Barcelona in February: Weather & Things to Do

December 6, 2023

We all know love is in the air in February, but is that true for this Spanish city? Taking a trip to Barcelona in February usually isn’t in many people’s travel plans, but it might be an excellent thing to do.

Typically, February marks winter in Spain, which means fewer crowds, lower prices, and the perfect weather for browsing indoor attractions. There are also a few festivals on show to help warm you up and take you out of the freezing temps.

Still need convincing? Continue reading for all you need to know about Barcelona in February.

Weather in Barcelona in February

Barcelona rarely gets snow, and if it does, it doesn’t stick around for too long. This is because even though the temperature in Barcelona in February is cold, you’ll still have ample days of sun.

Square in Barcelona in February

  • Average daytime and nighttime temperatures: The average temperature during the day is 59°F (15°C), while at night, it drops down to 46.6°F (8°C).
  • Rain in Barcelona in February: It doesn’t rain that much during February, with an average of 1.6 inches (41mm) or four rainy days.

The weather in the city can feel different depending on the time of day. During early mornings and late afternoons, it is quite cool. Because of this, you’ll need to bring a jacket or fleece along on your trip to stay snug.

Things to Do in Barcelona in February

How can you make the best of Barcelona’s February weather? By doing these amazing activities in the city.

Street performers in Barcelona in February

Take Advantage of the Low Crowds

No one likes waiting in long lines for anything. But, being the popular tourist destination that it is, Barcelona can have winding queues for exhibitions, museums, and tours even if you buy your tickets online.

Places like Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, and Picasso Museum are among the most visited attractions in the city. Each site can have you waiting for at least two hours just for a peek at the masterpieces.

So, visiting in the low season, when most of the tourists are gone, is the best time to see these crowd-pleasers.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona in February

Warn up at an Ancient Thermal Bath

Aire de Barcelona sits in the city center, so it is the perfect way to end your day after freezing your toes off in the city.

There are a few rooms ranging from a 102°F (39°C) hot bath to a 59°F (15ºC) ice bath. However, we found the aromatherapy steam room to be the most relaxing of them all.

Because it is the season of love, you may enjoy the many couples’ packages on offer. This couple’s thermal bath soak and massage will relax and warm you and your partner right up.

Take a Day Trip to Montserrat

The city’s mild but sunny weather offers the perfect conditions for day trips from Barcelona. We found that a trip to Montserrat during this time is incredible.

Montserrat mountains in Barcelona in Februrary

This mountain range is as beautiful as ever, and you’ll have the best views of the entire area without the sun beating on you. The top things to see while here are the Basílica de Montserrat, Black Madonna, and the Montserrat Museum.

Make a whole day of it and grab breakfast or lunch at the Restaurant BO2 or the Monastery. Both offer delicious and authentic Spanish meals. Then, buy a few souvenirs at the Monastery market to take home to family and friends.

Barcelona February Festivals and Events

The weather may be chilly, but the people are still as warm as ever and ready to celebrate. Here’s what to do in Barcelona in February to still enjoy your travels.

Barcelona Wine Week

A whole week dedicated to Spanish wine doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Barcelona Wine Week is an annual festival celebrating local and international wines from over 850 wineries.

Besides tasting wines and pairing them with delicious foods and taps, the convention also has a few expert speakers to talk about pressing issues in the wine-making industry. After you’ve learned a thing or two, practice your new-found pairing skills at the pop-up restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine.

You can buy an all-access badge online at €30 ($32) for one day or €45 ($49) for the entire convention. It’s important to note that while it’s called ‘wine week’, it’s only active for three days.

Wine tasting in Barcelona in Februrary

Barcelona Winter Festival

Also known as the ‘Santa Eulàlia Festival’, this celebration spans the city. It pays homage to St Eulàlia, a little girl who, because of her bravery, has become a sign of defense of justice. As a result, the whole family can join in the fun with fireworks, dancing, bands, and activities for all ages.

An interesting activity you shouldn’t miss is the UNESCO-recognised Castellers or human towers. It is a performance of nerves and laughs as groups of people clamber on top of each other’s shoulders to build the highest towers they can with their bodies.

Llum BCN

During February, the Barcelonan neighborhood of Poblenou lights up (literally) in a joyous light art festival. For three nights, the neighborhood flaunts its creations of light displays against buildings, as art installations, and as light sculptures.

Naturally, it is free to enter as each piece is methodically placed through the streets.

Llum BCN Poblenou light exhibition

FAQs About Barcelona in February

Still have questions regarding the Barcelona weather in February? Here are a few answers to your concerns.

Is February a Good Time to Visit Barcelona?

Yes! Especially if you love low crowds and saving a few coins when booking tours, accommodation, and entrance tickets.

Do You Need a Coat in Barcelona in February?

Yes, you’ll need a coat in February.

What Is the Coldest Month in Barcelona?

Barcelona in January sees the coldest temperatures at an average of 54°F (12°C) in the day and 43°F (6°C) at night.

What Will the Weather Be Like in Barcelona in February?

You can expect sunny days with a slight chill. You’ll also get the occasional rain, but only for a few days. Snow is almost totally off of the table.

Cloudy mountain range in Barcelona

Final Thoughts on Barcelona’s Weather in February

If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona, Spain, in February, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many activities and festivals to partake in. Of course, the best part is that you won’t have any crowds standing in your way of enjoying your holiday.

The question is: Will you survive the chilly nights?

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