Best Motorcycle Trip Destinations in Barcelona

Taking a motorcycle trip is one of the best activities to do in Barcelona.  It’s no secret that the area surrounding the city has also opened up for motorcycle camping trips.

So, if you are looking for a good place to enjoy bike rides, this city could be the best choice for you as it is relatively safe and offers you beautiful routes and destinations. The city also has plenty of parking space with easy access to cars and motorbikes. Moreover, you can also consider renting out a motorbike in case you don’t live in Barcelona and are only visiting it.

If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Barcelona on your motorbike, then go through our list of the best motorcycle trip destinations in the city:

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There are a lot of great locations in Barcelona that give you a beautiful view of the entire city, but our favorite one among all of them is Tibidabo. There are a lot of windy roads leading up to the mountain which can be quite a fun challenge to ride your motorbike on while enjoying stunning views along the way.

Head over to the Via Augusta or the nearby Ronda de Dalt intersection to begin in the direction of the Collserola Mountain Range and you’ll may your way through a place that provides amazing scenic views, the Avenida de Vallvidrera.

Once you’re there, you can visit the historic site of Casa Trampa, constructed in 1882, one of the most popular attraction places that appeal to all and is a sight to behold for history enthusiasts. Then you can travel along the outskirts of Alberes and reach your first destination, Tibidabo.

Tibidabo, the highest mountain in the Collserola range, reaches over 500 meters above sea level. It offers an excellent view of the city and it also has a small amusement park located near the top.

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We would recommend the Montjuic Mountain road as one of the best roads to have the most enjoyable experience of riding a motorbike on. The reason for this is that you would find the roads to be mostly empty so you can enjoy the road on your own without any traffic pollution.

These roads end up taking you to one of the most scenic and gorgeous spots in the city that offer you an incredibly brilliant view of Barcelona. Due to this Montjuic has obtained significant popularity among motorcycling enthusiasts. The challenge of twenty-four hours of Montjuic has been successfully hosted for the past four decades.

You should also consider visiting the walls of the castle of Montjuic which presents an excellent view of Barcelona’s Port. This is a good place to park your bike after a long journey and enjoy a picnic in the gardens of Montjuic. Setting a camp overnight here could prove to be one of the best experiences you can have in Barcelona.

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Located in the same area as the Tibidabo mountain, Montseny offers an incredibly amazing driving experience on its curvy roads that last as long as the rider wants. Surrounded by dense forests but be careful as you’ll be riding between two cliffs, it makes for the perfect view for you to enjoy at low speeds.

There are various routes that you can choose to get to this place but the road you’ll be taking from Montmelo to Santa Maria de Palautordera is the best among all of them.

It is recommend that you take this route because it passes through Collformic which is a 1,145 meters high mountain port with incredible views. You’ll eventually arrive at the Saint Marcal Monastery in Montseny. Visit the la Ermita de San Marcal de Montseny nearby, a Romanesque-style church that will be a worthy addition for a 4-day vacation.

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Las pozas de Aiguafreda

The pools of Aiguafreda found close to Montseny are worth mentioning here for their scenic beauty and freshwaters. These can be found on the route from Collformic to Seva. A refreshing dip in the beautiful pools of Aiguafreda can be one of the best experiences to have on a sunny day.

These can be found on the right of Martinet which has a lot of natural green spaces. So, if you enjoy rural areas more, you should consider taking this route for your next motorbike trip.

Before You Rev it Up

Going on a motorcycle trip can be a daunting task regardless of how you see it. You might have experience camping everywhere but don’t let your guard down. That is to say, don’t go unprepared.

In your motorcycle saddlebags, sissy bar bags, or backpacks, there should be a medic kit, some tools and this should all be locked in a key lockable luggage variant. Once you have this covered, the only thing left to do is enjoy the ride!

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