Barcelona in May: Weather & Things to Do

December 18, 2023

Barcelona in May is a special time. Spring is leaving the station, and summer is arriving, bringing a buzz that is hard to describe.

Just know that the weather is superb for a vacation of epic proportions. The sun is out, the heat is on, and the people are happy and playful. There’s plenty to do outdoors and indoors. Walk the best streets in the city, attend an event, visit some of the amazing art galleries, or do a day trip. There’s great food and drink, lots of shows to see, and more.

Let’s take a look at just a few things to do in May in Barcelona, Spain

Weather in Barcelona in May

  • Average daytime and nighttime temperatures:

The average temperature in Barcelona in May reaches a comfortable 73°F, and nighttime lows settle at 59°F.

  • Rain in Barcelona in May:

With an average rainfall of 1.06 inches in the month, there’s a moderate chance of rain

Barcelona’s weather for the May period is warm. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing like T-shirts, shorts, sundresses, and comfortable shoes for walking around the city. If your hotel has a pool or if you plan to hit the beach, don’t forget to pack your swimwear.

Things to Do in Barcelona in May

Summer and Barcelona go together like the beach and cold drinks. Here are fantastic itinerary ideas for what to do in Barcelona in May.

1. Try La Pedrera at Night

The captivating “La Pedrera Night Experience” involves a tour of the iconic La Pedrera (Casa Milà), but taken at night. In the evening, the building comes alive with light shows and projection displays that take the fascinating into the domain of surrealism.

A good idea is to prebook a skip-the-line ticket for the nighttime show. That way, you can enjoy the show and accompanying soundtrack a little more stress-free! You’ll also get to the rooftop terrace a little sooner, where the cool magic begins! Here, you can catch a show-stealing view of the city and savor a glass of champagne.

Tapas table

2. Experience a Tapas Walking Tour

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a fabulous attraction on its own. But there’s an even better way to experience it. That’s by adding a delectable array of local tapas cuisine and drinks (think Cava and wine as a start) to the visit.

The best way to do that would be to book a guided Barcelona food-tasting tour with a knowledgeable guide at the helm. That way, you can visit different local-centric hotspots and get some insight into the authentic history of tapas.

3. Learn Something New at a Paella Cooking Class

It’s hard to beat a day out that combines a visit to La Boqueria Market with a paella cooking course. First, explore the world-famous bustling La Boqueria Market, learning about local ingredients. A professional chef will help you handpick the freshest items for your own future creation.

Then, head down to La Rambla’s test kitchen and dining room. Your first lesson will be how to create a traditional Spanish sangria. Take a few sips and then indulge in the main course, literally. Your chef will lead you in a class to create the perfect paella by explaining the history, flavors, and techniques carried through generations of Spaniards.

Quick Tip: Check out where to find the best paella in Barcelona when you prefer to do all the eating and none of the cooking.

4. Relax on a Sailing Cruise

You know what? It’s summer, and what better way to truly get that Barcelona May experience than to get out onto the water? One option is to try a typical Barcelona sailing cruise departing from Port Olímpic. These sail along in the Mediterranean waters, offering incredible views of the Spanish coastline. Snacks and drinks are included.

Opt to combine the cruise with an additional wine farm tour via Alella Harbor and a bus transfer. The vineyard visit takes in the 14th-century home and the adjacent crop rows, making for a full and enchanting afternoon beyond the city.

Festivals and Events in Barcelona in May

Primavera Sound Festival

Summer in Europe is all about festivals, and there are plenty. Among the best and most well-known is the Primavera Sound. The festival usually takes place on or near the last weekend of May. Hundreds of international music acts grace multiple stages at the sprawling Parc del Forum. This is the avid festival goer’s unofficial “start of summer”.

FAQs About Barcelona in May

Is May a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

Two of the best times to visit Barcelona are May and June. This is when the weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures ranging from the low to mid-70s. These months are filled with numerous lively festivals and events that mark the arrival of summer, adding to the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Can You Swim at the Beaches in May in Barcelona?

The weather in Barcelona, Spain, in May, is perfect for the beach. The average Barcelona ocean temperature hovers around a comfortable 68°F, making it an ideal time for a refreshing swim. What’s more, Barcelona is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and May offers the perfect opportunity to get in the water.

Why is Barcelona Expensive in May?

May is when Barcelona’s high season kicks off, so there’s a lot of competition for accommodation and car rentals, not to mention restaurant spots. You simply have to get used to longer queues in some places, too.

Final thoughts on Things To Do in Barcelona, Spain, in May

Barcelona in May is truly a remarkable time to experience the city’s unique charm. As spring transitions into summer, the atmosphere is nothing short of magical. The Barcelona weather in May sets the stage for an epic vacation, with plenty of glorious sunshine and a cheerful vibe that permeates the streets.

You have the prime choice of outdoor adventures or indoor fun, and rest assured, Barcelona has it all.

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