Traveling in Spain is a site committed to sharing the best adventures, sites, cuisines and tours to experience in Spain. With such stunning natural scenery and a vibrant contemporary culture, there is something for everyone in Spain, and we’re here to share it. 

Get to know us a little bit below, and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have for us.

Küra Samouilhan

(Writer, Editor & Strategist)

Küra Samouilhan is a traveler and adventurer. She loves to explore the world, and spends much of her time on the road. Küra has done some travelling in Africa, Asia, and Europe so far, but she plans to see it all.

She’s originally from South Africa and it remains a beloved home base. When she’s not out exploring new places around the world, Küra likes cooking for friends, hiking through the mountains, and reading books about interesting things happening all over the globe.

Creative and passionate, she also loves writing short stories or articles about travel experiences that inspire others to go see what they’re missing.

                                                             Contact Küra at kura@traveltractions.com

Steve O’Dea

(Writer & Co-founder)

Steve O’Dea is a private chef from Dublin, who loves to travel and explore new cultures. Steve has a love for Spanish cuisine and the food culture found here. He thinks that all meals should be accompanied by friends, good music, and a bottle of Spanish red.

Steve loves to cook up meals that people will remember for years to come, and he enjoys experimenting with new flavors and recipes. He writes most of our food and wine content, with particular zest.

Traveling in Spain
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