Best Beaches in Spain: Top 5 Spots to Visit in 2024

August 8, 2023

A country rich with culture and life – Spain also has some of the most gorgeous beaches and coastlines. Stretching for thousands of miles, there is no shortage of sand and sea to explore here.

However cosmopolitan this country is, one beach doesn’t fit all so it’s important to know what’s out there to decide what suits the preferences of you and your travel companions best.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the best beaches this beautiful European country has to offer.

5 Top Spain beaches around the country

When it comes to picking the best beach in Spain, the competition is simply too strong. So let’s look at the top 5. Whether its the sun, sand, or sea you’re after – look no further. These are not only the best Spanish beaches but some of the best beaches in Europe.

La Concha Beach

This beautiful sandy spot in San Sebastian – practically begging to be Instagrammed – is a bustling shell-shaped beach on the Bay of La Concha.

Brimming with restaurants, bars, and more, you’re in the perfect spot to grab some tasty lunch in between tan sessions. This chic coastal city also has some mouthwatering tapas, right up there with the best tapas in Seville.

This picturesque beach town has everything that a beach bum could want – including of course good public facilities like showers and bathrooms. Be sure to visit sometime between June and September for optimal weather.

Whether you want to fall asleep on the beach while tanning, start some beach volleyball or swim in the crystal clear waters – La Concha is an excellent choice.

Playa de Las Catedrales

A little quieter than La Concha, this natural beauty is the best beach in Galicia. It boasts some truly impressive rock formations. This landmark beach features many unique rock arches and caves to be seen at low tide when tourists can weave their way through these formations.

With spectacular ocean views and magical rock structures – this is the perfects spot for a romantic walk with your significant other. Parking is free here and there is a small bar/restaurant to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Going in peak season means contending with crowds and higher demand to see this rugged oceanic spot. But it’s worth it because this place rocks.

Beaches of Sitges, Catalonia

Sitges is a coastal town in the Catalonia region of Spain. Near Barcelona, this place is known for its Mediterranean beaches and gorgeous seafront promenade. Lined with magazine-cover mansions, this old town has no shortage of bars, restaurants and lively nightclubs.

While this town is one of the best beach towns in Spain, these shores are also home to some of the best beaches near Barcelona and in Spain in general. Just a few miles from the bustling city of Barcelona, Sitges has become a well-known gay destination in Spain as well as an area for nudist beaches.

This is a very popular day trip from Barcelona and is a great spot to spend a few hours simply exploring this beautiful coastal town. It’s also a great budget-friendly route to go when considering accommodation. Staying here for a few nights rather than in Barcelona will certainly save you a few bucks.

Platja de Ses Illetes

Some places in the world simply must be seen, and this is one of them. The waters of Platja de Ses Illetes are crystal clear, teeming with life – a gorgeous snorkeling combination. Located in, Formentera, the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea, this beach is a must-visit.

You will have to pay around 6€ if you go by car, otherwise, a tourist bus or scooter will be your best bet! Paying to go to this sandy gem in Formentera is 100% worth it. Perfect as a day trip from Ibiza – this place is what island dreams are made of. Be sure to bring some water and snacks as this area doesn’t have many restaurants around.

You will feel like you are part of something out of a movie, seeing all the superyachts anchored offshore. With soft golden sand and clear warm water – what more could you ask for in a beach vacation? This is a true slice of paradise.

Perhaps while you’re near the Balearic islands you’d like to visit the iconic island of Mallorca for some island tours and magical snorkeling. This famous beach in Spain is known for its idyllic beaches and island weather.

Playa de Bolonia, Tarifa

This spot is what one would call a hidden gem. Spain is home to some of the world’s most famous and popular beaches – making them almost all-year-round bustling hotspots. It seems that finding a quiet and semi-untouched sandy ocean corner is impossible. Fret not, Playa de Bolonia is a wonderfully rugged, quiet corner of nature.

Travelers are willing to trek a considerable distance to the fishing village of Bolonia because it offers something special. Here you can tour the Roman ruins and learn all about this rich history.

Plan an adventurous day trip to this area and spent the day soaking up all the Tarifa has to offer. There is plenty of good food, beach bars and great music along this coast. Bring your volleyball and beach games for a day of fun on the white-sand beaches and warm waters of Bolonia.

While there are amenities available like umbrellas, restrooms, and showers – this area really gives you the feeling of escaping into rugged nature.

The strong winds here make this spot special because it is known specifically for its ideal windsurfing conditions. It, therefore, attracts many water-sport enthusiasts rather than casual sunbathers.

Sun, sand, and great waves – surrounded by beautiful mountains – everything you think of when you dream about the sea. Before leaving, remember to grab lunch at the Bar Restaurante Otero. This family restaurant (of three generations) serves the best Calamares a la Plancha.

Final Words on Beaches in Spain

Whether you’re looking to kick back with a good book, perfect that tan, or snorkel amongst the reefs and vibrant sea life – Spain is the destination for you. Perfect for family, friends, and couples, you will find that the beaches of Spain have it all.

There is so much to see and do in this culturally rich country. Spain has some of the best beaches in Europe and thousands flock here for their summer holiday, for good reason. Don’t sleep on Spain – this is a beach bum’s paradise.

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