Barcelona in June: Weather & Things to Do

November 22, 2023

Barcelona in June: Weather & Things to Do

Barcelona’s June weather is absolutely perfect for a summer vacation. Spain in June happens to be hot and humid, so the beach is a popular destination within the city during this month.

June in Barcelona exceptionally illuminates the Catalan culture. Celebrations like the one honoring St John are prime examples. Even simply walking the city’s famous streets during the summer evening can bring out a whole new perspective.

Underlying all of this is an undeniable fever in the city during the summer. It’s like everything has become more electric with fun, laughter, food, and drink. Without a doubt, Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Spain in June.

Barcelona Weather in June

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means Barcelona’s June weather is hot and humid. Barcelona’s humidity, on average, rises throughout the month. By June’s end, expect 33% readings daily.

  • Average daytime and nighttime temperatures:

The average temperature in Barcelona in June is 79°F. The warmest hours of the day are typically between 12 pm (noon) and 8 pm. In the evenings, temperatures can drop to about 59 °F.

  • Rain in Barcelona in June:

With Barcelona’s weather in June, there’s a 13% chance of rain on an average day.

What to Pack for Spain in June

Given the weather in Barcelona in June, especially the heat and humidity, the best advice is to pack lightly. Opt for breathable clothes such as cottons and linens. It’s also very sunny, so pack lots of sunblock, a hat, and a pair of shades.

Comfortable shoes are a must, as you will likely do lots of walking around the city. Many locals can be seen wearing good sneakers – take a hint from them.

Things to Do in June in Barcelona

Let’s address the question of things to do in Barcelona in June. The city is alive and full of tourists, events, and concerts. The markets in Barcelona are also top-notch.

1. Head to the Beach

First and foremost, the beach will be a definite option on most hot days. Be aware that it can get crowded, as Spain is known for its beachy vacations

2. Take in the Old Town

There are plenty of famous streets in Barcelona. The city is largely known for an amazing medieval and Gothic old city or old town. The best way to explore this part of Barcelona is via a walking tour.

3. Try an Evening Tour

If walking around the city in the summer heat is too hot and bothersome, try an evening tour. There are some fun and unusual ones to explore. How about a tapas tour or a thrilling ghost and legends tour?

4. Watch a Live Flamenco Dance

Spain and Barcelona are uniquely proud of their culture, of which Flamenco is a very large part. The city offers dozens of opportunities to watch a live Flamenco show, often with dinner and drinks included. One of the best places to check out the incredible passion of the dance is at the City Hall Theatre.

5. View the City From the Cable Car

See the city from up high with a Montjuic cable car round trip ticket. The cable car system allows a look at this classic city via a trip to the Castell de Montjuïc.

6. See a Medieval Show at the Palau Requesens

It will feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you attend the medieval show at the palace. The entire experience includes a fabulous dinner, which offers some insight into medieval-era foods. Then it’s on to sword fighting and belly-dancing, typical of the era for the gentry to indulge. A bonus: You can even walk certain parts of the grounds and the Old Quarter if you like.

Festivals and Events in Barcelona in June

No list of what to do in June in Barcelona would be complete without mentioning some of the annual festivals you might encounter while you’re here.

Corpus Christi and the Dancing Egg

The Corpus Christi festival is now more than 700 years old and is a celebration connected to Easter. The festival takes place precisely 60 days after Easter, which means that in most years, it will occur during June.

The main element of the celebration is a procession featuring giant figures. There is also a particular tradition involving flowers decorating fountains and “dancing” eggs balanced on water features (known as ou com balla).

Festa Major de Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera

This festival is centered around the Patron St Peter and features several days of events. Costume, dance, giant human figures, and even a dragon have emerged as signifiers of the celebrations. There are also concerts, musical street performers, and, of course, fireworks.

Saint John’s Eve & Saint John’s Day

St John’s Day is celebrated on June 24. But festivities begin the previous evening on St John’s Eve. The festival notes the start of summer by observing both the shortest night and the longest day of the year. It’s a public holiday on the 24th, so expect lots of fireworks, music, dancing and food.

Primavera Sound

Barcelona loves music festivals. One of the more well-known is the Primavera Sound, which usually takes place around the first of June. The Parc del Fòrum comes alive with a wide range of pop, rock, dance, and hip-hop.

Barcelona Gay Pride

The LGBTQI+ community gets together for an annual PRIDE celebration in June and sometimes July every year in Barcelona. Besides the giant parade and party, plenty of talks and exhibitions can be attended.

FAQs About Barcelona in June

Here are awesome questions people typically ask about Barcelona in June.

Is June a Good Month to Visit Barcelona?

Due to the incredible weather in Spain in June in general, this is a fantastic month to visit Barcelona. Accommodation and various services may cost slightly more, but many prefer to be in the thick of Barcelona’s dazzling atmosphere during this time.

Is Barcelona Humid in June?

Barcelona in June can be humid, but it has not yet reached its peak humidity. For the month, in general, the city is a little humid but mostly cool and rather dry.

Is June Peak Season in Spain?

June, though busy, is not the true peak of the holiday season in Spain. This happens in July and August.

Final Thoughts on a Barcelona June Holiday

Barcelona in June can be an unforgettable experience. As a destination, the Catalan culture and atmosphere bring a charm and excitement that’s hard to compare. Aside from the city itself, don’t forget the incredible possibilities waiting on the fringes through day trips.

Keep reading for more on the best time to visit Barcelona.

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