

Sometimes you can get stuck when deciding on the best time to visit Spain. Each season offers something unique and to experience them all over time would be the most ideal option.

Skiing in the mountains is available year round but best during the winter months when the snow is thickest and ideal for skiing and snowboarding. For those who wish to explore the countryside and tour the many medieval castles spring would offer the opportune time to do so. The weather is warm and the prices of accommodation and flights only starts to soar during the summer months. 

However throughout the course of summer the island chains and Meditteranian beaches of Spain will start to liven up and begin to pump with music as the festivals and international DJ’s tend to choose this time of year to fly in to ply their trade, getting the party started. 

This country is an ancient and beautiful one with much to offer those willing to take the time to explore and experience all it has to offer. Whatever the season!


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