Traveling In Spain is closing

The Traveling In Spain website is now almost 17 years old. Maintaining the website is problematic as it has been a few years since my last travels in Spain and the internet is changing much faster than I can adjust.  It is with a sad heart that I have concluded it is time to extinguish this website and a number of my other on-line travel guides.  I will for a time retain and the websites.  Most of my recent on-line focus has been on my rock and mineral website which resides on the USA website; I plan to share my hobby there for many more years.

Giving the aging of the website disclaimer is more true than ever “The information provided by this website may or may not be correct at this time, or at any other time. The opinions expressed are solely mine and may, or may not, have any factual basis. In other words, use the information on this site as a guide but not the final authority. It is your responsibility to verify the information provided by this site. I strongly recommend the purchase of a good guide book.”

Best Wishes in Your Travels!

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Over the next few weeks I will be deleting a number of pages on the Traveling In Spain website.The future of Traveling In Spain is up in the air, I will retain the domain until I determine for certain I will not be reviving the website.

For a time you can still access many of the web pages via the Site Map.