Amazing Barcelona Day Trips

October 25, 2023

When you are planning a trip to Europe you need to look for the best countries that can offer you more than you imagine. Barcelona in Spain remains one of the popular cities that is known for its jaw-dropping architecture, Mediterranean climate, delicious tapas and friendly people. With p

lenty of accommodations and transport options, Barcelona is among the top choices for many solo and couple tourists around the world. 

Today, you can find many ways to reach Barcelona and explore some of the best local attractions and places. You can also look for the best cruise plans that can help you with cruising last minute to Barcelona. This would allow you to make the most of your time as you explore the city of Barcelona. However, if you are done exploring the city lanes and streets you can look for day road trips outside the city.


Known as the ‘Gateway to the Costa Brava’, Blanes is one of the seaside towns in Catalonia known for its sandy beaches and medieval castle. If you are traveling from Barcelona to Blanes this would be the best trip you would have with your family and kids. This perfect little town is ideal for those traveling with families. If you want to try some hiking you can hike up the 13th-century Castle of Saint Joan and get a panoramic view of the sea and the town. You can walk around the city and explore the city on foot if you prefer. Also, Blanes is known for its gardens, especially the Marimurtra Botanical Garden. 

How to Reach Blanes: You can either use the RENFE train from Barcelona Sants to Blanes or Barcelona Nord buses that would help you reach Blanes in around a couple of hours.

Calella de Palafrugell

This small holiday resort and fishing village must be on your list of day trips from Barcelona. It offers a perfect break from the urban setting of Barcelona because of its small charming fishing homes. If you are looking for places that are not commercialized and still have the essence of rural Spain, Calella de Palafrugell would not disappoint. You can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and visit some of the local botanical gardens. However, there are no direct transport options to reach this tiny fishing village. 

How to Reach Calella de Palafrugell: You can take a three-hour bus ride from Barcelona to Palafrugell. Subsequently, you can take a taxi to reach Calella de Palafrugell.


If you are more into history and culture, Besalu is one of the best towns that you should add to your day trip list. This small scenic medieval town overlooking the coast can offer you much more than just history. You can walk through the narrow uneven cobbled streets of Besalu and transport yourself back in time. You can take pictures of the 12th-century Romanesque bridge across the Fluvia River. The best part about Besalu is that you can cover a lot in a day which makes it an ideal town for a day trip from Barcelona. You can also explore and enjoy some local cuisine at the restaurants and cafes here at the main square, the Placa de la Llibertat. While you are here you can also find traces of the Jewish community that once lived here.

How to Reach Besalu: The best way to reach Besalu is to take a direct bus from Barcelona Banyoles. There are no direct trains to Besalu.

beach in Blanes Barcelona


Located in the province of Girona, Campdevanol is a tiny village known for its lush greenery and waterfalls. If you love hiking and exploring the pine forest you can find plenty of adventure here. With just a 90-minute drive from Barcelona, you can reach here pretty quickly. It would be ideal to visit Campdevanol early in the day so that you can hike around and explore the forest throughout the day before you return to Barcelona. During the summer months, you can swim around the waterfall. 

How to Reach Campdevanol: While there are no direct trains or buses from Barcelona to Campdevanol you can take a train from Barcelona Placa Catalunya to Vic. From Vic, you can take a bus to Campdevanol. If you visit Campdevanol by car, you can park the car outside the park for a small fee.

waterfall in Campdevanol


For those looking for a simple day trip from Barcelona, Montserrat is the best option to choose. With just an hour of travel time from Barcelona, you can find yourself under the mountain ranges of Montserrat. Once you are here you would want to visit the Montserrat Monastery which sits right between the rock formations. If you don’t like hiking all the way up, you can take a cable car ride which offers you a breathtaking view of the mountains and the valley below. Here you can also see the wooden statue known as ‘The Virgin of Montserrat’. This statue has an intriguing history which attracts believers from all over the world. When you are done you can also explore the Montserrat Art Museum and Natural Park.

How to Reach Montserrat: By train, you can choose the R5 train from Barcelona Placa Espanya. There are multiple buses from Barcelona that can help you reach Montserrat in around 90 minutes. 

Montserrat near Barcelona


Are you a wine enthusiast? Penedes region in Catalonia is one of the most popular and important wine-growing regions in Spain. Penedes is known for ‘cava’, a locally produced sparkling wine. The best part about all this is that Penedes is just a one-hour drive south of Barcelona making it a perfect town for a Barcelona day trip list. If you are hiring a car you can enjoy the bending roads and hills and valleys on the way to Penedes. You can do a wine tour here that can help you make the most of your tour. 

How to Reach Penedes: The bus journey from Barcelona Placa Universitat to Penedes takes around 60 minutes. By train, you can take a train from Barcelona Sants to Vilafranca del Penedes and that should take around an hour.

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