Best Nudist Beaches in Spain | 8 Naturist Spots to Bare It All

August 12, 2022

There are few things as freeing as being in the nude. And what better place to lay bare than on the sunny 4,964 km Spanish coast? There are plenty of legally recognized nudist and naturist beaches and resorts in Spain.

With golden beaches and aquamarine waters, you’ll get to enjoy the best of this country, textile-free. Below are some of the top Spanish nudist resorts and beaches.

Fun fact: Spain is pretty laid-back about going nude – there’s actually no Spanish law against public nudity. While the laws don’t prohibit it, it’s not recommended to take your birthday suit to the shop or streets.

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Benefits of Stripping Down

If you’re here, you’re likely already a big fan of naturism – “a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity” (The International Federation of Naturism). Or you’re simply curious about this way of life.

There are many reasons why this practice has become increasingly popular over the years:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Greater Vitamin-D exposure
  • Your skin gets to breathe
  • Improved circulation
  • Better sleep

Best Nude Beaches in Spain

These beaches are some of the best spots to go topless in Spain. All you need to bring along is a good sunscreen, umbrella, water, a towel, and your bare bottoms.

Es Trenc Beach – Mallorca

es trenc beach mallorca spain

As idyllic a beach as ever, Es Trenc will leave you breathless at its soft white sand and turquoise waters. There are plenty of reasons why this Spanish nude beach is the most popular on Mallorca Island.

You’ll get to enjoy the sound of waves gently crashing on the shore and birds chirping in the dunes set along the coast. This over-2-kilometer stretch of beauty has been declared a no-development zone – meaning it is entirely unspoiled by hotels and busy restaurants.

Being part of a nature reserve means this beach is bound to be well-preserved for years to come. Naturists will love Es Trenc for its unspoiled nature and many dedicated nude-friendly areas. Remember to bring along an umbrella, as there are no shaded spots.

This beach can get pretty crowded, so try to get there as early as possible to secure your place in the sand.

El Muerto Beach – Almuñécar

el muerto beach spain

Located in Granada, Andalucia, El Muerto is a secluded calm beach backdropped by rocky hills and covered in sand and gravel. This 225m beach is especially loved for its remoteness. To get there, you’ll need to take a short walk through the neighboring beach, Playa Cotobro.

You’ll have access to umbrella and sun lounge rentals, a shower, and a small kiosk selling drinks and snacks. Even during the warmer months, this beach only reaches medium occupancy, so you’ll always have a spot at this little nudist paradise.

Vera Playa – Andalucia

Known as the ultimate Spain nudist destination in Andalucia, Vera Playa is surrounded by nude-friendly hotels and restaurants. This beach is perfect for those looking to get naked – and stay naked – all day. Seamless tans are guaranteed at this spot!

Vera Playa Naturista is the dedicated naturist spot, but you can lay bare wherever the waves flow without any judgment. This entire 7km stretch of beach is clothing optional – so those who prefer to be covered up are more than welcome.

Thanks to the moderate Mediterranean weather, this beach is frequented year-round. Due to its popularity, Vera Playa is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cafés, so you’ll always have somewhere new to eat.

Cala De l’Home Mort – Sitges

Cala De l’Home Mort sitges spain

This clothing-optional beach is not only accepting of nudists but also a proudly LGBTQ-friendly spot. The little tucked-away area is quite pebbly, but the calm, clear waters and beach bar make this spot entirely worth it.

To access Cala de l’Home Mort (dead man’s beach), you’ll need to take a 15-minute walk down from the Terramar Hotel. Lather up in sunscreen, rent a lounger and umbrella and enjoy drinks and good company with or without clothing.

Cantarriján Beach, Granada

It may be challenging to get there, but Playa de Cantarriján is a gem worth traveling for. This family-friendly, clean beach is hardly 200m in length but extremely popular among the locals.

The parking area fills up quickly on busy days, so you’ll have to take a bus down to the beach for €2.

The beach is clothing-optional, with a dedicated nudist spot behind a cliff. However, it’s not unusual to see both nudists and clothed people in the same area. You’ll have access to all the necessary facilities alongside these blue waters.

Bring the whole family and enjoy water activities such as snorkeling, canoeing, and jet-skiing. Mountain goats are said to visit early in the morning, and the waters are so clear that you’re bound to see a fish or ten swimming around you.

Barinatxe Nudist Beach – Basque Country

barinatxe beach spain

You may have heard about Barinatxe for its yearly international fabric-free race where contestants race in nothing but their shoes, hat, and sunglasses. Alternatively known as La Salvaje (The Wild), Barinatxe beach near Bilbao is all about raw fun.

Beautiful cliffs and surfer waves surround this expansive beach. The sand is excellent for laying bare, the waves ideal for surfing, and the cliffs perfect for paragliding.

This nude beach in Spain is easily accessible through public transport and includes toilets, showers, bars, and lifeguards.

Mar Bella Beach – Catalonia

beach in barcelona

Licking at the Barcelona coastline, Mar Bella is an accessible, semi-urban beach. This beach is especially popular with the youth as many university buildings are situated nearby.

You’ll have access to almost everything you need at this buzzing beach. With toilets, showers, cafés, and lifeguards, you and your family can comfortably enjoy this clothing-optional beach. There is a dedicated nudist area for those who’d prefer to be surrounded by fellow bare bottoms.

Kayak and sailing tours are regularly on offer at the sports center that sits along the promenade. The promenade, which runs along the beach, is regularly abuzz with restaurants, bars, and activities such as table tennis.

Maspalomas Beach – Gran Canaria

If you are looking for some of the best nudist beaches in Europe, Gran Canaria is the place to be. Most of the beaches in Gran Canaria are open for topless sunbathing and therefore you can look for a great time here.

With its blue turquoise water and golden sand, this is one of the top nude beaches in Spain. Unlike other nude beaches that have a limited stretch of sand, Maspalomas Beach is vast. It stretches from the Maspalomas Lighthouse to Playa del Ingles resort.

The middle section of the beach is for the nudist, while both the ends are for topless sunbathers. There are plenty of hotels and resorts and other accommodations around the beach (you can use Cozy Cozy for choosing the right vacation rental). This would allow you to stay close to the beach and access the beach as and when you prefer.

The middle section of the beach is also a great place for the LGBT community and you can find a rainbow flag around that indicates that you have reached the spot. Here you can explore some great dunes and terrific sunsets that allow you to spend quality time as you relax and unwind.

Final Thoughts on the Best Naturist Beaches in Spain

While we’ve only mentioned a few, the Spanish Naturist Federation claims that there are over 400 Spanish naturist beaches. Have a look at our list of the best beaches in Spain to see more of the country’s beauty.

Whether you’re looking to go topless for the first time on the beach, or you’ve been baring it all for years, Spain is the place to be. Ask the locals on your next trip to Spain, and they’re bound to know a good spot where you can undress and unwind in nature.

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