7 Of The Best Tapas Bars In Malaga

August 26, 2019

Malaga and tapas-hopping basically mean the same thing, right? Well, anybody that is familiar with this area of Spain will most certainly agree with you. It’s definitely not something you want to miss when visiting this tasty part of Spain. Spanish food is just so great!


There are many great places to eat in Malaga, which can make it difficult to plan exactly how you are going to attempt to eat your way around the beautiful capital of Costa del Sol.

Feast your eyes on the best tapas bars in Malaga! These are the top-rated tapas bars in the area – providing customers with the highest-quality authentic tapas and fantastic service. Your stomach can thank us later. Tapas in Malaga have never been this good!

Best Tapas Malaga – What to order

Okay, so firstly we would just like to say that all of our chosen tapas bars will gladly tell you which of their dishes they are most proud of, which are the best tapas and which ones are suited for the most traditional experience. You could even join a Malaga tapas tour and be guided through the streets by a true tapas expert!


Don’t be scared to try out something just because you’re not sure what the name means, tapas in Malaga are amazing! Here are some of the best tapas (and you can keep them coming):

  1. Gambas al Ajillo. Seeing this on the menu should have you really excited, it’s so delicious: fresh prawns in a sizzling olive oil with garlic and chili peppers. Yum!
  2. Albóndigas. These are really tasty meatballs, usually pork, but can sometimes be beef or fish too.
  3. Chipirones. This is small squid, and it’s usually grilled (a la plancha). However, if you see the word ‘frito’ it means it’s fried, and this applies to all tapas.
  4. Tomate picado con anchoa. A simple and delicious tomato salad with anchovies.
  5. Gazpacho. This is a cold (yes cold) tomato soup with cucumber and garlic, and it is so yummy and refreshing in the Spanish heat.
  6. Pincho de tortilla. Basically, this is a Spanish omelette usually made from potatoes and egg, but it tastes more exciting than it sounds.
  7. Patata Bravas/Alioli. These are fried potatoes covered in a delicious sauce. Order yours Bravas (spicy) or Alioli for a simple garlic and olive oil based sauce.

Malaga Tapas Bars

Okay, now that you have some orders to fall back on if the menu looks a little intimidating, here are the best tapas bars in Malaga:

El Tapeo de Cervantes

The choice of tapas prepared here by Jesús, their creative chef, is as wide as it is interesting. And you are sure to be pickled for choice too.


Malaga tapas bars offer a colourful collaboration of culinary art from many different sources. And this one is no exception! Take their sweetbreads for example: a classic Spanish dish, served with their very famous chimichurri sauce from Argentina. There is no place like it, and eating here will have you walking home (or to the next tapas bar) in complete satisfaction.

All their ingredients are extremely fresh and the tapas menu changes according to season to ensure this.

Dietary options available: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Address: Calle Alamos, 11, 29012 Malaga
Phone Number: +34 95 221 6274
E-mail: info@elmesondecervantes.com

Vineria Cervantes

A very lively, vibrant and buzzing restaurant with little tables and high stools, squeezed in with just enough room for the waiters to get through – creating a terrific and very authentic atmosphere.

Your waiter is sure to impress you here, and if you let their expertise shine through (like we did), they’ll take care of everything from deciding what tapas to order, what wines to drink and possibly even share some Malaga travel tips with you.

Quick tip for this tapas bar: take your whole family and order several half portions so you can share and taste as much as possible!

Dietary options available: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free

Address: Calle Carcer 10, Malaga 29012
Phone Number: +34 95 143 9709
E-mail: info@eltapeodecervantes

La Tranca Malaga

Stumble across this hidden gem and you will be treated with an absolutely brilliant Spanish atmosphere, friendly bar staff with bubbly personalities and delicious tapas all round.


So if If the typical touristy tapas bars are something you want to avoid, then La Tranca is definitely for you. This tapas bar is always filled with locals passing cheap beers around, vibey music and big smiles.


If you’re lucky, one of the waiters may even sing for you – a truly great experience! The style of this traditional Spanish bar is to make guests feel relaxed and at home. Creating a place where you can enjoy Spanish homemade tapas while standing in the barrels (your table) or at the bar.

We give this tapas bar a 10/10 for atmosphere!

Dietary options available: Vegetarian

Address: Calle Carreteria 93, 29008 Malaga
Phone Number: +34 615 02 96 69
E-mail: latrancamalaga@gmail.com

El Gastronauta

If you are looking for the best Paella in Malaga – look no further! El Gastronauta has mastered the recipe and you won’t be left disappointed.

This (really very) tiny little restaurant is proof that dynamite comes in quaint and small packages, so arrive early if you want to be sure you’ll get a spot!

Personal attention to detail, on top of the really amazing food, will make for a truly superb evening.

Dietary options available: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free options

Address: Calle Echegaray Local 2, 29015 Malaga
Phone Number: +34 687 66 87 36
E-mail: elgastronauta.info@gmail.com

L’Experience Tapas Bar

This magical restaurant aims to facilitate moments of happiness and quality time with the people you love most: your partner, your friends, your family. It also aims to bring you the best tapas in Malaga…


Experience their tasty tapas, dreamy sunsets and magical nights in one of the most stunning areas of Malaga. Start your experience off with a glass of the house sangría, while you wait for your waiter to fill you in on some more house favourites.

A little secret from us to you: L’Experience serves another one of the best paellas in Malaga!

Dietary options available: Vegetarian

Address: Plaza del Obispo 4, Malaga
Phone Number: +34 95 260 8784
E-mail: info@plazadelobispo

El Pimpi

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, travelers can enjoy the passion and energy of Encarni Navarro. The Queen of El Pimpi (as she is known), has become one of the must-see events on the Malaga nightlife scene. With her trademark polka dot dance shoes and spontaneous personality, you’re in for a treat – don’t forget to make a booking via email!


Live music and flamenco shows share the spotlight with the famous El Pimpi hanging cured hams too. This restaurant has even been awarded for being the best-cured ham slicers in Malaga too! Maybe this fact will guide your journey through their amazing menu, or maybe something else will catch your eye instead!

Dietary options available: Vegetarian

Address: Calle Granada 62, Malaga
Phone Number: +34 952 225 403
E-mail: reservas@elpimpi.com

Lo Güeno

Let your tastebuds guide you through a truly traditional Malagan tapas experience. Lo Güeno offers so much rich and tasty culture in each and every bite.

This little tapas bar prepares and serves their amazing tapas at the counter, while you enjoy some wine from the barrels.


Spacious lounges, a buzzing terrace and a traditional bar, this spot offers a place where you can taste delicious tapas surrounded by family and friends. An excellent wine list and a variety of dishes make up its extensive menu.

Dietary options available: Vegetarian

Address: Calle Strachan,12, 29015 Málaga
Phone Number: +34 952 21 75 28
E-mail: meson@logueno.es

Final Thoughts

Enjoy Malaga’s endless summers and rich culture by enjoying some amazing tapas at one of these top tapas bars in Malaga – after all, the stomach is the way to the heart, right? And what better way to end a fantastic day of touring Malaga via your stomach than with some great local wines too?

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